Wednesday, 4 February 2009

snow joke

Years ago when we had heavy snowfalls on a regular basis in the winter the country did not come to a standstill, and although the traffic was less then than now it is still no excuse as the more volume of traffic, the more the snow gets broken down clearing the roads.
It is only in recent years that the roads have been gritted so regularly and regardless of the shouts that they don't, the gritters cannot be in two places at once with each lorry having to cover their own area and do so very efficiently.
We did complain years ago about the state of the roads but we managed, with a bit of care and determination to reach our destinations and sometimes had to change our mode of transport to shank's pony even at a young age going to school unaccompanied not like most children today who have to have parents taking them back and forth everywhere in cars. Most of our parents did not have cars and regardless of how far away we stayed from school, (teachers too) we made our way in. Thanks to our complaining the roads are much better now and it's funny to think that if the snow starts to fall when today's population is at work, (or school) no matter how bad it gets, they seem to find more determination when it comes to getting home than they do going to work (or school). The E.U. is partly to blame for the extreme health and safety rules but we cannot blame them for us not letting common sense and our lacking sense of duty take over in these situations. It is only for a short time so get on with it Britain other countries do, and they do not boast of the GREAT BRITISH SPIRIT! Where and when has this been lost in today's world?

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