Sunday, 31 May 2009

Susan Boyle had to make do with second.

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How much more proof do the phone voters need before they realise that their votes count for nothing on TV. All the hype about Susan Boyle during the supposed contest certainly gave her publicity but she had no chance of winning because Paul Potts (an operatic singer of sorts) won a couple of years ago. The wee boy who was the lone break dancer had no chance because the Queen had a taste of that last year so to vary her entertainment for this year the dancing group Diversity were certainties.
Susan Boyle had to make do with second because of all the hype firstly, for her to win then all the negative nonsense about her to try to prepare the audience for her not winning.
Most of the competitors will get work out of the program and Susan Boyle has already found fame, with the fortune just around the corner, so who wins is really irrelevant, its the con of pretending the votes by phone counts instead of admitting the only purpose of them is to make money for the already rich.
I told my partner the result and the reason for my forecast long before they were picked, adding that if I was correct it would prove to me at least that my suspicions were justified. I only wish the suckers who fall for this con every time one of these programs come on would wake up and smell the coffee then maybe we would get a deserved winner instead of the normal fix that they are, while they would save money and deprive the beneficiaries of more ill-gotten gains. I am not saying that Diversity did not deserve a chance to shine before the Queen but trying to kid us on that they got the most votes, NAH! I don't think so.
It will be a different type of act next year so stick in all you ventriloquists and doggy acts your time will come.
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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Has the General Assembly looked to their conscience at last.

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Well, well the General Assembly of the church of Scotland has delayed their decision on homosexual ministers for two years. I wonder if they have been reading my blog or more to the point reading their bibles and at last realising what the scriptures are really saying on the subject and looking to their conscience.
I personally have nothing against homosexuals but if you are a believer in Gods word then it does tell you that it is wrong and as I said in my last post you can't pick and choose what parts of the bible you are going to live by because even though it is written by different people IT IS ALL GODS WORDS! That will not change in two years time.
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Monday, 25 May 2009

The Archbishop has a habit of poking his nose in.

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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has decided to allow a homosexual minister to have his own parish which will allow him to preach the scriptures, but the very book he is preaching from, unconditionally denounces homosexuality therefore in my opinion they are bending the messages in the scriptures to suit themselves. If you are going to live by the scriptures you can't just discard the bits you do not like. The churches have passed comment on the continuing debacle about the politicians expenses and them bending the rules to suit themselves but they should look in, before they look out before they interfere in the politics of the country.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has a habit of poking his nose into the political field too and with his recent blabbing on about who we should vote for, he too should concentrate on matters concerning the church instead of trying to get his face on the news through politics.
The British public are clever enough to vote for a party that will benefit the country and have brains enough to suss out the damage the B.N.P. could do so there is no need for him or the Archbishop of York to interfere in such matters. If their faith is as strong as they profess it to be then they should trust in their God to see their wishes are carried out which will leave them free to do the job they are supposed to be doing and that is preaching the word of God, NOT interfering in politics.
I am puzzled as to where all the pomp and ceremony comes from with all the fancy robes and accoutrements that the churches flaunt during their ceremonies and parades because there is nothing in the bible to suggest that they wear these robes or flaunt the wealth they have.
Jesus spread the word of his father in a pair of sandals and swaddling clothes, with no need for the exhibitions the churches put on now, and HE never interfered in politics.
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Saturday, 23 May 2009

F1 is being stifled.

