Saturday, 14 February 2009

another E.U. farce.

This weeks murder case in Scotland has highlighted another of the many flaws associated with the E.U. Jolanta Bledaite would still be alive today if it was not for the lackadaisical way in which all citizens in the E.U. are allowed to roam freely between the countries within this dangerous union. If we are going to persist in staying in this ridiculous merger then it is time that immediate steps are taken to stop this hidious crime repeating itself. In the present situation murderers and other violent criminals are free to come and go without being checked at the borders and can easily escape from their own country even after they have been convicted of these serious crimes. People outside E.U. countries are stringently investigated when coming and going from this country and even good honest people who come in on visas and prove their worth while working hard, staying honest and out of trouble or in other words being an asset to the country, are still deported if they overstay their visa and yet evil like Jolanta's killers are allowed to walk our streets. Even though we were stupid enough to join the E.U. the rules for border crossings or emigration should still have been relentlessly scrutinized and the loopholes allowing these criminals to roam freely firmly closed to protect not only our own people but to protect people like Jolanta and her family the suffering and heartache caused by the negligence of the M.E.Ps when arranging these treaties. They were quick to bring out stupid laws concerning trivia like the shape and size of vegetables, flags on car number plates to name but two, instead of concentrating on the serious issues that all the problems are arising from now. If these issues had taken precedence instead of the nonsense that is still coming out of the European rules and regulations, then the people who were refused the vote on the new constitution might not mind so much when as always THEIR WISHES AND PROMISES ARE IGNORED!

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