Saturday, 28 February 2009

The saga continues

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O.K. I might be wrong about Gordon Brown letting this go but even if he takes it as far as the courts it will be the taxpayers money that will be used to cover the costs, unless he checks the facts properly this time ,leaving no loopholes and gets Mr Goodwin to cover the costs on loosing.
On being interviewed on T.V. a lawyer remarked that he did not think that we had a chance to prevent this pension going through but given the facts of a NEW takeover by US and no contract with US which should be the case in these situations I don't see why we can't win given the failures of this man. In saying that it would be typical of our country and courts to reward failure while punishing the honest hard working SUCCESSFUL citizens of Britain.
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Friday, 27 February 2009

That controversial pension

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I was hoping that I wouldn't have to write about this subject again but as it keeps coming up I feel the anger rise once more.
I fear, I my be repeating myself but in any other occupation if you fail or misbehave, resulting in the sack you forfeit any pension accumulated throughout your working life which is a harsh but deserved punishment. Sir Fred Goodwin has not only ruined the Royal Bank of Scotland he has also ruined the lives of hard working people who saved for a WELL DESERVED pension and now with interest rates at an all time low face financial disaster as they watch their savings disappear.
It is little wonder that 100% of the population do not want Sir Fred Goodwin to receive his £650,000 a year pension made up from their taxes.
If the taxpayer have not baled out the bank and helped to clear up the mess he left there would be no money for his pension anyway. Other people's shares disappeared and they are now left with nothing so we have to ask again. WHY IF EVERYONE INCLUDING GOVERNMENT MINISTERS ARE AGAINST THIS IS IT STILL GOING AHEAD.
There was no new contract agreed with us and as the main shareholders our wishes should be adhered to. Let him sue if he wishes he hasn't got a leg to stand on. (If the public had their way that could be literally).
As this arrogant tube is a buddy of Gordon Brown are we just being led up the garden path again?
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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Edinburgh trams

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The German company of Bilfinger Berger must have submitted a tender for the job concerning the trams in Edinburgh and by getting it they must have submitted the lowest tender so where is the problem. Did Edinburgh council not sign a foolproof contract safeguarding them from all this hassle or were they stupid enough to leave themselves wide open to this? This is another example of work being tendered for by a foreign company and although winning it, now wants to pile on extra costs before the work is completed. All these avenues should have been gone down and settled before this so if Bilfinger Berger are at fault SUE them and if Edinburgh Council are at fault pay up and learn by your mistakes. Sounds simple to me so just where IS the problem?
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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The post office privatisation

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The government has a cheek holding the royal mail pension scheme over the workers to try and get them to accept privatisation as it was Gordon Brown's raids on all pension schemes that put them in the financial mess they are in now and have never recovered from. (My blog 26 January)
The post office could be run as a very efficient business if the government would stop interfering by restricting prices and progressive measures suggested by management to benefit all concerned. It is a public company which should and could stay that way if it was given a freer range by government ministers. This is not the first time that a government has tried to privatise the Royal Mail. The last time it was split into three sections, (Counters, Parcel force And mail.) the idea being to sell it off as three businesses and make more money but that failed because parcel force was loosing a fortune and the mail side of things had to bale it out.
The mail side was contributing one million pounds profit each day to the government then, and although things have progressed in other fields of communication now, it shows the Royal Mail has the potential to be a viable concern if allowed. Lets stop hearing all this nonsense from the government and listen to the workers who are more honest and know more about the running of it. The government has had a lot more out of Royal Mail than the banks it baled out so perhaps they should bear that in mind also.
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more rewards for crime

