Monday, 31 August 2009

McCaskill's political lies once again.

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 20: Justice...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

As the farce rumbles on we know the "term" used for Megrahi's release was "compassionate grounds" no one is arguing that point, and no matter how many times he tries to condone his error or how many excuses McCaskill comes up with, he is fooling no one.

The opposition MPs, and MSPs can debate as long and hard as they like, and waste money on a needless enquiry, but they are fooling no one either, because what it all boils down to is the fact that they are all guilty of betraying all the victims, as the deals suited each and every one of them, and the only purpose of an enquiry is for their political gain. Why waste money on trying to degrade a party that is already on the way out? Stop trying to kid us, the British people are no fools, and more so than ever will not be taken in by the lies of politicians.
Megrahi was a pawn used by our government to consolidate deals in oil, and other commercial purposes with the Libyans, and no matter how long the rumblings of this miscarriage of justice continues, the facts are, that this mass murderer should have died in jail.

The S.N.P. disgraced Scotland by this betrayal, and if they can't be trusted to make the correct decision on such an important international matter as this, they cetainly cannot be trusted to run our country, and fully deserve to be banished to the shadows they so nearly emerged from.

The Scottish people have already let their views be known, so no matter how long this rumbles on the Scottish people will not forget when it come to voting in the looming elections.

Another sad outcome of this nonsense is that it is narrowing even more the limited choices we have of who to vote for as none of the main contenders can be trusted to take over from the useless outgoing government, and I am afraid the term "better the devil you know" is most definitely not appropriate in this case.

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Friday, 28 August 2009

Megrahi, the rock the Scottish National Party perished on.

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 20: Justice...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Exactly one week and one day after I conveyed the disgust of the majority of the Scottish nation, a poll has been published comfirming everything I wrote.
The media is almost echoing the contents of my last post, word for word, even using the term of the "Saltire fluttering limply" compared to my words of "the National emblem we are so proud of, wilting." Hummm! Maybe I reach more folk than I first thought, but Alex Salmond is certainly not one of them as his pig headedness is still preventing him to admit, that he and the Scottish National Parties Minister of Justice got it wrong.
After listening to the results of the polls which gave the Scottish nation an overwhelming majority in favour of Megrahi dieing in jail, Alex Salmond, Scotlands first Minister still backed McCaskill's decision to release this mass murderer.
In trying to wheedle his way out of the situation he had the audacity to say that in the same poll the Scottish people said McCaskill should keep his job. Of course they did,why sack him now when they can vote him out soon, showing that way how much we despised his actions.

McCaskill has never been emotionally involved in this situation, and although deals have been denyed, we never expected them to admit to such a thing anyway,and any emotion McCaskill will show is when the praise he will get from the outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as his betrayal of the Scottish nation is heaped upon him for the sake of a few barrels of oil. The words "THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER" spring to mind.

Just as the S.N.P. were emerging from the shadows, with promising policies, they have let slip, in one fell blow, the fingertip grip they had on forming an unopposed government in Scotland.
They are just another party who gave out false hopes, then went against the wishes of the very people who put them there.

After this international affront and betrayal, they are about to slip back into the shadowy seats of politics for a very long time. The Scottish people have been let down badly, and will show this in the ever nearing elections, sending a message to all parties that they HAVE to listen to the majority, and not do as they please, no matter what deal is put before them.
As for the Saltires flying in Libya because the Libyans thought the Scottish people were civilized, well we are and would have kept Megrahi in prison until he died, it was them and McCaskill who were uncivilized betraying two nations, Scotland and America by going against their wishes.

Once again I will say, this time with proof, McCaskill, DID NOT SPEAK FOR THE SCOTTISH NATION!
The Scottish nation will speak for international justice when they vote these embarassments out of office.
Little justice in an unjust world.

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Another award.

This one is from "Lizzie2uk" Who also writes great blogs in-between writing books, so this is also very much an honour.
Thanks Lizzie/Jan.

I will nominate Snapping Panda

Snapping Panda Great friendly blog with something to interest everyone.

Writing and Art

Writing and Art

Poetry, watercolor/acrylic art work site access from Writing and Art

Latest Post: The Faded Rose It speaks for itself when you read it.

Once again Ann Brien



A journal of my life past and present. A few stories from my childhood and some thoughts on current day to day events.

Latest Post: My First Visit To London - August 1973

Thursday, 27 August 2009

My award.

