Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The post office privatisation

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The government has a cheek holding the royal mail pension scheme over the workers to try and get them to accept privatisation as it was Gordon Brown's raids on all pension schemes that put them in the financial mess they are in now and have never recovered from. (My blog 26 January)
The post office could be run as a very efficient business if the government would stop interfering by restricting prices and progressive measures suggested by management to benefit all concerned. It is a public company which should and could stay that way if it was given a freer range by government ministers. This is not the first time that a government has tried to privatise the Royal Mail. The last time it was split into three sections, (Counters, Parcel force And mail.) the idea being to sell it off as three businesses and make more money but that failed because parcel force was loosing a fortune and the mail side of things had to bale it out.
The mail side was contributing one million pounds profit each day to the government then, and although things have progressed in other fields of communication now, it shows the Royal Mail has the potential to be a viable concern if allowed. Lets stop hearing all this nonsense from the government and listen to the workers who are more honest and know more about the running of it. The government has had a lot more out of Royal Mail than the banks it baled out so perhaps they should bear that in mind also.
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