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As an avid viewer of F1 I think it is time Max Mosley left his ego trip behind and stopped stifling the sport by introducing negative rules that only succeed in making Formula 1 less interesting for the viewers. The excitement in the sport is diminishing year after year as his prevention of freedom of expression for the engineers has been curtailed to the rules he makes supposedly for safety and now for the expenses of the teams. The safety in the sport has now come to a point where even in the worst smashes the drivers come out without a scratch which is a great achievement as was long overdue, but instead of letting the progress of the cars continue along with the safety measures it is now going backwards. That is the last thing you want in a sport that is supposed to focus on speed, and when the drivers AND the team managers begin to protest its time they were listened to. Max Mosley needs the racing teams, but the racing teams do not need Max Mosley. He should have been booted out of the governing body of the sport with the last fiasco in his private life and because he was given a second chance he seems to think he is invincible hence bringing out these restricting rules to prove a point.
The teams should be allowed to spend as they please to develop the cars as they please because it not only helps them to succeed but their improvements can be very beneficial to ordinary road cars too and new technical advances can be tried and tested under the extreme conditions of the race track saving manufacturers more expense. The teams with the biggest budgets might come out on top but the lesser teams have managed to accept it and compete in the past as they know what to expect when they enter the sport.
Get rid of the egotistical Max Mosley and let the sport breathe again even if it means breaking away from him and his sidekick Bernie Ecclestone .

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ben Chapman seems to think he is in the clear.

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So they are calling for the head of the speaker, and quite rightly so, but it is not only HIM that has to go. All the guilty parties should be kicked out of politics altogether, never being allowed to return to them in any form whatsoever and have their fraudulent deeds recorded against them when they apply for any future jobs like all criminals do. Ben Chapman seems to think he is in the clear because the fees office approved of his application for money towards a mortgage that was already, paid but if he had not applied for it in the first place knowing, it was a fraudulent claim they, would not have been able to aid and abet him.
Its a case of Fagan and his theives; a right bunch of crooks that parliament needs rid of before the public can trust any politician again. They were all in it together from the speaker to the guilty MPs and if Fagan and his boys were caught THEY would have gone to jail and this bunch of crooks are no different.

Monday, 18 May 2009

The speculation of a fast buck. - A Mobile Phone CasinoImage by Podknox via Flickr

I must say that I have no sympathy for the householders who are having their homes repossessed simply because they were trying to work the markets for quick profit.
They knew how the system works and gambled with their homes,and lost, now they expect to get bailed out by the taxpayer. It is no different from any other form of gambling and you are not entitled to refunds from the bookies so they should not expect or get any help whatsoever from the government.
There are some geuine cases out there whose circumstances are different and might be worthy of some assistance but they are few and far between. In most cases it was greed and the speculation of a fast buck that got them into their mess so now they can speculate on how they are going to get out of it. We ALL could have got in over our heads if we thought we were going to get bailed out when it went wrong so let it be a lesson to them for the future and given the chance again they might proceed with more caution.

TV quiz's getting on our wicks.

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These easy answered competitions on TV are getting on most peoples wick as everyone knows the answer making it a lottery rather than a quiz, also between the adverts and the ranting on about the rules and regulations plus the actual question of the said quiz makes their programs run two to three minutes late. If they come in the middle of a program, by the time they finally get back to it the viewer has forgotten what they were watching or turned over to another channel. This does the station no good as they lose vauble viewers and although the quiz's might supplement their income, the loss of any viewers should concern them so why do they not just have the adverts and stupid quiz's (lotteries)between programs and anyone who is interested can participate and those that do not can watch their programs in peace, without interruption. I am aware that there are broadcasting guidelines but surely they can be negotiated to suit everyone.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Dire consequences to come at the elections.

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Ming Campbell pointed out on "Question Time" last night, the the reason he came into politics was to pursue the policies he believed in and knowing the wages involved did not put him off his quest. As I said in a recent post, most politicians entered politics for the same reason and most of them still pursue their goals without abusing the rules. RULES concerning expenses were read out on "Question Time" too and it is obvious that these rules have been deliberately abused by the few extortion cases that have been brought to light by The Daily Telegraph. We heard them squirm and lie, and now, some of the extorted cash is being paid back they think the dust will settle, but have they, or anyone else stopped to think how easy it is for them to pay the stolen money back. For people that are now complaining that they are not paid enough to cover the cost of being an MP they seem to live a very affluent lifestyle with big houses, etc. with one at least, being able to hand back in one transaction, and without batting an eye, more money than the ordinary man earns in a year. They DID chose the job and they DID know the pay structure so the politicians that have abused the rules should be sacked at the very least.
We do not need Norman Tebbit to tell us we should be voting for parties other than the main stream,I suggested it weeks ago and I am sure the public have figured it out for themselves without any persuading from anybody.
It is just a pity that a few greedy members of Parliament have brought the whole system into disrepute, with dire consequences to come at the nearing elections.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

We are not fooled by feeble gestures.

