Friday, 29 January 2010

Once again the justice system fails the public.


How often are they going to be allowed out AND commit their vile offences before the idiots who release them learn that they are not fit to walk our streets.

As I have said before, the idiots who release them should stand trial along with them, for crimes committed against honest upright citizens human rights.

Since the human rights law came out, I know of no honest citizen getting any benefit from it, only the scum criminals who are allowed to exploit it, and should have no human rights whatsoever.

Below I have copied and printed the most recent cause for my concern.

Woman stabbed by grandchildren rape bid attacker
Ryan Yates
Ryan Yates admitted carrying out the attack in Aberdeen

A man has admitted trying to murder a 60-year-old woman in an Aberdeen park amid a plan to abduct and rape her two granddaughters, aged eight and two.

Ryan Yates, 29, stabbed the woman while the children escaped in the Bridge of Don area of the city last October.

Two days before the incident he was put under a court order banning him from accosting females after a sex attack, the High Court in Edinburgh heard.

Sentence was deferred for a full risk assessment order.

Yates carried out the attack five days after he was released from prison for an assault which contained a sexual element.

He was caught by police shortly after the attack and said he had gone out that day "looking to find some children to have sex with".

When she [the grandmother] is out walking now she feels that she is constantly looking over her shoulder
Advocate depute Alan Mackay

He said he intended to kill the woman he attacked "so that I can get to the kids".

Advocate depute Alan Mackay said: "While walking in the park the younger child asked to come out of her buggy. The grandmother bent down to unbuckle the child from the buggy and noticed a pair of legs standing very close to her.

"She stood up and saw the accused close by, less than an arm's length away. He was holding a sharp pointed kitchen knife with a serrated edge in his right hand."

He said that, without warning, Yates then thrust the knife towards the woman's chest and during the ensuing struggle the victim found herself on the ground.

She grabbed the bottom of the blade and top of the knife handle and kicked out at her attacker while the elder of the children fled with her younger sister.

'Safety concern'

Mr Mackay said: "The struggle for the knife continued and Yates told her he'd let her go if she let go of the knife. She refused and the accused spat in her face as she continued to struggle and scream."

A woman intervened and Yates walked away "quite calmly".

Police soon tracked him down. During an interview he maintained that he would have had sex with the children despite their ages but would have let them go afterwards.

Mr Mackay said the grandmother was left with a scar on her left hand which served as a constant reminder of the incident.
Attack scene
The incident happened in a park in Aberdeen last year

He said: "When she is out walking now she feels that she is constantly looking over her shoulder.

"She also indicates that she is concerned for her grandchildren's safety."

Unemployed Yates admitted attempting to murder the grandmother with the intention of abducting and raping the young children in Westfield Park on 14 October last year.

He also admitted breaching the terms of an interim sexual offences prevention order made against him at Aberdeen Sheriff Court two days earlier.

The court heard that Yates was sentenced to four years detention in 1994 after being convicted of three charges of indecent assault and two of assault.

He was given a further two-year term of detention in 1999 for an attack on a woman and was given another seven-year extended sentence in 2003 following a High Court conviction for assault containing a sexual element.

'Horrific crime'

Lord Pentland placed Yates, who is in custody, on the sex offenders' register pending the risk assessment report, due in April.

Det Supt Brian Yule, of Grampian Police, said: "This was a horrific crime targeting an innocent woman out for a walk in the park with two young children."

He added: "Grampian Police and its partners are thorough in its application of nationally-set regulations for dealing with registered sex offenders.

"At the time of his arrest, Yates had fully complied with all the conditions relating to his registration and our officers had visited him regularly in the days after his release.

"We and the other partners involved in the supervision of offenders devote considerable resources to this area and we will continue to do so in order to provide the best possible levels of protection to the public we serve."

Yates told police after the attack that he had wanted to be sent back to prison. Officers believe he may have become "institutionalised" after so much time in jail.

Det Supt Yule suggested that politicians could consider the case for new powers, allowing police to seek extensions to prison sentences if offenders fail to comply fully with rehabilitation programmes.

