Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Let formula 1 breathe again.

Ooh, Formula One toys!Image by fling93 via Flickr

Max Mosely is still throwing his toys out the pram because the big boys don't want him to play with them anymore. He just can't accept the fact that he is not wanted because he is undoing all the good work that he did before, and has lost the respect of the main players in formula 1.
Even though he won't admit to himself that the big boys want rid of him, the rest of the world knows, so instead of continuing to be a pain in the butt, just go and let formula one get on with the exciting future it has in store once he is gone.
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Friday, 26 June 2009

Let formula 1 race again.

The Formula One logo.Image via Wikipedia

Well, now we are one step towards formula 1 racing again, by getting rid of Max Mosely, lets hope the future is brighter for the sport with less restrictions, and while not forgetting safety, let the manufacturers use the new improvements they design, that often leads to better safety and conditions on our public roads.
If you allow the manufacturers more scope then we will have the exciting races that the spectators pay good money to see which will bring in more revenue to the sport helping, everything and everyone.

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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Here's hoping for a new regime in formula one.

Formula One 2007 Rd.Image via Wikipedia

Another boring British G.P. thanks to the restricting rules set down by the egotistical Max Mosely. Formula one has taken backward steps with the new money saving rules, and I for one will be glad if the breakaway teams set up their own racing structure for next year, then maybe we will see some "racing" on the track instead of a high speed procession of cars going round and round with the only excitement being the pit stops.
So boring was this last race that the TV cameras were trained on the crowd, mechanics and the pit wall for long periods, because there was nothing much exciting happening on the track, and hard as the commentators tried they still could not bring any excitement to this boring spectacle.
The attempt to change the venue to Donnington is also a farce, because if it is not ready in time for next year, they have had the audacity to say it will be held at Siverstone again.
That to me is proof enough that there was no need to replace Silverstone as a venue, and the only object of the move was to create controversy, and fuel the egos of Max Mosely and Bernie Ecclestone.
Also, if Max Mosely's claim that the breakaway group would not survive without him and Bernie, why is he threatening to take them to court?
If he was so sure they will fail then surely it would be better to let them go ahead, and prove his point, then, that way, there would be no doubt about who was right and who was wrong, eliminating the need for pointless court action .
Another mistake in his ageing judgement is that the breakaway set up would NOT be Formula one, but with the best drivers and the top teams going it alone, with an unrestricted budget and less restrictive rules, that would permit racing and overtaking, which would make a superior and exciting competition for the spectators, it WOULD be "formula one" leaving his set up a very poor second best.
So good luck to the new regime and good riddance to Max Mosely, and even though he did bring good safety measures to the sport, the only thing his rules are doing now is ruining it.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ladies in my view have manners.

Eliza the Cockney flower girl poses as a membe...Image via Wikipedia

I happened to catch the British TV program Ladette to lady, last night and after watching for just a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that these were no ladies who were trying to drum into the ladettes their posh way of life.
What they don't seem to realise is that being rich and posh does not make them ladies, especially the ones who marry into the aristocracy with their sole aim being, to live a life of luxury without doing too much for it.
The so called "ladies" who turned up at the school were anything but my idea of ladies, with one of them, aged about fifty having her skirt up to her hips as she sat down and the others looking down their noses at the poor girls they were supposed to be showing the example to.
None of these actions are lady like, only ignorant gestures by gold-diggers who think that being wealthy makes them better people. They are the gentry who come from a country life that keeps to its own circles, with hunting and other blood sports to keep them amused, which is anything but lady and gentleman like, puting up a front when they are forced to mingle with the ordinary people, to hide the disgusting reality of their lives.
The teachers fall into the same category as they strut about, pompous, head aloof as they try and degrade the pupils at every cut and turn, not allowing them to speak especially, when they have a valid point.
It was the teachers who looked ridiculous as they shouted down the girls for stupid things that have nothing to do with being a lady, or survival in the real world.
They are all sadly disillusioned if they think that behaving like that is the qualities ladies are made of, but on the other hand, in the make-believe world that they live in, and the way they degrade theirselves to land a rich husband, (in most cases) then it is little wonder that they strive to become something they are not, for the rest of their lives, and have to put up with an excuse for a man as a husband,who could not survive in our world if you took away their inherited fortunes.
Ladies, in my view have manners, which that lot did not, including the teachers, nor did they have any of the other qualities that make a proper lady, so any of the ladettes who leave there thinking that they have met, and been trained by ladies have been badly misled.
In my opinion it is the so called ladies that need the lessons on how to live and survive in the real world, then THEY might have some respect for the true ladies and gents in this world, and realise that because they have money and talk in a posh accent doesn't make them any better than the rest of us.
The ladettes were better individual people when they began the posh school, and are very much worse off, if they take any heed of the nonsense that was rammed down their throats in this stupid TV program.
AH well thats the standard of TV programs now, trying to grab our attention by degrading and exposing people, and this is no exception with everyone concerned being degraded and the so called ladies being seen for who they really are. A complete waste of space.
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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Evil dictators do not abide by anyone elses rules.