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Binyam Mohamed was quick to condemn the British government on his release by accusing them of being involved in the torture he suffered at Guantanamo Bay.
At the time of his arrest when suspicion was running high he only put himself in danger by traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan on a false passport with the feeble excuse that he always wanted to visit a Muslim country. If that was his only reason for traveling he could have picked a better time and done it legally which would have saved him all the hassle so, in that respect I have less sympathy for him.
If he is genuinely innocent I do feel for him being so stupid as not to realise the situation he was getting himself into but true to form Britain is going to reward him for his stupidity by giving him generous financial benefits.
These people are quick to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to the generosity of the British government, but are quick to condemn them. They also seem to always be safe in the knowledge that the British taxpayer will cough up the money whether they are innocent or not. It is a pity the government is not so free with our money when it comes to our pensioners who are the poorest in Europe, probably because our money is paid out to the law breakers without any thought for them. Binyam Mohamed broke the law by traveling on a false passport and O.K. if he is innocent of terrorism did not deserve to go to Guantanamo Bay, but he also does not deserve financial reward for his stupidity.
Pensioners take note of easy ways to boost your pension BREAK THE LAW that's the message from the British government!
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Monday, 23 February 2009

The E.U. wobbles

France takes on the EU presidencyImage by looking4poetry via Flickr

My predictions of divisions in the E.U. are nearer to coming true than even I expected with France announcing that the money invested by them in the motor trade is to protect French jobs only. It is not so long ago that I wrote about the British wanting jobs in Britain to go to British workers so we cannot condemn France for looking out for their own but this is the thin edge of the wedge and as soon as the credit crunch bites harder we will see each country looking out for itself.
It was fine when they were decimated our fishing industry while allowing their boats to ruin fishing grounds all over the place, as this was to their benefit, one of many regulations that suited them within the union, but as soon as a crisis arises and their economy is put in jeopardy they want to go solo.
The first major crisis to hit the European Union and the cracks begin to show, as it seems it is going to be every man for himself. So much for the union that was going to make Europe great, powerful and self-sufficient. A great amount of people voted against the Common Market but not enough to stop us entering it but at least we had a vote. We were denied a vote to join the E.U. when the rules and regulations changed because politicians wanted in but did not trust the British public to let them get their way, as our way does not count as far as they are concerned. Now lets see the shenanigans as the buck is passed around when they try to blame everyone but themselves when things start to crumble.
The Common Market was a risk, but the European Union was a step too far as we are about to witness much to our folly.
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Saturday, 21 February 2009

The motor trade

2007 Mini Cooper photographed in USA.Image via Wikipedia

The government have proved they know just how important the motor trade is to Britain by pouring money into it,trying to ease it through the recession so when things start to pick up will they realise the damage they can cause by the so called green taxes.
So many businesses depend on the sale of cars from the design to manufactured parts right up to the completion, then the sales from showrooms and the construction and maintenance of roads (when they get round to it).
If they persist in overtaxing the motorist in the pretense of green taxes once things start to pick up, the same situation will arise and the money put in will have served no purpose. The green party who lobby against car emissions should concentrate on the production of better engines instead of trying to reduce traffic.
This recession has proved that going down that road would be disastrous so its about time they thought again.
Raising the cost of things is seldom the answer and the government know this, but it suits them to do it to fleece more money out of us by poor excuses.
That is the answer to all the problems that arise now in this country (HIKE THE PRICE UP)but the recession has proved the damage it will do so take note politicians
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Friday, 20 February 2009

It just gets worse

Jackie Smith is disappointed that Osama Bin Laden's right hand man Abu Qatada has been awarded two and a half thousand pounds because we have held him without charge. SHE is the Home Secretary and she is in a position to do something about it so instead of expressing her sorrow to the press, express her anger to the European Court who made the stupid decision in the first place. He entered Britain illegally which is as the word illegally means, breaking the law and she should have had him deported as soon as this was discovered. In saying that, Britain is the softest,most stupid country in the European Union so it is little wonder that all the vermine like him make their way over here knowing full well they can make full use out of the idiotic way they are treated here. The rule of human rights was not introduced to protect scum like him and it should be modified to make sure the likes of him gets NO HUMAN RIGHTS! as stated in this blog before. Jackie Smith is in the position to influence the European Courts to rectify this before more damage is done by pandering to killers so let us see some action from her instead of meaningless words.
As an after thought, she could pay the two and a half grand out of the exorbitant expenses she has been claiming then maybe it would give her and this country the wake up call it sorely needs and get these ridiculous European laws altered to apply only to the HUMANE of this world.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The ripper

