Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland the brave? THAT'S A LAUGH!

I never thought I would see the day when I would be ashamed to be Scottish, but now after my fellow countrymen had the chance to prove they could go it alone they failed miserably.
45% of Scottish people are hanging their heads in shame because the rest of the world is mocking them, all because the other 55% of the people did not have the backbone, the faith, or the vision to see what could have been an even prouder nation flourish on it's own merit.
Never can we sing "Scotland the brave," "Flower "o" Scotland" or any other patriotic song relating to Scotland with any conviction because the words have no meaning now.
We had our chance and blew it!
We listened to numpties and were taken in by their feeble promises now we are the numpties and soon the world will see us for what we have become, a weak people afraid to break free.
No more can we complain when our country get fleeced by Westminster, no more can we complain when the south of England flourishes with Scotland's wealth while our poor get poorer and our disabled and needy are neglected.
No more can we complain when we get Tory governments that have only one interest in Scotland and that is to drain it of it's resources.
It will be during these next few months that we see the promises broken and put on the back burner while the south builds it's new airports, railways and any other means it can think of to squander the wealth that has now fallen back into their hands, hands they are now rubbing with glee because a nation was so easily conned.
The fledgelings were afraid to fly the nest, afraid to fly solo, now there will be forever dependent on Westminster who like any parent birds will treat them with the contempt they deserve.
Aye once we were a brave and proud nation but now we have nothing to sing about.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


It amuses me when I hear the words "WE WILL ALLOW SCOTLAND MORE POWERS" in the hope that it will persuade voters to wilt and be taken in by such nonsense.
ALLOW US? Who do they think they are addressing, some bunch of servants who are quite willing to accept crumbs from a cake that we baked with our own ingredients?
Scotland can have all the powers it wants without permission from Westminster by voting YES!
We were once a proud independent nation until we had the union forced upon us 300 years ago, we were, and still are a country in our own right NOT a Shire of England.

One TV commentator classed the union as a marriage but as we all know a forced marriage is doomed to failure especially when one partner tries to dominate the other as in Westminster dictating to Scotland.

With or without oil Scotland can stand alone but it is our oil and our oil alone that has reduced Westminster to the stages of groveling that we are now seeing and all because they have been shaken to the core by one poll that threatens to stop the gravy train that steams over the border from Scotland.

What the better together campaign has omitted to mention IS,the better together applies to England and the rest of the UK, NOT to Scotland, we have the cake, we don't need the crumbs, WE ARE BETTER.

Westminster wants the security of Scotland's wealth to better England's roads, railway systems and airports along with any other infrastructure they think will benefit the south because without it, the plans they have for London and the surrounding area will have to be put on the back burner until they establish themselves as a sound financial power in the world.
YES, England and the rest of the UK will have to prove themselves too in the financial and business worlds as a country reduced in size and wealth that they can manage on the budget they have been left with.
They rant on about Scotland having to establish itself when we get independence but we are an emerging power, a power the rest of the world is looking at with expectation knowing we can stand alone whereas the rest of the UK is diminishing as a power and when that happens to countries the world turns towards the land that will flourish because that land can help them flourish too.
Businesses will come to Scotland when they see Scotland prosper, banks will have more faith in our currency and eventually we will have a better credit rating than the rest of the UK.
Other countries will take inspiration from Scotland's success and break free from their oppressors by voting not fighting.
Wales and Northern Ireland will benefit from Scotland's independence by either gaining more power or breaking away from England altogether as has been suggested by some of these nationals.
We are not the first country to rebel and leave Britain and we won't be the last.
Gone are the days of  Great Britain and the Commonwealth where countries were conquered and downtrodden.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The oil on Scotlands west coast!



