Friday, 22 April 2011

Voting for or against the alternative vote

The government and some politicians are blaming the voting system for the
present coalition government and now want to change the system to try and
prevent it happening too often in the future.
The only reason we have a coalition government is because the electorate never
had enough faith in any one party to give any individual a majority decision,
hence the reason we have two unelected parties at the helm for the time being.
The government should wake up to this fact and stop trying to blame the system
rather than the truth.
We had no faith in any of them then, and altering the system will not restore
that faith, only decent manifestos, that is the only way to to prevent coalition
The cost of running this needless referendum is just more money squandered by a government who pleads poverty when they are fleecing us but seem to have enough to give away to other countries or to spend willy-nilly as they wish.
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