O.K. So there is no need to panic but I was still disgusted when I heard in the news that a doctor has decided the Yorkshire Ripper is cured and PROBABLY???? not kill again. What does it matter if he will kill again or not, he is in prison for killing thirteen women, the crimes have been committed, he is doing time for taking the lives of thirteen women and was handed twenty life sentences (and rightly so) as punishment. Is the doctor trying to suggest that he should be allowed out now that he has mellowed, or is the media trying to enrage the nation? Will the human rights idiots jump on the bandwagon and try for his release? If that is the case then I might just go out and kill someone I detest then tell the jury at my trial that it was a one off and they might as well let me go.
If you think that sounds ridiculous then think again because that is the way things are heading in this lackadaisical society as far as justice is concerned. If the human rights brigade had their way, nobody would be behind bars and if you witnessed a murder just TUT! TUT! "I HOPE YOU DON'T DO THAT AGAIN" and walk past.
If these fools were told beforehand that the terrorists or the murderers next victims were to be their nearest and dearest, i.e. their newborn child,wife,husband or parents would they still feel the need to sympathise with them, and would they still think they deserved HUMAN rights? If they are stupid enough to still feel that way then they need to be locked up too, IN AN ASYLUM!
It is time the victims were given more consideration than the criminals because the way things are going in this country we will have to turn to the ways of the wild west before we get any justice. Ninety percent of the public at least want justice in this country but the minority of fools are pandered to, PITY HELP OUR FUTURE!
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Wednesday, 18 February 2009


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Why do we even consider keeping the right hand man of Osama Bin Laden (Abu Qatada) (or any other law breaker from abroad) in this country when we know how evil the whole terrorist movement is. So what if his life could be in danger in the country he is deported to,he deserves all he gets and more. People like him and the filth he runs around with should have no safe haven on earth and certainly no consideration from the west. He would have us all dead in the blink of an eye so where is the logic in any western country giving him any sympathy. Let whoever wants him, get, him and have their revenge.
Plainly speaking, send them to a country with a sense of justice because Britain has NONE!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

death by driving errors

The case of the Portuguese lorry driver who through his reckless attitude behind the wheel of such a heavy vehicle, causing the death of six members of the one family and will only serve eighteen months of his allotted three years makes another mockery of our already disgraceful legal system. The close relative who gave an interview summed up the decision when he said "they knew it was not possible to get justice in a British court." "It was like a circus in there " and we all know how many clowns there are in the British legal system. How many times is this going to happen? Is our courts never going to hand out the justice the criminals deserve, and if this is allowed to continue will there be any need for prisons in the future?
The P.C. brigade and the do gooders have a lot to answer for and if this is a sign of things to come then pity help us AND the idiots at the root of the problem because they too will eventually suffer along with the rest of us and its only THEN that they will come to regret their stupid sympathy for despicable criminals!
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Monday, 16 February 2009

climate change

Although I agree that mankind has contributed to climate change, it is not wholly to blame as these changes from ice ages to global warming has occurred throughout earths lifetime even before mankind existed. If we had been more careful and not polluted the atmosphere the ice caps would still be noticeably melting in our lifetime though maybe not at such a rapid rate. Once ice begins to melt the process is speeded up by the volume of water coming from meltdown as it is warmer than the ice and once it reaches a certain stage the last of the ice floes will disintegrate faster and faster until it reaches the stage where we have no control (not that we had much anyway). That stage has long passed and we have just got to accept the fact that unless nature takes over itself the ice will very soon disappear completely, so instead of trying to prevent anymore ice loss we should be concentrating on the way forward once the ice is gone. Nature is far more powerful than man and all the worry, blame and calculations could be wiped out in one fleeting moment if one of the phenomenal catastrophes in earths past history occurs.
We all could be wiped out or if some smaller event like a substantial volcanic eruption occurred allowing most of us to survive we could witness a new ice age and have the consequences of that to deal with as something as simple as that is all it would take to reverse the process.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

my final word on bank bonuses..........I HOPE

The answer to the bank bonus farce is quite simple.
If they can afford to pay out such ridiculous sums for failure, then they do not need our money. We as a nation should demand all our money back and let them pay out bonuses then if they so wish. We now hold the majority of the shares and if we say NO BONUSES then no bonuses it should be and as for the contract that they want to fall back on well, as I have already said IT WAS NOT AGREED BY US so it is now null and void and if they want to take it to court, LET THEM!
Another thought that crossed my mind is, the clown who agreed a contract that allows bonuses for failure should be sacked with immediate effect as he is not fit for the job he holds.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

another E.U. farce.

