Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lockerbie,The disgrace continues.

Pan Am Flight 103Image via Wikipedia

Every move Gadaffi is making now is just adding more insult to injury, to the victims of the Lockerbie bombing. A hero's welcome for Megrahi, and now all this farce in America. Its only just over twenty years ago in 1986 that the American air force bombed the place where Gaddaffi was staying with the intention of killing him, but when the task failed he appeared to change his ways, until the Lockerbie bombing occurred, now he is to address the United Nations IN America.
This and the release of Megrahi to a hero's welcome is a kick in the teeth for everyone of the victims of the bombing, but then again its usually someone close to you that does the kicking, or it comes from the least unexpected source, so what else should we expect in the kind of world we live in now?
The problem is, we elect these people to carry out our wishes, and once they are in, our wishes are ignored.
It might come as a surprise to some folk,but the majority of the world are shocked and disappointed at these events,even though our politicians are not, whether they like to admit it or not. They can ignore the public outcry, and horror, but what they should remember is, THE PEOPLE HAVE THE FINAL SAY,so they should not be surprised when their anger is shown at the elections.
Obama had to go through the affront of Gadaffi speaking after him, and although these talks are supposed to include world peace, it must have been difficult for him knowing the feelings of his nation.

Gadaffi was welcomed by the other world leaders, isn't it amazing how easily you are welcomed back into the fold when your country has an abundance of oil, as other sources begin to dwindle.
Wealth can corrupt, but you expect loyalty from your elected leaders, oil or no oil, and the feelings of the America people on Gadaffi should have been taken into consideration by our leaders, also if Gadaffi was the good guy he is now trying to portray, he should have had the decency to give this one a miss, then we MIGHT begin to believe he is ready to comform.

The picture shown seems to be appropriate as it might bring back the memories of the atrocity brought about by the Lybian leaders crime.

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Friday, 18 September 2009

OFGEM, how useless can a company get?

Petroleum field at Moreni in the 1920sImage via Wikipedia

If the government is playing games with where to make the best cuts in order to gain votes to try and dig them out of the hole they have buried themselves in over their dying months, then they need look no further than the regulator "OFGEM" as their lack of authority in "regulating" the "big six" power companies makes them even more useless than the government.
They can point out to the main energy suppliers that they are fleecing the public, but can do nothing about it.

As the price of energy is supposed to be regulated by the price of oil, and as the price of oil has fallen, the rip off merchants are still telling us that prices will go up rather than down, giving us the excuse that the energy we are buying now was purchased at the higher rate. The regulator accepts these lies without question, and never asks for an explanation on how the bills never come down when the energy bought at the cheaper rate comes into the equation.

We do not need to waste money on OFGEM if that is the only control they have over the "big six", as the general public are a lot quicker off the mark in noticing these rip offs given the fact that it us that has to worry about meeting the extortionate bills.

If the government are looking to make cuts, then this is one company that won't be missed, unless they give them the power to do something about the "regulating" in their job title, otherwise why spend the money on them.

It might not be much of a saving, but as the saying goes, "look after the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves."
Their are enough people getting paid for doing nothing in this country without this farcical company, who are as much use to the public as an ash tray on a motorbike.

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Monday, 14 September 2009

Banks debt, taxpayers burden.

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  Protesters stand in fron...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Once again we have the Tory and the labour parties competing to see who can con the most out of the taxpayers without it causing too much of an uproar, and to win votes, to try and clear the debt left behind by the bank bailout.
The problem I have with this is, none of them are allowing for any repayments, by the banks on the money that was classed as a LOAN!
All the calculations seem to circulate around the fact that the money given to the banks is not expected to be paid back, and is not included in any budgets in the foreseeable future, making the taxpayer liable for all the debts incurred by the banks.
The bankers are already planning on how to spend their outrageous bonuses, before any of the debt has been paid back, while we the taxpayers are awaiting the outcome of how hard our pockets are going to be hit, and for how long.
If the money owed is eventually paid back in anything up to thirty years, what happens to the money fleeced from the public, will we, or our offspring (as most of us will be dead by then) receive any bonuses from the money amassed, or will it just go into the coffers to bail the banks out in the next crisis, or be added to the bankers bonuses that will have escalated to an even more disgusting amount by then?
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Friday, 11 September 2009

9/11 need I say more.

My thoughts are with all my fellow American bloggers today, and everyone else who was affected by the tragic events on this day in 2001.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Scotlands pretentious Judicial system.

