Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Party conference topics.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 17: Demonstrators hold signs as British Prime Minister David Cameron makes a speech on welfare at on February 17, 2011 at Toynbee Hall in London. The Welfare Reform Bill is set to replace the current benefits system with a single Universal Credit,and to help people in long-term unemployment into jobs. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Anytime welfare cuts are being discussed recently, it always seems to be the pensioners and the disabled who are the main targets.
Bus pass withdrawals, heating allowance reduced or banished are just two of the cuts being directed at these people, most of whom have contributed during their working lives to a welfare state that promised to look after them in their old age or should they become unable to work through ill health.
Nothing is ever mentioned of the drug addicts, who also are issued with bus passes AND ARE PAID EXTRA MONEY to keep dogs, most of which are of the dangerous breed.
Millions of pounds are sent to foreign aid to help the needy in other countries, but the government seems intent on punishing the genuine needy in our own country.
Why should the people who have worked hard, paid taxes and insurance, be the main targets when drug addicts who contribute nothing to society are given handouts left right and centre with no questions asked, or ever any threat put on THEIR welfare benefits?
Should the Government not be targeting the people whose predicaments are self inflicted instead of making our poor pensioners and infirm even poorer?
Most of our pensioners paid dear during the recession of the seventies so why should they suffer now?
If the government wants to put their house in order, use a bit of common sense and leave our pensioners and disabled alone.
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Power companies usual Autumn price hikes.

Transmission lines in Romania Of which the nea...
Transmission lines in Romania Of which the nearest is a Phase Transposition Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Autumn is not yet on us and already we have a power company informing us of well above inflation price rises, coming once again in time for the high winter usage when they make their annual killing.

Killing being the obvious choice of word because not only do they make a killing with their profits but they also are responsible for the deaths of many a poor pensioner who just cannot afford their unnecessary extortionate rip-off prices that are as predictable as leaves falling from the trees at this time of year.

It is high time this extortion was put at an end, and one way to do it these days is for PEOPLE POWER to get together, start a facebook page and boycott the first company to introduce this years hike of 9%.

If everyone left that company and spread their business between the other companies perhaps they would think twice before following suit.
If they all announced it together, then we could vote online, the company to target first.
Any company who thought they were going to lose all their customers, therefore putting them out of business would soon realise that PEOPLE POWER has far more strength than the power they are selling.

Year after year they always come up with some feeble excuse to introduce these rises, even when they have announced huge profits for the year.

Its time for the PEOPLE to make a stand against them, as ofgem who are supposed to do it on our behalf, are as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Let us start this year and show them what power really is.
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Friday, 22 June 2012

Pension schemes.

House of Commons
House of Commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This Tory government, "I say Tory as the Lib-Dems have little to say in the supposed coalition" is railroading their way through every aspect of our lives making severe changes to anything they can think of whether it means savings or not.
It has been so long since they were in power that they are acting like schoolchildren in a sweetshop, not that we could expect little else from a party that is run by arrogant fools who still act as if they are in the school playground, bullying people who they think are beneath them.
They know full well that this short term they have will be the last for a long time, and all they can come up with is tactics that can only do more harm than good to our country, fleecing the poorer members of the public while looking after their own rich buddies, some of whom got us into this mess in the first place.

The changes to the pensions are a disgrace and will benefit the government more that the workers by the time they have robbed it by overtaxing.
Tax paid as you earn, tax on our work pension schemes when the money is in the bank and taxed again when the time comes to collect on a lifetime of hard work and saving accumulated in the expectation of boosting our lowly old age pension.

Now people who have planned all their working life and contributed to the country's coffers through good times and bad are being forced to shelf these plans and told to work years longer for less reward while the government reaps the benefits of the money they thought they were accumulating to help ease their finances during their old age.

These types of changes should not have interfered with people who are nearing the end of their working lives but started with the new generation of workers who would know the score from the offset.
This move is nothing short of fraud and extortion, and if it happened to be a private company or an individual that executed such a con the public would be up in arms over the matter and the culprits taken to court and jailed.

This bunch will eventually get their comeuppance but alas all to late for the honest workers who saw this nation through the last recession and have earned their right to a decent retirement.

The excuse that too many postwar babies are still alive now and are of age to collect their pensions is no excuse for punishing the new pensioners as their money was good enough to take and  support the pensioners of their day, and all of the benefit system during their working lives.

It has been common knowledge to all from the fifties that this day would arrive when the population of elderly would boom, so steps should have been taken from THEN to combat the problems that have arisen from the baby boom after the war, and not dumped on us now along with every other financial problem the world is going through at this time.

Then again it takes brains to think that through and within the present government you could hardly make a decent brain out of all the people who sit on the front bench.
There are more brains outwith politics than there are in it and the only time a government will make a success of running our country is when these people are listened to.

Bickering in the House of Commons and acting like the spoiled schoolboys that they are only proves that they have no brains and that they should have learned a lot more about the realities of life before settling down to a cushy job where it seems only rejects from society are welcome.
Prime Ministers Question Time in Parliament shows that the Prime Minister is the worst offender of them all. Any question he is asked is almost always ignored and answered by a sarcastic remark attempting to belittle the questioner, when all the time he is only belittling himself and showing his ignorance and immaturity for the job.
Its time they grew up and did the job they aspired to in the playground and got rid of the arrogant "WE KNOW BETTER" attitude when they clearly DO NOT!

They have never needed to budget and have no qualifications in the matter.
Economics are OK in theory but a completely different matter when they have to be put into practice.
Let the housewife who has to count every copper and plan how each one is spent, get her hands on the coffers, THEN we would have someone with a bit of common sense correcting the finances of the world and in no time at all the arrogant schoolchildren in Parliament and other failing governments would be shown up for the useless lot they really are.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Image by Getty Images via @daylife
We have been led to believe that next year the Nation of Scotland will finally be given the chance to vote for or against independence in the promised referendum.
While I think we could go it alone if all the revenue from our oil and our other assets like whiskey were added fully to the Scottish coffers, I still fear for our future if Alex Salmond has the stupid notion of continuing to be a member of the European Union as it now stands.
By all means go back to the original "Common Market" under which we still made our own rules, but the new Union is a step too far.
Whispers of Salmond considering joining the failing Euro currency in the future is another reason that I will be going against the chance of an independent Scotland this time around.
Alex Salmond has always had the war cry of "Home Rule For Scotland" but if he thinks that having the strings pulled by the same puppeteer in Brussels that pulls the strings for Britain is home rule, then he is sadly mistaken.
The Scottish people who want "Home Rule" do not want to have our laws laid down, or our prosperous industries like the fishing ruined any more by foreigners who's goal seems to be to weaken our resources rather that strengthen them.
Unless Salmond is prepared to have a fully independent Scotland, then he is wasting all our time and money with a referendum.
Take note Mr Salmond!
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