This weeks murder case in Scotland has highlighted another of the many flaws associated with the E.U. Jolanta Bledaite would still be alive today if it was not for the lackadaisical way in which all citizens in the E.U. are allowed to roam freely between the countries within this dangerous union. If we are going to persist in staying in this ridiculous merger then it is time that immediate steps are taken to stop this hidious crime repeating itself. In the present situation murderers and other violent criminals are free to come and go without being checked at the borders and can easily escape from their own country even after they have been convicted of these serious crimes. People outside E.U. countries are stringently investigated when coming and going from this country and even good honest people who come in on visas and prove their worth while working hard, staying honest and out of trouble or in other words being an asset to the country, are still deported if they overstay their visa and yet evil like Jolanta's killers are allowed to walk our streets. Even though we were stupid enough to join the E.U. the rules for border crossings or emigration should still have been relentlessly scrutinized and the loopholes allowing these criminals to roam freely firmly closed to protect not only our own people but to protect people like Jolanta and her family the suffering and heartache caused by the negligence of the M.E.Ps when arranging these treaties. They were quick to bring out stupid laws concerning trivia like the shape and size of vegetables, flags on car number plates to name but two, instead of concentrating on the serious issues that all the problems are arising from now. If these issues had taken precedence instead of the nonsense that is still coming out of the European rules and regulations, then the people who were refused the vote on the new constitution might not mind so much when as always THEIR WISHES AND PROMISES ARE IGNORED!

Friday, 13 February 2009


It shows what a strange world we are now living in when most women who want equality and rights for women and also claim to be proud of their feminine status are quite happy for actresses to refer to themselves as ACTORS! The English language has become distorted and misused throughout the years between grammatical errors and double negatives, news readers putting an an before historic and horrific, now people trying to alter it with what they think is political correctness. In this case the dictionary clearly states that an actor is male and an actress is female, so why do the women of that profession want to be classed the same as their male counterpart and refer to themselves as actors after all, "what the bishop said to the actor" just aint got the same comical ring.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

council tax and the S.N.P. and others

Labour and Tory plus the Lib.Dems. have been very quick to heckle Alex Salmond over the failure to come up with the local income tax plan which was one of the main items in their manifesto and a strong reason for them raising so many votes.
Although the have not produced the goods this year, through no fault of their own the other parties, instead of heckling him should respect the good things he has accomplished for the less well off. The fact that the council tax has been frozen has been a great help to me for if the local councils were given a free hand they would have done their usual and raised it as much as they thought they would get away with.
Every year since it began the councils have gone over the score, pleading poverty months before their announcement,preparing us for the large increase that always followed. The prescription charges are another example of how the S.N.P. have helped the poorer people of Scotland and as a person who takes seven tablets a day for a heart condition is another bee in the bonnet for the S.N.P and another slap in the face for the hecklers. These are just some of the examples of what can be done when a new broom is allowed to sweep clean and these deeds among others are why the Tory and Labour parties should be put on the back burner for a while and the other parties like the S.N.P. or Lib Dems be given a chance to prove that they also have the skills to run the government while still caring for the voters who elected them. Labour and Tory take it for granted that either one of them are going to be elected which is true for now as the electorate has been brainwashed into thinking that way but because of this they both have become too lackadaisical and bogged down in their tired old ideas, always bickering between themselves and trying to score points off each other instead of putting their voters needs first. It is time they had a rude awakening and put out to grass giving the other parties a chance to shine and show that Britain does not need to depend on the old school to go forward. If this was allowed to happen I am quite sure the general public would see the benefits as the newly elected party would give their all to prove themselves and the battle weary Labour and Torys could retreat to lick their wounds and maybe come back stronger and more caring than they are now.
I have never been a one party man and always voted for the one most likely to look out for my interests but I must say that I have been very impressed with Alex Salmonds progressive ideas for Scotland, drawing attention to the impact Scotland's oil has on the British economy giving us the recognition for the well deserved royalties which we are due but do not receive enough of.
As for independence which I am still considering, we will be given a referendum, which to me is the fairest way to decide it giving us all the chance to make our opinions count.
Food for thought as the election is drawing near!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