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The bunch of free loading politicians who are wriggling and squirming to try and appease the taxpayers by paying back the money they have extorted out of us are only kidding their self if they think that will work. We are not fooled by their feeble gestures and know they would still be robbing us if this story had not come to light through the press.
These gestures are not only to try and appease us, but also to try and keep the police from their door, knowing that many of their actions ARE criminal.
When the general public pulls stunts of a similar nature they are brought to book and these crooks are no different so no matter how they try to buy their way out of it with their ill-gotten gains, if found guilty, they should be made to suffer the consequences.
Also, in future, when a house is funded by the taxpayer ALL of the money should be returned to the treasury NOT just the profit made on the sale because if it was purchased by US it was only to use when there on business, not to give them the decision to sell or do with as they please.
The first house bought by our money for them to be near London should be kept until they no longer need a residence in the city, then handed back to the treasury, this would eliminate the need for them to be playing the property market at our expense for THEIR gain.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

We thought we elected them to represent us in Parliament.

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When MPs first started out in politics it was to fight for the causes they believed in and not for money, this way they picked up a following from the electorate who thought by electing them they would have a voice to represent them in Parliament. It is plain for all to see now, that when greed creeps in the causes that took them into politics to begin with take second place. The fact that these rip off merchants decide how much wages and expenses they are entitled too is one of the main reasons that this farce has gone on for so long. I have said before that an independent source should decide these things while no second home should be allowed and as mentioned on the TV program "THE WRIGHT STUFF" rented accommodation in London would be suffice to house them while they are in the city on business. The home of their choice and any other items needed for it should be purchased out of their wages as we in the real world have to do.
Anyone whom they employ should be vetoed and paid through the same source that sets their wages and expenses which would cut out the tricksters hiring family members who are not capable of doing the job they were supposed to be hired for.
This independent source can be paid out of our taxes which would be well worth the money as it would save the taxpayers a fortune, then maybe the MPs could begin to concentrate on the job they were first elected to do.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Grovelling time is upon us once again.

James Keir Hardie was an early democratic soci...Image via Wikipedia

The next general election has to be held within the next year, and with the main parties running scared (Labour and Tory)due to the instability in both parties over the blunders they have both been guilty of, grovelling time is upon us once again.
Politicians seem to think that they can do as they wish in-between elections and only show concern for the voters wishes when an election looms. They have got it very wrong this time, what with the expenses row, billions of money disappearing into thin air leading to the financial disaster we now all find ourself in,the backtracking on some of the stupid decisions taken during their time in office, the Gurkha situation to name but a few, is proof enough that this government only listens to the voters when they are forced into a corner.
Gordon Brown will be forced to call an election within the year otherwise he would still cling on by his fingernails to the post even his colleagues want to see him removed from. All the disasters and shambolic events that have occurred during his term in office as both Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer can be laid at his door because as the saying goes "The buck stops here" and no matter how much grovelling his ministers do in their attempt to gain votes leading up to the election the voters will not forgive OR forget when they are standing in front of the ballot box. James Keir Hardie would turn in his grave now, if he knew the party he founded had turned against the very people and policies he formed it for in the first place.
We should not forget the Tory misdemeanour's on the expense front either as it has been proven by the recent disclosures that they too have only their own interests at heart and are in politics to line their own pockets first at the expense of the tax payers and their policies and our wishes come second.
Labour are a disaster and the Tories do not deserve to get in simply because of this as they will do no better than Labour. It is only to be hoped that the British public realise this come election time and kick both parties out to the sidelines where they can lick their wounds, come back down to earth and remember the real meaning of democracy and carry out the wishes of the electorate if they are ever allowed back in.
The British public are no fools and certainly not as stupid as politicians think they are, so lets not be taken in by the grovelling this time and really prove it to them by voting them out.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The most useless bunch of MP'S.

