Thursday, 12 February 2009

council tax and the S.N.P. and others

Labour and Tory plus the Lib.Dems. have been very quick to heckle Alex Salmond over the failure to come up with the local income tax plan which was one of the main items in their manifesto and a strong reason for them raising so many votes.
Although the have not produced the goods this year, through no fault of their own the other parties, instead of heckling him should respect the good things he has accomplished for the less well off. The fact that the council tax has been frozen has been a great help to me for if the local councils were given a free hand they would have done their usual and raised it as much as they thought they would get away with.
Every year since it began the councils have gone over the score, pleading poverty months before their announcement,preparing us for the large increase that always followed. The prescription charges are another example of how the S.N.P. have helped the poorer people of Scotland and as a person who takes seven tablets a day for a heart condition is another bee in the bonnet for the S.N.P and another slap in the face for the hecklers. These are just some of the examples of what can be done when a new broom is allowed to sweep clean and these deeds among others are why the Tory and Labour parties should be put on the back burner for a while and the other parties like the S.N.P. or Lib Dems be given a chance to prove that they also have the skills to run the government while still caring for the voters who elected them. Labour and Tory take it for granted that either one of them are going to be elected which is true for now as the electorate has been brainwashed into thinking that way but because of this they both have become too lackadaisical and bogged down in their tired old ideas, always bickering between themselves and trying to score points off each other instead of putting their voters needs first. It is time they had a rude awakening and put out to grass giving the other parties a chance to shine and show that Britain does not need to depend on the old school to go forward. If this was allowed to happen I am quite sure the general public would see the benefits as the newly elected party would give their all to prove themselves and the battle weary Labour and Torys could retreat to lick their wounds and maybe come back stronger and more caring than they are now.
I have never been a one party man and always voted for the one most likely to look out for my interests but I must say that I have been very impressed with Alex Salmonds progressive ideas for Scotland, drawing attention to the impact Scotland's oil has on the British economy giving us the recognition for the well deserved royalties which we are due but do not receive enough of.
As for independence which I am still considering, we will be given a referendum, which to me is the fairest way to decide it giving us all the chance to make our opinions count.
Food for thought as the election is drawing near!

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