Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Brussels in Belgium and the European Union
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European Union
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The £250,000 answer to the European crisis.

Hitler started a war in his attempt to have a united Europe that he could dictate to.
Think of the millions of lives that could have been saved if he had come up with the idea of peacefully brainwashing European leaders into forming a European Union instead.
It appears that, although we are being dictated to through Brussels, (the headquarters of the Union,) it is Germany and France who are pulling the strings.
Looking up from his pit in HELL, Hitler must be pleased with Angela Merkel, while kicking himself at the same time.

But alas, world wars or brainwashing to form a European Union, the outcome is the same.
A complete disaster!  
It's a pity our politicians hadn't the brains or fore site to realise that this idea was always doomed to failure as is now proving.
If the British public had been given the chance of a referendum (as was their entitlement) at any of the changes made since  we agreed to the Common Market policy, Europe would not now be going through the problems it now has to contend with.
Proof positive that the public should be listened to by the politicians who were voted in to look after our interests, not to be brainwashed by other European leaders into thinking that such a union would be a success for all concerned.
The foundations have been rocked so much now that recovery is nigh impossible and if not sooner, it will be later when total collapse occurs.
When it does, Europe and the rest of the world will be far better off.
We need to go back to individual countries, each with their own currencies and laws to create the competition for success.
The head man of "WHICH" has offered £250,000 to anyone who can solve the European crisis, so I hope he reads this and he, and the leaders of Europe realizes that even though it may take time it will have a better outcome than anything they have come up with.

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