Tuesday, 10 February 2009

segregation in schools

I was led to belive that this country's aim was for all religions and race to live in harmony. Surely segregation in schools whether in a big or small scale is the wrong way to go about achieving this goal, and what happened to the saying "when in Rome do as the Romans do." This is a christian country where Christianity and British traditions have been taught without prejudice and it is only recently since the P.C. brigade took over that our heritage is now being put in jeopardy.
When anyone decides they want to take up residence in another country then they must be prepared to fit in with the ways of that country and not expect their chosen country to take up their culture. This has nothing to do with religion or race, it should be out of respect for the country they adopt and will adopt them if they abide by the rules, laws and traditions of their chosen destination.
Most people I know who go to other countries (there will be the odd exception) are only too glad to learn the ways and language of their adopted country, while keeping their own traditions to the privacy of their home life. In most countries in the middle east you have no option but to obey the laws set by their religion and culture and we have come to know that when over there you HAVE to abide by them or suffer severe consequences, even deportation which is only right after all as we are in THEIR country so why do they not accept and respect our laws and cultures,it SHOULD work both ways.
That is the way to be accepted and not expect the world to change to suit their ways.
The world would be a sorrier place if we all ended up with the same beliefs and traditions and this is the way it is heading if the P.C. brigade are not put in their place soon. The saying "when in Rome" should never be taken lightly and anyone changing countries should always remember this and respect the laws of their new country of residence and if they are not happy about it stay where they will be happiest, "in their own country."
The Chinese are a good example of fitting in as they have been over here for many many years and never caused any disruption or have any disillusionment about their culture interfering, or taking over from the British way of life while happily holding on to their own traditions without prejudice from the British public. If only other races and religions could take a leaf out of their book there would be less animosity towards them and peace and sensibility would reign once again in Britain.

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