UK Defense Ministry Accused Of Blocking ‘Major Find’ Of Oil on Scottish West Coast

UK Defense Ministry Accused Of Blocking ‘Major Find’ Of Oil on Scottish West Coast
14:16 06/06/2014
Tags: oil, Scotland, UK
GLASGOW, June 6 (RIA Novosti), Mark Hirst – A former Labour Member of Parliament in Scotland has told RIA Novosti there is a “major find” of oil and gas on the West Coast of Scotland which is not being extracted because of UK nuclear submarine operations.
David Lambie, 89, was a Labour MP for Ayrshire from 1970 until 1992 and told RIA Novosti that a member of the Conservative Government in the early 1980s leaked information to him about the oil discovery which, Lambie says, the Ministry of Defence, (MoD), has tried to cover-up.
“It was a Tory MP who actually contacted me in the first place,” Lambie told RIA Novosti.
“He was in the Government at that time and he couldn’t do anything about it. He wanted me to raise the issue,” Lambie added.
Lambie said that Scottish independence wasn’t a realistic possibility then, but he felt exploration would boost the local economy which in 1983 was blighted by mass unemployment.
“The exploration of oil would have created jobs on the West coast of Scotland at a time when we really needed them,” Lambie said. “As soon as the MoD heard about it and realized I was getting my information from a Tory MP and a member of the Government then the whole thing stopped.”
British Petroleum, (BP), who carried out a seismic and geological exploration survey over an area of 92 square miles south of Arran, a large island in the middle of the Firth of Clyde, said they no longer held the survey data. Lambie told RIA Novosti that the loss of the data was “curious”.
Peter Walker was Tory Energy Minister in the early 1980s and told the UK Parliament that consultation would be needed with the MoD due to the “importance of the area for the passage of British and US submarines to and from their bases.”
According to Lambie the MoD then moved to block any exploration in the area.
Lambie agreed that independence, and the resultant closure of Faslane and nuclear submarine operations, could open the door to exploration on the Firth of Clyde.
“The oil is in the area to the south of Arran,” Lambie told RIA Novosti. “It was a place where the navy people from Faslane (the UK’s nuclear submarine base) trained.
“The oil is still there, it must be there,” Lambie said. “Nobody is using it. The Tory MP who contacted me got hell for leaking the information to me.”
Lambie added, “The Tory MP described the oil identified as a ‘major find’.”
Jim Sillars, a former Labour and Scottish National Party MP, told RIA Novosti that he believed the British Government had deliberately covered up the extent of oil on the West coast of Scotland.
“There should now be a full blown exploration and explanation to the people in Scotland of what’s there in terms of oil and gas in the Firth of Clyde,” Sillars told RIA Novosti.
“You should be able, once we are independent and negotiating with Westminster, to demand a premium lease on the Faslane base until it leaves,” Sillars added.
Sillars said that a premium lease of Faslane to the UK Government by the Scottish Government should be made to reflect the oil revenues lost from the Clyde during the period oil exploration did not proceed.
“Once the base goes, as it will go under independence, then we can go full steam ahead and exploit the oil and gas and transform the economy on North Ayrshire, where the support industries would be established,” Sillars told RIA Novosti.
Meanwhile a survey of oil companies operating in the North Sea has found the majority of those surveyed believe Scottish independence would have a positive impact on their industry.
The survey by the Aberdeen and Grampian Chambers of Commerce found that small to medium sized oil companies were more favorable to Scottish independence than the large multi-national operators.
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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Facebook members know the truth

English: Iain Duncan Smith-Nightingale House-M...
English: Iain Duncan Smith-Nightingale House-March 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
David Cameron said his government would be the most transparent in British history!! HOWEVER the doughnut he put in charge of the DWP and then handed this serial failure and cock up artist the largest budget EVER for a departmental reform, must have not got that memo as for the last 3 months Iain Duncan Smith has bitterly fought against the publishing of a report that would have laid bare the calamity of Smiths personal wet dream the universal credit!!! and his twisted vision of how the most vulnerable in society should be punished and enslaved.
The report is said to be so damming that it has not even been given a rating of green, amber or red on its chances of succeeding or coming in on budget because it is now under threat of being scrapped altogether and started again under a new administration, with a bill of nearly half of a billion pounds simply written off!!
One senior civil servant who turned whistle blower described the whole department as in a state of chaos with Smith acting like a delusional emperor who is demanding what he wants without actually having a clue on how his civil servants are meant to make his demands happen.
One back bencher said that when Smiths department eventually gives up its dark secrets and the true amount of money that has simply been squandered and wasted and all the misery it has caused so many!!! people will then ask how this lunatic was given the keys to the public bank when he has been a total failure all his life!! The only thing that is transparent in the DWPs department is Smiths utter stupidity and arrogance...
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Saturday, 17 May 2014