segregation in schools

I was led to belive that this country's aim was for all religions and race to live in harmony. Surely segregation in schools whether in a big or small scale is the wrong way to go about achieving this goal, and what happened to the saying "when in Rome do as the Romans do." This is a christian country where Christianity and British traditions have been taught without prejudice and it is only recently since the P.C. brigade took over that our heritage is now being put in jeopardy.
When anyone decides they want to take up residence in another country then they must be prepared to fit in with the ways of that country and not expect their chosen country to take up their culture. This has nothing to do with religion or race, it should be out of respect for the country they adopt and will adopt them if they abide by the rules, laws and traditions of their chosen destination.
Most people I know who go to other countries (there will be the odd exception) are only too glad to learn the ways and language of their adopted country, while keeping their own traditions to the privacy of their home life. In most countries in the middle east you have no option but to obey the laws set by their religion and culture and we have come to know that when over there you HAVE to abide by them or suffer severe consequences, even deportation which is only right after all as we are in THEIR country so why do they not accept and respect our laws and cultures,it SHOULD work both ways.
That is the way to be accepted and not expect the world to change to suit their ways.
The world would be a sorrier place if we all ended up with the same beliefs and traditions and this is the way it is heading if the P.C. brigade are not put in their place soon. The saying "when in Rome" should never be taken lightly and anyone changing countries should always remember this and respect the laws of their new country of residence and if they are not happy about it stay where they will be happiest, "in their own country."
The Chinese are a good example of fitting in as they have been over here for many many years and never caused any disruption or have any disillusionment about their culture interfering, or taking over from the British way of life while happily holding on to their own traditions without prejudice from the British public. If only other races and religions could take a leaf out of their book there would be less animosity towards them and peace and sensibility would reign once again in Britain.

well oil be dammed

The joke of the day is the oil industry jumping on the poverty bandwagon.
For an industry who over the years has made the biggest profits of all, there is no excuse to to plead poverty at this early stage because even though the price of oil is down to around one third compared to last summer they will still rake in huge profits in the coming year, and one thing IS for sure the price will rise dramatically again as soon as the economy shows signs of improvement.
Granted they need big profits to further exploration but it will take a lot more than the current crisis to bring the oil industry to its knees.

Dancing on ice

I should have added to my summary on Sunday that it was good to see the producers of dancing on ice had finally seen the light and allowed Todd to be taken off the program. Maybe they read my blog too and realised THEY were skating on thin ice and that the majority of public is not fooled easily by con merchants or, maybe the health and safety intervened. ha ha!

the ongoing bank bonus debate

While watching a debate on T.V. last night between two bank representatives, John Prescott and a businessman I agreed wholeheartedly with Mr Prescott, then, on listening to his continuing statements I began to wonder if it was him agreeing with me and taking his points from my blog. He put over to the bank reps almost everything I said going as far as to say "let them sue they have no contract now."
The bank reps only two points were that they had a contract (let them fight that in court with their own money)and that while admitting to over lending accused the public for over stretching their budgets by over borrowing but he did not have the brains to notice the flaw in his statement and sadly it was not picked up by anyone.
The flaw being; it was the banks greed that allowed the borrowers to overstretch their budget and if they had been doing their jobs properly the public could afford the loans taken out hence the credit crunch they caused would not exist so both his points have been shot down in flames. We have to bring up the vulgar sums paid out in bonuses over the supposed boom years which have proved to be undeserved, and as some of these payments were more than the normal worker could make in two lifetimes the highly paid bosses still have assets that should be seized NOW it has been proved that they were not earned. We as the main shareholders should be listened to and the government should put their foot firmly down and say NO to all bonuses from the bottom up until our money is paid back in full. Does the banks think the money was donated to give them a life of luxury while the rest of the country flounders,if so dream on.
The only problem I can find in letting the matter go to court is that it brings in a justice system who at the moment seem to find it hard distinguishing right from wrong and do not punish crimes fittingly.