Cropped image showing detail of Scotch ThistleImage via Wikipedia

Finally we have someone of some importance, Elish Angiolini QC, the Senior Law Officer of Scotland no less, speaking out about the ludicrous sentences passed by certain judges in this country.
She agrees with what I have printed in this blog time and time again, that a life sentence should mean LIFE, and not a meagre few years for blatant murder.
How many times has the police wasted their time gathering evidence to bring a case like this to court, for an idiotic judge to a pass sentence of anything from 10 to 12 years, and call it a life sentence? This might be a life sentence if it were being passed to a ninety year old, but not to young people in their teens, up to their forties, who find themselves free to kill again, without serving a reasonable term for their horrific crime.
How many times has families stood in court to hear justice done for some member of their family who has been brutally murdered only to be let down by the idiot judge who is supposed to represent justice, but that thinks 10 years is a life sentence to a teenager?
Almost every week we hear of cases like this in the news, and nothing is ever done about it by the justice system or the government.
It is very refreshing to hear Elish Angiolini QC, speaking on behalf of these victims, so hopefully she will do something about it instead of just speaking about it.
After all, what is the point of calling it a life sentence when they have no intention of keeping them in jail until they are dead?
The judges who pass out these lenient sentences would be shocked if they realized how many people have died because they were stupid enough to pass out these lenient sentences to brutal killers who are just biding their time to get out to kill again. I have said it before and I will say it again these judges are aiding and abetting these callous killers and should be brought to book when these people kill again, as they are no different to any other worker that makes a hash of their work, and gets sacked.
For the benefit of the do-good brigade, proper life sentences have proved to deter crime in other civilized countries where more sensible decisions are made, so its time the Scottish judicial system took a tumble to itself.
Kenny McCaskill our excuse for a Justice Minister has already made an international fool of our justice system, so its about time we regained our pride, and started doing the proper thing towards the victims of this country that is SCOTLAND, and let the thistle, and the Scottish nation have reason to stand proud again!
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Monday, 7 September 2009

Dennis the menace

GnasherImage via Wikipedia

Political correctness has reached an all time low, now it is interfering with established characters in children's comics.
What are these idiots going to think up next, and just when is all this nonsense going to end?
Poor Dennis has had his peashooter, and catapult confiscated for good, plus his dog Gnasher has now to act as if he has been trained by Barbara Woodhouse. (A famous TV dog trainer from the past for those who have never heard of her.) Dennis has to be so good there will be no need for P.C Murdoch to chase him, not even tell him off for playing football in the street.
It is OK making the excuse that Dennis has changed over the years,because change or no change he has always been a menace, so this new toffee nosed kid will not wash with the readers. Who wants to read about a poncy little boy with a timid dog afraid to say boo to a ghost?
If he is not allowed to BE the same mischievous menace he has been down through the years, then the MENACE part should be withdrawn from his name, and without the menace after Dennis, it just ain't the same boy.
This new character will certainly get laughs, but not in the way they are expecting,
it will be more like ridicule, tee hee rather than belly laugh Ho Ho.
Has Scotland not suffered enough with the Megrahi affair without taking away our typical mischievous little boy from us.
He is after all only an innocent CARTOON character not a computer animation who goes around slaughtering everyone, and everything in sight.
Its time to bring some reality into our children's lives again instead of taking away an enjoyable character, generations have grown up with, without any related mishaps.
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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Alex Salmond should be showing some humility.

How to win votes and influence peopleImage by Matito via Flickr

So Alex Salmond is still desperate to have a referendum on Scotland going it alone, with his party, the Scottish National Party, set to continue governing Scotland.

Some people are so thick that they just never get the message, so let him have his referendum if he wishes, to drill it into his thick arrogant skull that his party have blown it by releasing the Lockerbie bomber against the wishes of the majority of the Scottish public.

This one deed has scuppered all the good work his party have achieved, and it has done enough to prove to the nation that they cannot be trusted to be put in a position of resposibility, so instead of being so arrogant in the Scottish parliament, he should be showing some humility, now he knows the Scottish people did not want Megrahi's release.

It would be better though if we just ignored his wishes, after all the election is creeping ever closer, and it would save money if we waited and voted him out then, which is going to happen whether he believes it or not.

Anyway why should we grant his wishes when he never granted the scottish nation theirs, by keeping Megrahi in prison until he was dead?

