Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another phone-in farce.

The Miss England contest has turned into another farce concerning phone-in competitions, with the public vote giving Miss Oxfordshire 2,013 compared to the 9 given to Ms Christie, the eventual choice of the judges.........................OR WAS IT.
More wasted phone-in money by the gullible public, having their choice overruled by dubious judges.
This stinks of political correctness gone mad, a common occurrence in this country now.

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This is no justice minister.

I was disgusted when I watched a program on TV last night called "The dark side of teenage sex" all about why teenagers who have committed sex crimes, do so, and why most of them are allowed back on our streets to commit more crimes of the same, or worse still, leading to murder.
All the excuses and sympathy was directed at the offenders, with little thought given to the victims, as is per usual in this country.
When asked why these vile criminals are allowed out to reoffend, the justice minister for Scotland Kenny McCaskill came up with the answer that they were all closely monitored, but when asked why the system failed, came up with the most ludicrous answer you could ever expect a Justice minister to come up with.
"Well these are bad people" he said, and continued with "They will find a way to reoffend whether they are being monitored or not, because some of these people are REALLY bad."
WELL! I have to ask, WHY, if these people are REALLY bad, and can escape the monitoring of the police, are they allowed out of our prisons to reoffend, with the distinct probability of taking the lives of other unsuspecting victims?
I think by his answers that the title of "justice minister" is the last thing he should be called, or any other person with the same opinion.
It shows the state of our justice system when we have somebody like him at the head of it, and its high time the victims were treated as VICTIMS instead of taking second place to the scum that commits the vile deeds.
Some sympathy can be given to them that had been abused in the past, with these actions having led them into the criminal life they lead now, but they should never be allowed out until it is safe to do so, and if they can never be guaranteed to be trusted then so be it, KEEP THEM LOCKED UP and have some consideration for the general public who deserve to feel safe when going innocently about their daily business.
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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Keep us informed of our troops victories.

HELMAND PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN - JULY 16: Briti...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The media are very quick at reporting the deaths of our brave soldiers, which is no bad thing as the British public have a right to know how many lives are being wasted in Afghanistan, for a cause that is becoming very costly in both lives and money.
It would be nice to hear of the losses the Taliban suffer, and although it would be little consolation to the families of the troops that are being killed it might at least show that their deaths have not been in vain.
During the two world wars the media would report the defeats of our enemies in the many battles that raged over many lands, and by doing so gave the British public faith in their troops and hope of a better world to come.
Sadly the better world did not transpire, but we knew of the losses and victories our soldiers went through, so why are we not told of the successes our troops are having now, instead of only reporting their deaths?
By reporting the progress they are making, whether it be slow or rapid, would let everyone concerned know that it is not a futile cause our troops are dieing for, and that there might be an end to this conflict that has gone on long enough.
The way in which the media are reporting the conflict reads as if it is only our troops that are suffering losses, so why do they not amend this and give the families in mourning, some solace in the face of their adversity.
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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Get the message Mosely.

ART - Lewis Hamilton at workImage by Paul Genge via Flickr

And so the saga goes on in formula 1 just because one egotistic fool (Max Mosely) thinks he is irreplaceable. Lets hope, if he is stupid and stubborn enough to stand for re-election, that he is unanimously voted out leaving him in no doubt that he IS NOT WANTED!
It is him and his ego that is holding back any progress for the future of formula 1 and by doing so has undone any good he brought to the sport in the past.
By his deeds in the past couple of years, you have to wonder at his sanity, and ask, if by throwing his toys out of the pram, is he going back to his childhood days? This being an early sign of senility.
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Lawyer Ann Ogg should hang her head in shame.

Another blunder by our idiotic judges, letting the disgusting sex attacker John Bermingham free to attack some poor innocent person who is unaware at this moment that this sick pervert has been released into our society to attack them, by using a law brought out to protect his victims rather than the vermin that HE is.
When are our courts of justice going to wake up to the fact that these scum should have NO rights as far as HUMAN rights are concerned, because there is nothing human about raping and assaulting young women and girls and putting them through horrific ordeals that will linger in their memories for life..........if they survive.
Scum like him should be locked away for life with no reprieves under any circumstances, and by doing so, WILL save MANY others from suffering.
When his next victim is attacked and they prove HE was to blame, let the idiotic judges who let him out to reoffend spend time in jail too, and on their release never let them have anything more to do with justice as they obviously have no idea what JUSTICE really means.
The lawyer Ann Ogg, who fought for his release, should hang her head in shame, because the normal people in the street whom she faces every day will feel disgust at her deed, and would gladly see her face a prison sentence when Bermingham's next victim comes to light.
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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lose the Scottish accent Andrew Neil.

Human St Andrews flag at Murrayfield, Scotland...Image by via Flickr

Andrew Neil from the "Daily Politics Show" on BBC 2 seems to be an Englishman at heart with a Scottish accent. If he is so against the country of his birth with all its new policies and self government, why doesn't he lose the accent too, and save the people of Scotland anymore embarassment; by other nations thinking that he is typical of Scots.
He now stays in England and his allegiance is obviously towards England, so when he is decrying Scotland he might as well speak with an English accent, and go the whole hog.
With his attitude and disrespect for Scotland he is no loss to our cause, so do us all a favour and cut all your ties with the proud nation that is "SCOTLAND" and enjoy your new country with its Great Britain endeavours to hold on to the oil revenue and cricket that you seem to like so much.
No harm to the English as they are, and should be proud of their nation too, like all nationalists, not turncoats like Andrew Neil.
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