Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gurkhas are brave and accomplished fighters.

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The defeat for Gordon brown on the case of the Gurkhas was long overdue and it was high time that these men were given the recognition they deserve. Considering the fact that they were and still are prepared to give their lives for this country should have been enough to give them entry into this country without the hullabaloo that has gone on for years. I have great admiration for Joanna Lumley who has fought for years to get the recognition for these brave and accomplished fighters who make better friends than ever they would enemies. Gordon Brown and anyone else who thinks otherwise should hang their heads in shame when they have blatently refused these men recognition while granting political asylum to others who bring disgrace and trouble to this country and would rather fight against it than fight for it. It is time to apologize to these men and time to kick people like the hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza and his kind out of this country even though he is in jail pretending to be on hunger strike. If I had my way he would starve and die the death he deserves saving the overburdened taxpayers of this country money that could go to better causes like giving help to the Gurkhas who have done something for this country instead of shouting it down all the time.
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Life for any murder should mean life.

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.Image via Wikipedia

The atrocity of the Lockerbie bombing will never fade from the memories of the families of the victims or anyone involved in the recovery of the debris and the bodies so badly mutilated by this despicable act.
Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi the man convicted of this deed certainly has no intention of ever letting them forget or have any compassion for THEM with his constant battle to gain his release from prison. Ever since his conviction he has constantly been in the news by pleading his innocence or through his health etc. Why is this allowed to continue when at the time, he was handed over by Gaddafi as one of the assassins and enough evidence was produced to find him guilty? Nothing has changed and after two appeals, nothing has come to light to warrant any more time or money being wasted on him. If the victims, who suffered and whose lives were prematurely cut short could speak for themselves I am sure THEY would have no compassion for him and would want him to rot and die in prison. One of the victims mother on being interviewed, said she does not want him to be released under any circumstances and even if she was the only relative to think that way from the 270 victims, her wishes should be granted.
Life for any murder should mean life and the slaughter of so many in this case should have meant locking up this evil killer and shutting him away from the rest of the world with no sympathy or compassion shown, allowing the greaving relitives to feel at least SOME justice had been achieved.
Have they not suffered enough without greedy lawyers renewing their pain each time another appeal is launched? Let Megrahi die in prison and don't even think about another appeal if this one fails, he is getting what he deserves, just ask the general public, and let the relatives relax in the knowledge that he will never be released under any circumstance.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Legal aid awarded to sex beasts.

Poor pay sees lawyers stop legal aid workImage by publik16 via Flickr

The arrogant sex beasts Dean Stewart and Adam Carruthers are conspiring to try and get their police pension rights back and as Carruthers has already managed to spend £100,000 of tax payers money from legal aid on his first appeal which left him with 35 percent of his pension, we have to ask the question; why is he being allowed to appeal again? Both of these men should have had all of their pensions taken away from them with NO appeals considered especially at the cost of the tax payers who fork out the money towards legal aid and despise the fact that their money is being abused in this way. Carruthers has already been awarded more than he is entitled to so any other moves by him should be paid by him and the money he has already conned the tax payer out of should be paid back. As for Dean Stewart, the lesson should have been learned from Carruthers case and the protests by the public taken into consideration to ignore any claims by people like them. The Lockerbie bomber is another example of our system allowing too many appeals and although ill he is the fall guy for the murder of all the victims, life should mean life. What sympathy did all the conspirators in this deed have for their victims, so why should any compassion be shown towards him or them?
I have said this before and owing to the stupidity of our courts I will have to say it again, again, WHY ARE SCUM LIKE THIS TAKEN BY THE HAND IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE VICTIMS PUNISHED?
Stupid needless appeals like these of which there are hundreds clog up our courts and drain the money needed for legitimate cases and the lawyers who entertain these scum should hang their heads in shame.
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Sunday, 19 April 2009

EU rules exploited again.

Once again I have to bring up the subject of criminals gaining from the ridiculous human rights laws.
A headline in The Scottish Daily Record states SCOTLAND FACES HUMAN RIGHTS TIMEBOMB. Thousands of CRIMINALS could fight for their FREEDOM after human rights experts branded confessions extracted by Scottish police ilegal.
Scotland is one of just a few EU countries where suspects cannot demand legal advice when they are being grilled by police. Lawyers are beginning to lodge bids to have evidence from interviews thrown out. This ridiculous move can go back as far as the year 2000, costing the country a fortune on appeals and clogging up the courts not to mention the compensation these rightly convicted criminals could claim for. Worse still, some of these freed could be dangerous criminals and public lives could be at risk but what steps are being taken to stop this? NONE!
Is it not time something was done to plug the gaping loopholes in this very dangerous law that has only created the opposite results it was originally designed for? How many more times will I have to write about this system being abused by criminal lawyers who would be better putting their legal minds to good use by GETTING THIS LAW ALTERED!
The exploitation of these rulings has gone too far and its time the government woke up to this fact and do something about it before they are made bigger fools of than they already are.
The laws were easily made so there is nothing to stop them being revised quickly to prevent this exploitation, before our streets and economy ends up in a more disastrous state than they already are.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Government officials gave in to every whim

