Monday, 2 February 2009

competition farce, dancing on ice

If the phone votes did account for fifty percent of the competitors scores, there is still no way mathematically the scores would add up to Todd staying in as the judges rightly so give him marks so low that his survival would be impossible.
It is all very well conning a gullible public to get financial gain but it is not fair on the hard working contestants who go all out to improve successfully and have to watch as the controllers put him through for entertainment value.
What would they do if the rest of the competitors decided to stop training and just go out and act the fool on a Sunday night thinking if he gets through that way whats the use of us trying too hard.


Entertainment or not it is time the controllers started being fair to everybody involved as thanks to great skating skills acquired by the promising members of dancing on ice team they, make the show worthwhile watching when we can see them improve each week and marvel at their newly found skills, something that Todd no matter how hard he tries will never have.

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