Monday, 16 February 2009

climate change

Although I agree that mankind has contributed to climate change, it is not wholly to blame as these changes from ice ages to global warming has occurred throughout earths lifetime even before mankind existed. If we had been more careful and not polluted the atmosphere the ice caps would still be noticeably melting in our lifetime though maybe not at such a rapid rate. Once ice begins to melt the process is speeded up by the volume of water coming from meltdown as it is warmer than the ice and once it reaches a certain stage the last of the ice floes will disintegrate faster and faster until it reaches the stage where we have no control (not that we had much anyway). That stage has long passed and we have just got to accept the fact that unless nature takes over itself the ice will very soon disappear completely, so instead of trying to prevent anymore ice loss we should be concentrating on the way forward once the ice is gone. Nature is far more powerful than man and all the worry, blame and calculations could be wiped out in one fleeting moment if one of the phenomenal catastrophes in earths past history occurs.
We all could be wiped out or if some smaller event like a substantial volcanic eruption occurred allowing most of us to survive we could witness a new ice age and have the consequences of that to deal with as something as simple as that is all it would take to reverse the process.

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