Thursday, 19 February 2009

The ripper

O.K. So there is no need to panic but I was still disgusted when I heard in the news that a doctor has decided the Yorkshire Ripper is cured and PROBABLY???? not kill again. What does it matter if he will kill again or not, he is in prison for killing thirteen women, the crimes have been committed, he is doing time for taking the lives of thirteen women and was handed twenty life sentences (and rightly so) as punishment. Is the doctor trying to suggest that he should be allowed out now that he has mellowed, or is the media trying to enrage the nation? Will the human rights idiots jump on the bandwagon and try for his release? If that is the case then I might just go out and kill someone I detest then tell the jury at my trial that it was a one off and they might as well let me go.
If you think that sounds ridiculous then think again because that is the way things are heading in this lackadaisical society as far as justice is concerned. If the human rights brigade had their way, nobody would be behind bars and if you witnessed a murder just TUT! TUT! "I HOPE YOU DON'T DO THAT AGAIN" and walk past.
If these fools were told beforehand that the terrorists or the murderers next victims were to be their nearest and dearest, i.e. their newborn child,wife,husband or parents would they still feel the need to sympathise with them, and would they still think they deserved HUMAN rights? If they are stupid enough to still feel that way then they need to be locked up too, IN AN ASYLUM!
It is time the victims were given more consideration than the criminals because the way things are going in this country we will have to turn to the ways of the wild west before we get any justice. Ninety percent of the public at least want justice in this country but the minority of fools are pandered to, PITY HELP OUR FUTURE!
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