Now why was this man released, and this crime allowed to happen, and nobody in authority held responsible?
They are very good at coming up with groveling apologizes, and excuses AFTER the event, which is far too late and just not good enough!

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Charge more money, problem solved.

I listened to another idiotic politician in the news on TV this morning ranting on about adding an extra charge onto cans of soft drinks, and sweets to cover the cost of picking up the litter left behind, by the minority of litter louts who discard their cans and sweet papers on the ground after they have finished with them.

Does he not think the seventeen and a half percent Value Added Tax (VAT)we already are charged on these items is enough to cover these costs.

That is all money conned from children, through their treats, for politicians to line their pockets by claiming fraudulent expenses, with no regard to the litter they trod through when they went to collect their ill-gotten gains.

The same politicians who rip us off with extortionate road taxes, and the same VAT on our fuel, supposedly to keep our roads in order, but when it comes to the after effects of the severe cold spell that we have just experienced, we hear the same groans of poverty and excuses as to why they need more money to fix the potholes left in our roads, and pavements due to the severe frost.

If they used the revenue they gather over the year for our roads ON our roads, then we might not grudge the payments we make, but when the majority of the funds collected are spread over other outlets, we are not interested in their excuses, only results.

In addition to the taxes we pay, we also have to pay for the damage done to our vehicles, by the said potholes, which can add up to a pretty penny.

If our adult population with sweet tooth's, and our children ARE conned out of more money, with the feeble excuse of it going to the cleaning up of our streets, it is more than likely that the extra revenue will never reach that department, and end up going elsewhere like the money our motorists are being conned out of, and when the subject of litter comes up again, they will want still more money to cover the cost.

OH the pain and agony the people who solve all our problems must go through to earn their high wages, when they sit in their offices with their white collars, racking their brains to come up with the age old solution to every problem they have had to solve throughout the years.


Whatever way you say it, or look at it, it all comes down to the same thing.

It is going to cost the public more, make us pay and pretend the situation will go away, instead of getting to the root of the problem and end the dilemma by other means.

NO! that would mean they might have to really think, and earn their ridiculous wages, wages plus expenses to stay overnight in the city to come up with the answer
"CHARGE MORE," and we the public fall into their trap, abide by their decisions, and vote them in again.

If we are fool enough to let them, then I suppose we deserve all we get.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Green taxes.

Snowfall on trees, Germany.Image via Wikipedia

During this cold spell that is hitting Britain, with deep snow and ice covering the country we have come to rely more and more on the four wheeled drive vehicles to get around on, which have been a tremendous help in trailblazing paths through country roads the gritting lorries have failed to reach through their necessity to concentrate on the main thoroughfares.
Yes, the same four wheel drive cars that have been criticised in the past years when we were going through mild winters.
The same four wheeled drive cars that have been hammered with extra road taxes, because of their gas guzzling qualities, and have been partly blamed for global warming.

If it wasn't for the four wheel drive cars used by emergency services, and help for the aged, many people of all ages would have died because they could not have been reached.

Perhaps the government should be rethinking their green policies, or in other words, their ripoff taxes on these cars, and all the other ways they have conjured up to extort money out of us with the feeble excuses of global warming, because if this is an example of the winters we will suffer in the future we will all have to revert to four wheel drive cars, government ministers too, but then again they will claim it as a necessary expense and con us out of more money.

It is hard to justify all the hullabaloo of global warming during such an extreme spell of weather, and while some may say that this is one of the consequences OF global warming, others might argue that there is no such thing.

Either way, there will be other winters like this when we will need to be reliant on these four wheel drive cars, so instead of moaning about them during the summer months, remember how useful they were, and how many lives they saved, during our harsh winter.

I believe the earth will look out for itself, as it has done throughout its lifetime, without help or hindrance from mankind, with extremes of weather and weather cycles continuing long after mankind has departed from the planet, whether it be through natural occurrences, or mans own folly.

It is their selves our politicians are worried about NOT the planet.
As I have said before, the planet can look after herself, mankind cannot, not when mother nature is the opposition!

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Green taxes.