Sunday, 8 February 2009


I see Tom Jones has let his hair grow back to it's natural colour GREY, it could be he saw the resemblance to David Gest and did not like what he saw. He now has to hope David does not go grey or he will have to have another rethink.

The people responsible for the bank bonuses are trying to justify their outrageous payments by saying it was in their contracts but as far as I am concerned the contracts should have been renewed when the taxpayers took control and NO bonuses should be paid as there is no contract with us. If the bankers don't like it, contrary to their belief they ARE dispensable so they are free to seek employment elsewhere if they care to try but maybe they won't be too confident about that so THEIR BLUFF SHOULD BE CALLED as they would be no loss anyway regardless of the outcome.

Another bad decision by a prominent judge; locking up a rape victim because she was too traumatized to give evidence. That judge should never sit in judgment in any sensitive case again if he ever gets the chance to work again. It is time these idiots were taken out of our courts before more people are hurt,wrongly sentenced and our judicial system suffers more embarrassment.

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