Black Hawk Helicopters from the 2nd Brigade, 1...Image via Wikipedia

More money to be wasted on yet another enquiry into the Gulf war, held in private, with the results made public over a year after the enquiry begins.
The enquiry is to cover the period between 2001- 2009, an eight year period, at what cost to the taxpayer and to what end?
The second Gulf war could have been avoided if Saddam Hussein had abided by the peace treaty he signed after the first Gulf war instead of breaking them and inviting another war he knew he could not win. He led the rest of the world into believing he HAD weapons of mass destruction, whether it was to frighten the big powers off or in the hope that one day he would have nuclear weapons to add to the chemical weapons he had already used.
He should have been finished off during the first war, and that action would have saved many lives on both sides, but as it was he was given a second chance to retreat to his own country, and lick his wounds, where he was supposed to leave the rest of the world in peace.
Evil dictators are too arrogant to abide by anyone elses rules so it was inevitable when he taunted America and Britain into another war by denying access to search for the weapons he pretended to have, to make the world think he was as powerful as he strived to be.
Permission to invade Iraq did not need to be asked as all the agreements of the treaty were broken, and under the rules of war, Saddam was given plenty warning to co-operate, before the invasion took place. How many chances did the rest of the world want to give him? How long were they going to let him make a mockery of the treaty he signed, and how many more murders were they going to let him commit before they took action?
There are no rights and wrongs when such an evil dictator has to be deposed, so taking these facts into consideration, the war WAS legal and above board.
All the hype of an illegal war was stirred up by the media, who did not approve of George Bush as a President (maybe rightly so) or his relationship with Tony Blair, which turned the people of Britain into believing, what they were printing was the truth, while ignoring the illegal moves by Saddam that they SHOULD have been concentrating on, like the ones mentioned in this post.
I do have sympathy for the families who lost relatives in these wars, but lives are lost in the armed forces during wars and it was the choice of these soldiers to join up and fight for our freedom and for the rights of others in the world so we all have to accept that fact while appreciating what they are achieving for us.
As long as human nature stays as aggressive as it is, not even having respect for our own countrymen, or next-door neighbours for that matter, there will always be wars and unrest in the world, where our fighting forces will be needed, and if you are not prepared to die for these causes, do not join up. Cruel words maybe, but they cannot be denied.
It did not take me over a year to come to these conclusions, nor did it cost the taxpayer millions of pounds, and the conclusions the next inquiry comes up with will be no different from the last, or from mine, only the cost, which increases every time, proving nothing and preventing nothing.
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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The European elections are over.

Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasb...Image via Wikipedia

So the European elections are over and our representatives chosen once again but are they going to be any better than before?
It has come to my notice that they get over two hundred pounds a day just for turning up at the European Parliament with over eighty thousand a year wages plus over two hundred thousand pounds to cover staff wages and office accessories.
Its a pity that all their good intentions go out the window when the money comes in because, as is seen repeatedly, whenever policies concerning British jobs or British rights come up for debate we are always the losers with seemingly no one to stand up and fight for OUR rights.
Where are the elected MEPs when our country's industries are being decimated and our human rights are being demeaned by stupid laws made by this useless union set only on helping themselves rather than put up a united front in all matters.
I wonder what the MEPs spend their wages on when all that money is being handed to them on a platter? OK so they have staff and overheads, but it would be interesting to see just how much of their two hundred thousand pounds plus, actually goes towards financing these matters and how much goes into feathering their own nests, providing them with a secure future that harder working folk do not have the privilage of looking forward to.
After all the scandal concerning our own MPs and their scams, it is time the European members were brought under the same rules that are being promised here, and be seen to be doing their jobs, because as long as we stay in this so called union we should be getting SOME benefit from it instead of being made fools of at every cut and turn.
It is hard to imagine just what our MPs spent their wages on if anything, with houses, furniture, food, repairs, other bills and travel costs covered by the taxpayer. The only thing left is to stash it away and live a life of luxury when it is added to the golden handshake they also recieve.
Never again fall into the trap of thinking that they are in politics to put our interests to the fore, they are in it for what THEY can get out of it and to hell with the mugs that voted for them.
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Friday, 5 June 2009

The justice system fails again.