Sunday, 8 February 2009


I see Tom Jones has let his hair grow back to it's natural colour GREY, it could be he saw the resemblance to David Gest and did not like what he saw. He now has to hope David does not go grey or he will have to have another rethink.

The people responsible for the bank bonuses are trying to justify their outrageous payments by saying it was in their contracts but as far as I am concerned the contracts should have been renewed when the taxpayers took control and NO bonuses should be paid as there is no contract with us. If the bankers don't like it, contrary to their belief they ARE dispensable so they are free to seek employment elsewhere if they care to try but maybe they won't be too confident about that so THEIR BLUFF SHOULD BE CALLED as they would be no loss anyway regardless of the outcome.

Another bad decision by a prominent judge; locking up a rape victim because she was too traumatized to give evidence. That judge should never sit in judgment in any sensitive case again if he ever gets the chance to work again. It is time these idiots were taken out of our courts before more people are hurt,wrongly sentenced and our judicial system suffers more embarrassment.

Friday, 6 February 2009

energy companies rip offs

In the news today we here of another energy company reducing the price of their gas and electricity while trying to kid us on that it is in our interest. The reduction does not take place till the end of March when most of the severe weather has passed leaving us no better of, as their last increase was 29.2% on gas and 19.2% on electricity covering the coldest period of winter and as there meagre reduction is only 6% and 4% covering a time when we do not need it so much they are getting more than their pound of flesh. In my case I was not informed of the increase until three months after the rise giving me no chance to adjust my usage accordingly but when they give us a slight decrease they tell us beforehand and go public to the media looking for praise. It is time the energy watchdogs started doing the job they were hired for and the power companies brought to boot for the way they conduct their services.
When the price goes up they give us the excuse that they bought their supplies at the high price but when the prices drop (rapidly at the moment) they do not drop their prices accordingly even though they tell us they can only buy so much at a time as they can only store so much. The proof of the pudding is when they always come in at the end of the year with disgusting profits by creaming their customers through the winter months with no thought for the pensioners who freeze (some die because of them) and the other poor off who just cannot afford these prices even with the meagre help they receive from government.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

plastic surgery for the stars

I can't help but notice the likeness between Tom Jones and David Gest and wonder if they have the same plastic surgeon. Did they both look at the same book and turn to the same page and pointing to the same face and say "I'll have that one." It certainly looks that way and I would love to see the two of them together just to compare. David Gest thought he was ugly before plastic surgery and now regrets it, most likely because he realises it has made him uglier. I wonder what Tom Jones thinks now,along with all the other disastrous plastic showbiz faces that we can have a laugh at.
Do they regret having plastic surgery or do they really think it has improved them?
Most of them I fear think it has improved them and while it is not doing anybody any harm except themselves at least it gives us something to laugh at in these troubled times. In hindsight it will give the surgeons practise to operate on the people who really need it so the money from the stars is not wasted after all and unwittingly they are contributing to another needy cause.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

snow joke

Years ago when we had heavy snowfalls on a regular basis in the winter the country did not come to a standstill, and although the traffic was less then than now it is still no excuse as the more volume of traffic, the more the snow gets broken down clearing the roads.
It is only in recent years that the roads have been gritted so regularly and regardless of the shouts that they don't, the gritters cannot be in two places at once with each lorry having to cover their own area and do so very efficiently.
We did complain years ago about the state of the roads but we managed, with a bit of care and determination to reach our destinations and sometimes had to change our mode of transport to shank's pony even at a young age going to school unaccompanied not like most children today who have to have parents taking them back and forth everywhere in cars. Most of our parents did not have cars and regardless of how far away we stayed from school, (teachers too) we made our way in. Thanks to our complaining the roads are much better now and it's funny to think that if the snow starts to fall when today's population is at work, (or school) no matter how bad it gets, they seem to find more determination when it comes to getting home than they do going to work (or school). The E.U. is partly to blame for the extreme health and safety rules but we cannot blame them for us not letting common sense and our lacking sense of duty take over in these situations. It is only for a short time so get on with it Britain other countries do, and they do not boast of the GREAT BRITISH SPIRIT! Where and when has this been lost in today's world?