The time is fast approaching for the MOST useless bunch of MP's, who are expecting us to vote for them in the oncoming European elections (or jokers wild) and who do nothing but grant other countries THEIR wishes while ignoring the wishes of the people they expect to put them in this cushy job they desire, with its outrageous pay and expenses system.
These are the people who bring our fishing industry to its knees every year when quotas and conservation matters are brought up while allowing other countries to plunder our stocks and extend their fishing fleets while ours are being forcibly decommissioned by this useless European Union.
Everywhere you go in the Mediterranean coast there is an abundance of small fishing boats that go out and catch very little now because they have overfished their grounds long ago but nothing is done to cut that fleet down or anything done about building up stocks there again. Our fishermen are the targets every time and are sold down the river every year by these clowns that are about to canvas for your votes. Not only the fishing suffers but many other British industries are suffering because Britain has NO voice in this useless union that was supposed to help all members to prosper but has turned into a farce with only the bullying countries gaining from it.
So beware when "Jokers Wild" suggests they are the person for the job and check up on what they really do to earn their ridiculous wages because it certainly is NOT to the benefit of this country so why vote for them at all as its the other nations they help that they should be looking for votes.
If you think the idiots that are running the country are bad you should check out this lot.
idiots that are running the country you should chech out this lot.

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Monday, 4 May 2009

The sad thing about British politics.

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Harriet Harman want no association with taking over from Gordon Brown before the next election and who can blame her as it will be the sucker that gets the job who will be held accountable for his mistakes after the election is lost. It is too late to save Labour now, no matter what steps are taken, as the constant blunders by their party has been too much for the British public to bear.
The sad thing about British politics is that it is either Tory or Labour who gets the chance to run the country (or should that be ruin?) whether their policies are good or not and sadder still it is the fact that when Labour got in for this lengthy spell it was due to Tories mistakes and not to Labour coming up with a winning formula. It was the same when the Tories were elected for their lengthy spell beginning with the Margaret Thatcher years, and although SHE did put the country back on its feet after Labour mess it up SHE too became over confident and thought she and her government could pull any stunt on the British public and get away with it. Labour have fallen into the same trap so I think it is about time both these parties were put in their place and the Lib Dems or some other capable party be given their chance. I have never been a one party man and voted for the party I thought had the best chance of running the country and this time will be no different but I can assure you that it will not be the arrogant Tory or Labour parties whose traps I and the British public have always fallen into.
Is it any wonder Scotland, Wales and Ireland want their own parliaments when all a united Britain has to offer is this bunch of scoundrels?

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Friday, 1 May 2009

Its time to give fresh blood a chance

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Wouldn't it be great if we could all dictate how much wages and expenses we think we are entitled to? Well it might be great for us, but think how much harm it would do our already crumbled economy so is it not time that our MP's thought the same way and stopped fleecing us of money donated in taxes to help the economy and NOT to line their pockets.
Gordon Brown is rapidly running out of straws to grasp as he struggles to recover from the abundant errors of judgement he has committed since taking over as Prime Minister.
This desperate move to change the MP's perks and wage system would never have arisen had the guilty parties who took advantage of their position to fleece us never come to light.
Long gone is the time when these crooks decide their wages and perks and the time has come to take it right out of their hands and pass it over to an independent source that the government have no hold over and will assess the situation honestly.
As long as these unashamed, so called politicians have anything to do with any set up concerning THEM they will always take advantage of the situation by putting themselves first and their country and voters last. The exact opposite of what they were elected for in the first place.
Labour are desperately trying to dig themselves out of a hole in time for the looming elections but as far as I am concerned they do not have enough shovels nor do I think that the Tories should take it for granted that they are next in line, due to Gordon Browns failures as they are no better. Its time to give fresh blood a chance as in this time of political disasters they can do no worse.

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