Sunday, 12 May 2013

The government insurance scam.

£17.5m Provided Assistance to Pensioners
£17.5m Provided Assistance to Pensioners (Photo credit: DUP Photos)
Speaking on behalf of, and in defence of the so called "baby boomers,"I would like to now expose the successive governments of Britain who exploited them during their working lives.

The majority of us worked hard all our lives paying taxes which was supposed to go into the government coffers which is the purse on which the country lives by.

We, also along with our employers made contributions in the form of insurance stamps which was supposed to go into a fund and guarantee us payment should we fall ill either temporary or permanently and also provide us with a deserved livable pension at the end of our working lives.
We did not contribute into any of these systems so unscrupulous governments could use our money to squander on bailing out incompetent bankers, gift other prosperous countries such as India with hundreds of million pounds, or throw money hand over fist to terrorist who wish nothing but harm on the very people who they are scrounging off.
The baby boomers contributions far outweighed the money being paid out to the pensioners and people of ill health in our day and the fund we were supposed to be contributing to should have grown.
Instead the surplus was squandered by successive governments on other ventures with no regard to the future when we ourselves would become dependant on the fund we had invested in.
Now the war cry is that the pensioners are a burden to the country and the younger generation who are feeling the pinch thanks to government policies feel we should pay along with the rest of the country.
Well all I can say is, we have paid dearly for the pittance most of the pensioners of today receive, and are now being punished all because governments used our funds for other purposes.
If an insurance company had pulled off a stunt like that it would find itself in the courts facing charges of fraud.
So when you are berating or hear someone berating a pensioner, think again because someday that pensioner will be you.

Also any private pensions or work pensions some of us were lucky enough to contribute to was supposed to be for our benefit not to benefit governments who have plundered these funds too and hold them against us by means testing to save them money.
It is time politicians wages and expenses were means tested too, then we would really be able to stop scroungers exploiting the system.
After all according to them they are only in politics to fight for the rights of the people and to better the country.

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