Atos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My letter to ATOS when I was asked to attend one of their health assessments even though I was NOT in receipt of emploment support allowance.

To whom it may concern.

The doctors at my general practise who know ME and my medical history inside out, saved and prolonged my life by correctly diagnosing my heart problem and advising me to give up my work.

They are still monitoring and managing my condition and are continuing to investigate and treat the added severe arthritis I am suffering in my back and various joints of my body.

I was born and bred into the fishing industry of HARD graft where living constantly on stormy seas, soaked to the skin on a daily basis took its toll on my body, hence the arthritis and with little sleep along with irregular meals was a likely cause of my heart condition.

Treading the streets as a postman in all weathers did not do my health any good either.

With hindsight, if I had picked an easy job such as a TV presenter, DWP worker politician, or even worked for ATOS, I would most likely still be able to carry out the gentle tasks these jobs entail, the main drawback being for the latter two, my conscience would not allow it.  

Any medical staff who works for a company, already publicly shamed and ridiculed, whose purpose is to accept money from an unelected and unscrupulous government for overruling the diagnosis of such honourable doctors, if having signed the “Hippocratic oath” should be struck off, as by working in such an underhanded way they are breaking the very oath they signed.

If any of the staff making these decisions have not signed the said oath, then they should be taking NO part in this enterprise anyway.

To make this clear, I would like to point out that MY doctors, and the doctors at other practises whose diagnosis are being questioned have the health and welfare of their patients at heart and NOT any financial gain nor sympathy for unscrupulous  government ministers whose soul interest is to increase the coffers at the expense of genuine disabled people.

Therefore there is no one at a government paid company qualified to examine me, or even question the opinion of my doctor or others during a short interview where some disgusting decisions have already been made, and most likely in advance of actually seeing the patient.

The money being used to pay such companies comes from the coffers accumulated by the taxpayers which include ME who worked and contributed into these funds during my HARD working life as a commercial fisherman and latterly as a postman, jobs that given the nature of them and my medical condition would have shortened my life had it not been for the professionalism of the medical team at my practise.

It angers me that the very money the government is supposedly trying to protect is being squandered by them on hiring a company who is quite willing to fleece the taxpayers of that money by collecting bonuses for each disabled person they discard, genuine or otherwise, from the government’s benefit system.

MPs have commented on the attempted benefit changes as “An unmitigated disaster of extraordinary proportions” with 140m million pounds of taxpayers’ money being written off, which does not include the money wasted on ATOS.

ATOS was supposed to weed out those who were cheating the system not attack the genuine, some of whom committed suicide while others died as a result of losing their benefits. Deaths caused indirectly by both the government and ATOS.

Adding the amounts of squandered money together with the resulting deaths, it would have been much better and less costly to leave well alone, but then again it would have deprived companies like yours of millions of taxpayers’ money.

Not only do we have unscrupulous ministers involved in this action but an unscrupulous company who has lost all credibility in the eyes of the general public, so I see no reason for any involvement of me by ATOS as they know nothing about me, and would not learn enough about me during a short interview to overrule the CORRECT decision of the doctors at my medical practise.

Nor do I see the logic in filling in a questionnaire or answer questions at a farcical assessment that are mostly irrelevant to my condition and incapacity, or ability to pursue a suitable occupation.

It is my right however to have a credible assessment, which has already been carried out by my own doctors whose only concern is my welfare with no other underhand scheme behind them.

It is only fair to warn you that all correspondence between us might be made public, or used elsewhere.


Donald Swarbrick.

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