Friday, 19 May 2017

Tory manifesto of doom.

Having heard the Tory manifesto I am now convinced that Mrs May has written her quick exit from number ten Downing Street. As usual her policies are all directed to the rich which is typical Tory practise but this time I don't think she has enough rich buddies to save her. The Labour manifesto was more down to earth and was more in line with the old Labour who supported the working man and the aged. Having heard both manifestos now I forecast that this election will be a closer run contest than the Tories think with the possibility of a Labour government once the shouting is all over. I did want Mrs May to take us out of the EU as I thought she was the best person to do it but my wish was that after we were out of the EU, she and her party would be out of government. I would also like to mention that two of the banks we lent money to have returned large amounts back into the coffers but this never seems to make any difference to the austerity that was brought upon us by the so called banking crisis. Surely if the austerity was brought on us by lending money to the banks it should ease when the money is being returned. NOT SO IT SEEMS! The puzzling thing is, the money was supposedly lent in cash to the banks but when we are getting our returns it is bank shares we are selling. We did not buy shares in the banks, we lent them cash so cash should be returned with interest. Is this not the way the banking system works? I would like to see someone who had borrowed money from the bank for a business loan telling the bank manager that he would sell him some shares in his business at a loss to repay his debt. That is the poor excuse we are getting when OUR money is being paid back, shares being sold at a loss as the bank is now showing a profit so we will now sell some shares even if it's at a loss.Is that not some way to do business? Nah don't think that would work the other way round. It was all a farce in the first place to invent a banking crisis only to make the rich richer and put the working man down because there was too much prosperity going on in his world and the rich did not like it. Something tells me the tide is about to turn.