So once again we have failure throughout the justice system in this country, with Dano Sonnex released, after all the warnings from him personally, and his actions, proving how dangerous he is to society and allowing him to take the lives of two innocent victims. Once again we have the Justice Minister (Jack Straw) apologizing to the families of murdered victims because this country would rather let murderers and criminals free to roam our streets to do as they please.
How many more feeble apologies do we have to listen to before the justice system realises that criminals have to be locked away and punished for their crimes and not allowed to wreak havoc in our so called civilised society.
Have the dogooder brigade learned anything now after this latest disgrace of the murders of Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, or is the release of criminals and lackadaisical way these scum are treated going to continue, and am I going to be decrying this useless system again?
It is not so very long ago when I was writing on the same subject, so am I going to have to write the same again only with new names in the near future?
Is some poor innoncent soul walking the streets NOW going to have his face on the front of the newspapers with a story of how they were murdered by an idiot,that should never have been let out of prison by an even bigger idiot?
Until we get people who care about our saftey into these jobs of justice and protection of the innocent, we will always have murders on the front page, and as long as they who are in them NOW take such a lackadaisical view of their position, none of us can feel safe anywhere.
Apologies are no use to the relatives, as apologies do not mend a broken heart or fill the void left when someone is suddenly taken from them, so all you dogooders think on that, when faced with the decision of whether to release violent criminals back into society or to keep them in jail where they belong.
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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Lisbon Treaty and the EU as a whole is vey dangerous.

Tratado de Lisboa 2007Image via Wikipedia

The EU have no faith in the Lisbon treaty being passed as some countries have been refused the right to vote (Britain being one) therefore not allowing their population the right to express their opinion on what is a very important subject. Another example of politicians arrogantly thinking that they know better than us, rather than listen to to the people that voted them in.
The agreement was that if one country voted against the Lisbon Treaty then that was to be enough to prevent it going through. Ireland voted against it but the arrogant MEPs in their desperation to push this dangerous treaty through have decided that the Irish were not capable of deciding what they wanted at the time so are forcing a rerun on the vote. The situation is now, that the countries that they thought would vote against it are not getting a chance to vote and the one country who voted against it is being forced to have a rerun in the hope the voters change their minds. Are they going to keep having reruns until they get the result they are looking for? Are we now starting a trend to keep the electorate voting until they get the results they think is the right one in every type of election? What is the point of an election if you are not going to accept the result, is this not how a dictatorship is run?
Depriving us of our chance to express our views THIS TIME could seriously affect our destiny on future alterations to the treaty, leaving us wide open to more or all of our decisions being made by anonymous nonentities who no nothing, and care nothing about our laws, culture and most of all what WE know is best for our country.
I do not agree with some of UKIPs policies but at least they have the gumption to see the danger signs coming from this useless union and with the two main parties set on staying in it we have another reason other than the expenses farce, to look elsewhere for a party that is willing to listen and carry out the wishes of the people who put them in power.
I am not sure who to vote for YET in the general election but I am positive it will NOT be either Labour or Tory and according to the surveys neither will the majority, a majority who have no wish to be part of a EU dictatorship.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mistakes, accidents, oversights.

Britain's Secretary of State for Defence Geoff...Image via Wikipedia

The lastest minister exposed of ripping us off is transport secretary Geoff Hoon who like the rest has apologised for his "mistake," his being, claiming for allowances for two homes.
Mistakes, accidents, oversights are all words that have been used by these crooks to describe their cons instead of being couragous enough to stand up and admit they were fleecing the system.
I don't think they would win many votes if, when canvassing they told the public that they could not manage their own affairs but hopefully they will be able to run the country.
WHY should we trust them to run the country now they have been found wanting, whether it be cheating the taxpayer or mismanagement of their own affairs, either way they are not fit to stand for office and the apologies and repayments will never gain the confidence of the electorate, after all they are criminals and although this country's justice system is lenient on criminals the general public are not.
Delaying the general election is not going to prevent the electorate from getting their revenge, the only way they can, and the politicians who were shouting "bring it on" are not so smart now.
Its just a pity that some of them have the brass neck to stay on and recieve the pension they do not deserve, but then again, what else should we expect from a bunch of feckless rogues.
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