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So the French fishermen blockade the ports in protest against the E.U. ruling of their quotas and their government firstly fines them so much for each days protest then decides to pay compensation for the loss of earning caused by some pen pusher in office who has no knowledge whatsoever of the ins and outs of any countries fish stocks or where they fish or don't fish.
These rulings have been hitting the British fishing industry for years now even though we have looked after our stocks better than any other country and stood by and watched as foreign fishing boats were allowed to plundered our fishing grounds thanks to another ignorant pen pusher in an office somewhere who most likely resides in a landlocked country and has no national interest in the job he has been designated to preside over.
The British government however chose to ignore the thousands of workers on land and sea involved in the fishing industry here, and rather than help them survive played a part in it's rapid demise by bribing owners to scrap their boats instead of assisting them.
From a once strong fishing nation our fleet has been cut to the minimum as our government officials gave in to every whim that the E.U. came up with and now with them allowing our fleet to be weakened, the foreign boats (who have cleaned up their own fishing grounds by landing everything they caught regardless of size) will come in and take their place especially when they have their own governments backing them.
The French fishermen have proved once and for all how our government have let us down by being the only country to abide by E.U.rulings as no other country has let one of their biggest industries collapse at the whims of these ignorant pen pushers who have nothing better to do than see what they can destroy next or what stupid law they can bring out.
The other countries in this union look after their selves first regardless, of the agenda ridiculing its very existence while making fools of the British representatives.
It's long past time to get out of this excuse for a union and look after ourselves again of which we are very capable of given the right people in charge!

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

If the judges were to visit the graves.

petal dreamImage by Lori-B. via Flickr

Once again the British justice system has let down the family of a murder victim by giving John Wilson a minimum twelve year jail sentence. In a premeditated, frenzied attack he stabbed his ex-girlfriend Michelle Stewart ten times which according to the law in this country (or this judge) only warrants a minimum jail sentence of twelve years.
Time and time again the families of these victims are left dejected when hearing the farcical sentences given out by judges driven by the human rights brigade and the cost of keeping prisoners in jail. There is no need for these lenient sentences to be handed out as this is one time when the taxpayer would gladly pay to see justice done rather than see their money go to overpaid bankers.
It is time for judges to put the victims first and foremost in their minds when passing sentence rather than the feeble human rights brigade who if they had their way would see all criminals taken by the hand and given counseling thinking that will make these killers better people.
It has been proved that these methods do not work because when most of them are released they soon commit the same crimes they were convicted of before, and this recent scum John Wilson will be released at the age of thirty two young enough to have a life, (something he deprived Michelle of) and young enough to kill again for the same reason.
Perhaps if the judges and the human rights mob were to visit the graves along with the grieving families they would see first hand the true pain left behind by callous killers and justice could once again be served in our courts.

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Monday, 13 April 2009

The place was busy it being Easter.

Map of Ayrshire, ScotlandImage via Wikipedia

It was a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday so we made the most of it and went for a tour down the Ayrshire coast, stopping at Dunure for a while before dropping in for lunch at a place just outside Girvan. The name did not register in my brain but it was something like Dowhill farm, anyway its just as well I forgot the name as this is the subject of my moan today.
The place was busy it being Easter and the weather being so nice as I mentioned but this was no excuse for my partner's lunch coming fifteen minutes later tham mine especially as I had already waited for forty minutes and hers being only a toasted sandwich. I should have known better being an ex-fisherman but I ordered scampi and chips with a side salad as I thought in this day and age that the pre-frozen balls of breadcrumbs with a small piece of fish (not prawn as it should be) inside had been made illegal under the trades description act. Not so in this establishment when my plate finally arrived I thought I was back in the nineteen seventies with these excuses for scampi put before me with a few bits of lettuce and the obligotary piece of lemon to squeeze over my breadcrumbs, possibly to trick my brain into thinking that it was prawns which no matter how much lemon there was would never succeed.
We of course were brought back to the twenty first century when the bill came and with a grin the girl at the checkout asked if everythink was O.K. NO was my obvious reply and as I mentioned that my partners meal came fifteen minutes after mine they decided compensation would be suffice if they knocked of the drinks bill, before I even got to mention the illegal scampi.
As the only drinks we had was a bottle of diet iron brew and a soda water and lime I thought ah, whats the use in complaining any more and paid what remained of the bill.
The wait for the meal although busy was a bit extreme, and although I could have put up with that, the meal and chefs service was appalling (not the waitresses they were fine) so needless to say we will never be back there again but it will mean little to that place as they will continue to get passing trade on the scenic Ayrshire coast. Its just a pity they could not be warned beforehand to carry on to Girvan where they could savour a good fish supper for half the price and twice the fun.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Some people live behind security gates already.

