Wednesday, 27 October 2010

European laws on human rights.

European Court of Human Rights - Cour Européen...Image via WikipediaOnce again we have the court of the European Law for human rights changing laws to suit the criminal.
Scotland has to fall into line with the rest of Europe and allow criminals who are being questioned to have a lawyer present at all times when being questioned.
I have no qualms with this, but I do object, if cases from the past are going to benefit from this new law, even if it was as soon as the day before this judgement comes into play.

The officers followed the law when questioning criminals of the past, so anyone questioned without a lawyer present then should not be considered to benefit from this NEW law as it has no relevance to past cases.
What chance have the police if all their hard work of the past is quashed by one of the new changes the European Union come up with every day just to prove to the community that they are still alive?

How many murderers and rapists are going to be freed because of this, and if they decide to change another law, are we always going to go back and look at old cases, fill our already over stretched courts to set more killers free?
Did the release of Megrahi not bring enough shame on our nation, or are we going to be a laughing stock again by letting more killers off scot free?

I have yet to hear of a case of an innocent victim being helped by the law of human rights, only criminals who do not deserve the use of this law.
The victims should be given more consideration than the criminals and any new laws should be for them, not rules that allows the criminal element of our society to make a bigger mockery of the system while having a good laugh at the leniency of justice in today's sad world.

For all the good they are to the innocent people it was designed for, it should be renamed "The European Court of Human Rights for Criminals," as they are the only ones who benefit from it.

Its a pity their laws and actions are not as impressive as their building in the picture above, then they might prove worthy of such a place to hold court, as it is an old hut would suffice.

For an organization that was contrived to HELP victims it does anything but!
It is time some common sense was brought back into our failing justice system and we start to punish criminals again.
If they want to keep on committing crimes then they must be prepared to take their punishment, not go crying to human rights and expect sympathy.
If in fact they commit serious crimes they should lose all entitlement to that law as some of the crimes committed are not humane, and do not justify protection from a court that is supposed to be for HUMAN RIGHTS!
These people are NOT human, and have NO rights.

The world is already suffering more at the hands of criminals thanks to the absence of justice, its time to take a stand or pity help our future generations.
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Friday, 22 October 2010

Financial trickery

Assorted international currency notes.Image via WikipediaI did not know whether to be laugh or cry when I heard of all the excuses for the severe cuts we have to suffer in the next few years, as I have heard it all before in one format or another.

The coalition government have decided to square off our debts incurred by bailing out the banks in record time regardless of whether the poorest suffer or not. Their reasoning behind this scheme is to give the up and coming generation a better chance to get ahead without heavy debts hanging over them.

I am all in favour of that plan, but am not fooled by anything a politician says, as my generation was promised to be looked after in our old age when we were paying heavy taxes most of our working lives to square off the debts left behind by the second world war,(one of the excuses then) and now we find we have to suffer once again to pay off debts construed by the financial wizards who want the economy to work in their favour.

Tax upon tax was piled on to my generation as continuing governments tried to get as much of our wages as they could without too much objection, and always with some excuse like a deficit that is always inherited from the previous government, never caused by the one in power no matter how many years apart their terms in power were.

Every time the public thinks they have paid enough, and things are on the up, the powers that be come up with some disaster to prevent the poorer of the nation bettering themselves in any way, but always ensure that their prowess is never halted.

This time when public spending was rising too fast,and things looked promising, the situation did not suit the financial wizards so they construed a collapse of the banking system as an excuse to fleece us of more money, and get us to accept it because they said there is no other way out.

Banks suddenly collapsing that were accused of monopolizing in the years previous to the construed collapse. Money suddenly disappeared from a healthy economy to where?
Bad debts are no answer as we are hounded to pay off any bad debts in our world.

Money was scavenged from our accumulated taxes to bail out the banks, and when that wasn't enough to satisfy the financial world, more money appeared out of somewhere to land us in supposed deeper debt.

If the money came from an international fund that all countries contributed to, why do we have to pay so much interest on borrowing money from our own fund?
Most countries are in the same predicament so why not just pay back the money we took out of the fund that we are probably still making new contributions to, allowing the economy to recover quicker with less burden on the taxpayer?
Why if it was a loan to bail out the banks, did they not borrow the money instead of the taxpayer, and why if it was a loan, is it not being paid back in monthly installments like we have to if we borrow?

The situation as it is all adds up to a rip off, but we as a people have had enough of being ripped off.

This time the public are no fools and realize how dishonest politicians are, and if they push us too far we will push back.
The french are already protesting, as are other European countries, so if the powers that be think that the public are going to fall for their con this time they have another think coming, and will have more than a construed deficit to contend with.

Promises made to my generation of a well earned rest with less money worries in retirement was taken away when the last government raided and ruined our private pension schemes, funds they encouraged us to save to provide US with extra money in our old age NOT to provide THEM with more money by robbing the very funds they suggested we accumulate, also by failing to keep any of the other promises that were made to us while we cleared off the country's debt, or accrued money for them to pocket as was the case.

The up and coming generation should know by now that even if this supposed debt we are in is cleared off, their future will be no brighter than ours, as another collapse or disaster will be construed to satisfy the powers that be.
When I speak of the powers that be, I do not mean the political puppets we elect, I mean the money men of this world who really run the countries and financial situations around the globe, the same financial wizards whose power even the political puppets fall under whether they realize it or not.

Whatever, we the new pensioners of the world, in our lifetime, are having to cough up to pay for debts from wars, and now have to suffer in our retirement to pay once more for the rich to get richer.

I might be too old to join the revolution but I am not too old to support it.

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

What a weird race we are.

Miner in a mine of the "Cerro Rico" ...Image via WikipediaIt was great to see the successful rescue operation of the Chilean miners bringing euphoria throughout the world, showing how the human race can unite in times of trouble.
People followed, and felt sorrow not only for the trapped miners but also for their loved ones as the days of despair turned to hope, then finally salvation from what could have been death by being buried alive.
Not one person wanted any harm to come to any of these men even though the majority of us never knew them, or anything about them until we heard the news of their ordeal.

It shows what a weird race we are when we feel this way about faceless people, when some of the same people who wished the miners well, can go out and murder neighbours, loved ones, countrymen and women for various reasons without any remorse.

We are a race that can fight together to beat the enemy during wars, fight side by side in the face of adversary, but when it is all over we can fall out with our own neighbours to the point of assault or even murder.
It takes us all our time to live together in harmony even with close family, although we rally together in times of need.

It's just a pity it takes tragedies to unite us, and that we can't find it in our hearts to live together in harmony at all times.

Oh how different this world would be if we could achieve this, no more wars, no more killing, no more crimes.

Chile is a mostly catholic country and the faith of the miners and their people helped to bring them through their time of trouble, but religions of all kinds were united in their prayers for the stricken miners.

Why may I ask is religion the cause of most wars now, and in history?

The very faiths that practises peace, love and unity, and try to brainwash us into living our lives in such a way, are the very same faiths that cause the most disruption in this world.

The miners who were trapped deserved all the compassion we gave them, but so does the rest of our fellow men, not only in times of trouble, but in their everyday life too.
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