Friday, 6 February 2009

energy companies rip offs

In the news today we here of another energy company reducing the price of their gas and electricity while trying to kid us on that it is in our interest. The reduction does not take place till the end of March when most of the severe weather has passed leaving us no better of, as their last increase was 29.2% on gas and 19.2% on electricity covering the coldest period of winter and as there meagre reduction is only 6% and 4% covering a time when we do not need it so much they are getting more than their pound of flesh. In my case I was not informed of the increase until three months after the rise giving me no chance to adjust my usage accordingly but when they give us a slight decrease they tell us beforehand and go public to the media looking for praise. It is time the energy watchdogs started doing the job they were hired for and the power companies brought to boot for the way they conduct their services.
When the price goes up they give us the excuse that they bought their supplies at the high price but when the prices drop (rapidly at the moment) they do not drop their prices accordingly even though they tell us they can only buy so much at a time as they can only store so much. The proof of the pudding is when they always come in at the end of the year with disgusting profits by creaming their customers through the winter months with no thought for the pensioners who freeze (some die because of them) and the other poor off who just cannot afford these prices even with the meagre help they receive from government.

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