Women's Prison in HeidelbergImage by Rainer Ebert via Flickr

I am going to make this short and sweet. Europe wants to give all prisoners a vote.
Why don't we just let them all out now? Think of the millions that would be saved by not having to feed them, not paying wages to guards and we could use the prison buildings for hotels as that is what they practically are anyway. Or perhaps we could use them TO KEEP US SAFE WHEN THESE NUTTERS ARE LET OUT! Let the minority of the idiots that think these scum should be taken by the hand instead of being punished wander the streets at night when they are allowed to roam free and see how long the world would survive in their disillusioned idea of life.
It is coming to be that these idiots who are always ranting on about human rights for prisoners are going to succeed in creating a situation where the only need for prisons will be for the honest people of the world to seek refuge behind bars and security walls with C.C.T.V. cameras.
Some places in the world already have decent citizens living behind security gates in their normal houses so think on all you do-gooders because that is the future YOU are bound for if you continue on your stupid quest.
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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It all begins at home.

It was mentioned in the news last night that more and more teachers are being punched and bullied every day by pupils so is it any wonder that so many want to leave the once safe occupation.
This is another throwback to the stupid E.U.ruling on human rights that prevented teachers from carrying out any useful punishments at all allowing the pupils to do whatever they please without fear of retribution and taking away any respect the teachers once had.
Not all youngsters are guilty but it only takes a few to encourage others to follow suit causing disruption and mayhem for the ones willing to learn.
It all begins at home where even the parents are afraid to chastise their children for fear of reprisals from a rule that is only going to create more problems in the future unless someone sees sense and alters it in a way that discipline and law and order can once again be restored into our society. As long as this rule is allowed to stand only criminals of today will benefit and it will only create a more volatile society in the future with the lawless taking over given the free hand that has been gifted to them by well meaning but disillusioned bureaucrats.
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Friday, 3 April 2009

My life might depend on their abilities

Cooks at work.Image via Wikipedia

I suppose its a matter of taste but I have no time or desire to watch egotistical people getting paid to indulge in their own importance. Alan Sugar in the apprentice is a millionaire so money does not come into his reasoning to appear in this program, nor does it have any bearing on who he hires as he can hire and fire at will without the T.V. cameras there to record it. The only reasoning behind it is to gain more self importance and to boost his over stretched ego further.
Other programs like hells kitchen or any other cooking program that sets out to demean the trainee chefs or the so called celebrities that appear in them for whatever reason are just as bad as they too are only a means to boost over inflated egos.
To be renown for swearing instead of the job you are supposed to be doing I.E. cooking takes away any respect the viewer or the trainee has for the teacher and anything said in anger be it put on for the cameras or not will never penetrate the brain as all that goes through the head of the recipient is how stupid the big mouth in front of them must appear to the viewer.
Being in a position to train people I found that explaining the reason for doing the task I was asking them to do in a civilized manner while giving some encouragement created better results and gained me the respect from everyone that I passed my capabilities on to.
Lives were at stake had I tried to instill with fear the importance of each task as carrying out the smallest of jobs at the sea could mean a matter of life or death.
O.K. the tasks in a kitchen or in an office may not be life threatening but the general idea of trying to teach a person in the quickest and most efficient way is to gain their respect by teaching them in a way that what you are saying to them sticks in their brain and not the image of some over excited fool shouting and swearing some jumbled up words to boost his ego.
I am proud to say that from deckhand to skipper plenty men and boys were trained by me and everyone of them still respects me simply because they knew they could trust me and rely on me through thick and thin, in all weathers as I could in them. I knew when I was training them that someday MY life might depend on their abilities so therefore the better they became the safer I became.
That sort of camaraderie obviously does not exist in some walks of life as the consequences might not be so serious but a little respect goes a long way and a lot farther than an over inflated ego.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Madonna at the premiere of I Am Because We Are...Image via Wikipedia

Ant and Dec are taking a 20% pay cut but considering they already have a £30 million pound deal their pay cut means nothing. Other actors and presenters have to take cuts too owing to I.T.Vs loss of £2.7 billion last year. These people profess that they get so much fun and pleasure out of entertaining us that the money means nothing so if I.T.V. and the like are so hard up why don't they take a more realistic cut in pay, then we might believe them. The wages I.T.V. and other stations pay their staff has always been ridiculous in comparison to the average working man so we have to ask; why does having your face on T.V. doing a job you love warrant these large sums, when most working men are doing a hard job they rather wouldn't, and jobs that are more important to the survival of the country for wages that are very much less than the near worthless celebrities? If the T. V companies want to prosper then pay sensible wages and if the entertainers are telling the truth they will do their job for the pleasure rather than the money, "Hummmmm" and stay faithful to their particular company. As it is with the commercial stations the adverts take up most of the viewing time now with less and less time given to the actual programs and by the time the ads are over we have forgotten what we were watching in the first place.
It is great to see the G.P. back on the B.B.C. where we can keep the atmosphere going throughout the race without loosing two laps at a time when the ads were on, amounting to about ten laps lost, or a fifth of the race through adverts.
And the reason Madonna is in the picture? Well she certainly entertains me. Ha.Ha.
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