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Gaddafi's evil regime had to be subdued.

Fletcher MemorialImage by Paul Robertson via Flickr

As the Megrahi saga rumbles on in the political world, so it will rumble on in my blog!

It seems to be forgotten in the mayhem of this debate just how evil the Gaddafi regime was before America went after him, narrowly missing the chance to eliminate him by bombing a residence of his where he was thought to be staying at the time.
Unfortunately he survived,and his stepdaughter Hannah was killed, but I have always thought they must have been very close to accomplishing their task, as since then he has changed his tune by trying to appease the western world, instead of trying to raise other African, and middle eastern countries against us.

It was only four years before the Lockerbie bombing in 1984 that police constable Yvonne Fletcher was shot and killed outside the Libyan Embassy by a shot from within, while a protest against the Libyan, Gaddafi regime took place outside.
The murderer got away scot free by claiming diplomatic immunity and all diplomats involved were repatriated, with the parents of Yvonne Fletcher never knowing who killed their daughter, never mind seeing them brought to justice.

Two years later in 1986 America and Libya clashed with several bombing attacks from both sides, mainly because Gaddafi, or "MAD DOG" as he was known then tried to expand his regime beyone the boundaries of Libya by trying to cause more unrest in the middle east, or in other words he was getting too big for his boots.
This failed thanks to America's near miss on this evil mans life.

It took that near miss to prevent this mad dog from starting a war that could have escalated world wide, although the terrorism he was involved with still exsist today in the form of several Muslim movements, that are still a threat to world peace.

All these facts have to be considered when speaking of the Lockerbie bombing, and taking them into consideration it becomes clearer of the involvement this terrorist state had in this mass murder.

By the time it became clear that Libyans were involved, Gaddafi had changed his ways,so now you have to realize, that to suit both the British government, who wanted an oil deal (BP being the company involved with that) AND to suit the by now subdued Libyan regime who wanted trade sanctions lifted, which would suit both governments, "Megrahi the pawn" came into play.

I am only surmising, but a very logical supposition when all the facts that are now unravelling are brought to bare.
Tony Blair was the Prime Minister of Britain when it was agreed that Gaddafi would hand over just one man "Megrahi" who was involved in the slaughter, and would take the rap, so to speak, for all of the members of the regime that was involved in this mass murder, on the condition that he would be released as soon as was thought to be a time when things had quietened down enough to get him home without too much commotion or unrest among the victims of the said slaughter.

An illness feigned or otherwise, came to the rescue of the predicament the government found theirselves in, and low and behold Megrahi was released and sent home......... to a heros welcome.

Not realizing the uproar this was going to cause McCaskill took the rap for this decision, a decision that I think was made from the very beginning of this farce, by Blair.
It was never intended that the pawn Megrahi would spend much time in a British jail, hence the reason he was handed over so readily.

Now because of public outrage the politicians are jumping on the bandwagon, trying to blame the SNP only, but might be unaware that their own party might have had more to do with this outrage than they realized.

The vote in the Scottish parliament went as we expected with all parties voting against the decision of the SNP government, echoing the majority of the Scottish nation, but where the Scottish nation are concerned, they knew it was an injustice, whereas the MPs and MSPs are only out for political recognition.
All of whom would have shoved it all under the table if it had not been for the public outcry of such a despicable decision.
McCaskill had no right to say he was speaking on behalf of the Scottish nation, nor has Alex Salmond any right to say THEY are the government and they will have many a difficult decision to make, because after this nonsense the only decision he will have to make is where would be the best place to hide his face.

Although Blair may have done a deal at the time, a deal Gordon Brown would have known about, the final decision WAS made by an SNP government, and a government who's reign is going to be short lived thanks to this decision.
Of course Brown and McCaskill deny all accusations of a deal, but it is a known fact that politicians lie, so much so it comes as second nature to them, and they don't bat an eye as they stand in front of the media protesting their innocence.

All this falls neatly into the hands of the future government of Britain which none of the contenders ever wanted the SNP running Scotland in the first place, as a united Britain is more profitable to them than an independant Scotland.

Sadly the SNP fell into the trap, fell at the first hurdle, and deserve to go back into the shadows for a very long time.

The newspapers might not be allowed to print this, but it is as near to the truth as you are going to get, so lets hope lots of people get the chance to read my version which IS echoed by the majority of Scotland.

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