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

religion and world unrest

Religion over the years has caused plenty of wars and unrest in the world with the different translations being at the root of it all. Catholic against protestant was and still is the root of troubles in some countries but if the people in the front line who are battling and using violence, AND committing murder would only stop to think that, these deeds are totally against the teachings of their said religion.
The cause Osama Bin Laden and his terrorists are fighting for in the name of Islam is a total farce and only an excuse to brainwash young and gullible up and coming Muslims to fight for HIS cause against the west who HE hates. Nowhere in the religion of Islam does it say they have to wage war against the western world, but as, in all other religions they preach that killing is evil and in doing so they are BREAKING the wishes of their religious leaders and will not enter into the kingdom of heaven or whatever equivalent resting place their religion dictates. Hiding behind genuine faiths of true believers is a cowards way of acting as is the terrorists called Hamas who hide behind innocent children and the civilians in Gaza. If these cowards think that the evil deeds they have committed in the guise of religion will give them a peaceful life in the hereafter with rewards thrown in they are sadly mistaken because if they read the book that their faith is dictated by they will discover that the opposite is the case and they will rot in hell or once again suffer in the equivalent place their religion dictates. Whether they believe it or not they will be punished one day, be it on this earth or in the hereafter.

Monday, 2 February 2009

competition farce, dancing on ice

If the phone votes did account for fifty percent of the competitors scores, there is still no way mathematically the scores would add up to Todd staying in as the judges rightly so give him marks so low that his survival would be impossible.
It is all very well conning a gullible public to get financial gain but it is not fair on the hard working contestants who go all out to improve successfully and have to watch as the controllers put him through for entertainment value.
What would they do if the rest of the competitors decided to stop training and just go out and act the fool on a Sunday night thinking if he gets through that way whats the use of us trying too hard.


Entertainment or not it is time the controllers started being fair to everybody involved as thanks to great skating skills acquired by the promising members of dancing on ice team they, make the show worthwhile watching when we can see them improve each week and marvel at their newly found skills, something that Todd no matter how hard he tries will never have.

foreign labour

The ongoing dispute about foreign workers taking jobs from the British is another example of the flaws occurring in the E.U. Our politicians are quick to condemn our workforce for their reaction to workers from abroad coming over here and carrying out tasks well within the capabilities of our labour force and in these times of uncertainty instead of looking after their own countrymen they are acting against them. It is in situations like this that the politicians should remember who put them into their jobs in the first place and it is the general public of THIS country that can vote them out NOT the imported workforce that the dispute is all about.
Maybe if we imported some decent politicians from abroad to take over their jobs we might get more satisfaction in the way this country is being run as at the moment it leaves a lot to be desired. If their jobs were at stake (which many of them should be, and will be at the next election) their reaction would very different, then there would be support for the British worker while bringing a whole new meaning to FOREIGN LABOUR!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

failings of united countries

When the British public voted on the E.U. it was for what was then called the common market. This was only supposed to aid each country in their produce to gain better prices and to see that the markets were not overflowing with too much of the same things and was NOT supposed to involve the matters it now takes to do with. This did end up with mountains of food being stored to meet these requirements and plenty of food was wasted thanks to that system. Since then the European Union has been formed on which the British public never got the chance to vote and with the ridiculous rules and regulations that are coming from this set up it is about time we were allowed to voice our opinions on the matter by having the vote we should have had in the first place when the system changed. New countries with little contributions are now being allowed to join, making the union weaker from my point of view. Britain would be far better off without the other countries as some of the policies are very much against the interest of the industries in Britain, like the fishing for instance for if the E.U. gets its way there will be no fishing industry left in Britain but the other countries who abuse their own grounds will have a free range in our waters. This is just the thin edge of the wedge other industries will follow. Other supposedly strong unions have fallen apart before because of unrest or one part becoming stronger than others and trying to take charge. The collapse of the U.S.S.R. and Yugoslavia are examples of this and I can see in the future the same thing happening to the E.U. because the way things are going some countries are going to benefit more than others with the stupid decisions being made by some nonentities who know nothing about the subjects they are dealing with.
Give the British public the vote they are entitled to or is the government too afraid to do that as they already know what the outcome would be.