Saturday, 21 February 2009

The motor trade

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The government have proved they know just how important the motor trade is to Britain by pouring money into it,trying to ease it through the recession so when things start to pick up will they realise the damage they can cause by the so called green taxes.
So many businesses depend on the sale of cars from the design to manufactured parts right up to the completion, then the sales from showrooms and the construction and maintenance of roads (when they get round to it).
If they persist in overtaxing the motorist in the pretense of green taxes once things start to pick up, the same situation will arise and the money put in will have served no purpose. The green party who lobby against car emissions should concentrate on the production of better engines instead of trying to reduce traffic.
This recession has proved that going down that road would be disastrous so its about time they thought again.
Raising the cost of things is seldom the answer and the government know this, but it suits them to do it to fleece more money out of us by poor excuses.
That is the answer to all the problems that arise now in this country (HIKE THE PRICE UP)but the recession has proved the damage it will do so take note politicians
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