Monday, 2 February 2009

foreign labour

The ongoing dispute about foreign workers taking jobs from the British is another example of the flaws occurring in the E.U. Our politicians are quick to condemn our workforce for their reaction to workers from abroad coming over here and carrying out tasks well within the capabilities of our labour force and in these times of uncertainty instead of looking after their own countrymen they are acting against them. It is in situations like this that the politicians should remember who put them into their jobs in the first place and it is the general public of THIS country that can vote them out NOT the imported workforce that the dispute is all about.
Maybe if we imported some decent politicians from abroad to take over their jobs we might get more satisfaction in the way this country is being run as at the moment it leaves a lot to be desired. If their jobs were at stake (which many of them should be, and will be at the next election) their reaction would very different, then there would be support for the British worker while bringing a whole new meaning to FOREIGN LABOUR!

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