My First Blog Award: It's All About The SWANK!

Read more:

I have to pass on the award. Which of course would be easy cause I know only SWANKy blogs. I stalk only SWANKy blogs. I guess I can pass the award on to as many bloggers I want.

And the awards are going, in alphabetical order, to:

Get if off your chest
Donald Swarbrick
Your blog is SWANK because you are so passionate about getting justice for victims of crime.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kenny McCaskil did not speak for the Scottish people.

Cropped image showing detail of Scotch ThistleImage via Wikipedia

I have just listened to a speech by Kenny McCaskill that will infuriate the decent citizens of Scotland.
In his elongated speech, milking his fifteen minutes of fame he mentioned Megrahi being brought to justice in 2001. He also mentioned the 27 year LIFE sentence Megrahi was supposed to serve, 27 years for 270 lives, 1 year for every 10 lives, reduced to 8 years in total, just over 10 DAYS for each life, because the excuse for justice in this country has decided to release him on compassionate grounds.
And they call that JUSTICE!
Justice for who I must ask? Certainly not the victims or their families.

The reason Megrahi's trial was held in Scotland was to see justice done, Scotland's judicial system trusted to impose a LIFE sentence on Megrahi if found guilty.
Well he was found guilty, but what an embarrassing outcome for the Scottish people.
Kenny McCaskill is a disgrace to Scotland, and the Scottish people, and the office he stands for needs gutting out with responsible people put in charge, as this decision, made on this day is typical of the miscarriages of justice handed out in our courts everyday, this being by far the worst.
Although he considered himself to be speaking on behalf of the Scottish people when he mentioned that "we pride ourselves in our humanity in Scotland" when referring to Megrahi's release, HE WAS NOT! We do pride ourselves in humanity in Scotland, but our humanity lies with the victims, and their families, not with the mass murderer Megrahi.

I hope McCaskill enjoyed his fifteen minutes plus of fame, that his unnecessary speech in trying to justify his ludicrous decision took, because the Scottish people, disgusted at this move will prove that they want nothing to do with him or his sidekicks, by getting rid of them at the first opportunity. For compassionate reasons, you'll understand, COMPASSION FOR THE SCOTTISH NATION!

Megrahi should have died in jail, and been buried in a paupers grave inside the prison grounds, which is still more compassion than he showed his victims.
We have proved by this move that we should never have been put in a position of trust, because our wrongly titled "Minister of Justice" has failed to uphold the trust put on us by releasing this mass murderer into the waiting plane of his accomplice Gaddafi.

McCaskill DID NOT speak for the Scottish people, and should never be allowed to pretend to represent us again.

We expected no less from our shambolic government, but it is no less embarrassing when our worst fears were confirmed, and I personally want to convey my apologies to the American people, and all the victims of this horrific crime, who thought they would find justice in Scotland.

The emblem we are so proud of will be wilting, as we hang our heads in shame.

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Sunday, 16 August 2009

SKY network television is a RIP OFF!

wow! digital television!Image by J. McPherson via Flickr

I live in an area where the only choice I have for digital TV is the rip off merchants SKY TV, and I think that before the change over comes we all should have the same choices, like boxtops sets etc.
I paid £300 for my HD SKY PLUS,box, two and a half years ago, plus a £10 monthly fee for the use of it. I have had trouble from the very start with the signal, the box being changed twice to try and rectify the problem. It has been rebooted from my home, and from SKY their self but still the problem persists. Now they want to charge me a call out fee, plus any repairs it takes as they say my contract expired after a year, and its over a year since the last replacement box. What am I paying the £10 monthly fee for if they cannot supply me with a picture?
I was told that the £10 is for the use of the recording and interactive facilities, but if I cannot get a picture, I cannot use the recorder, and as the digital change over looms, I need a converter of some sort, RIP OFF SKY being my only choice at the moment.
If my area had the facilities to accommodate a boxtop set I would have no hesitation in purchasing one, as it is a one off payment for the box, with the same recording, and other interactive features the SKY box has, with NO monthly fee. (varying prices but none dearer than SKY)
It will be interesting to see if the RIP OFF MERCHANTS SKY TV change their attitude when the whole country has the same choices.
In the meantime I have to settle for being ripped off, so its time the public, AND the government were made more aware of this, and something done about the monopoly this company has over digital TV. Other utilities like gas, electricity and phone companies have to accept competition to keep prices at a reasonable level, so why is this rip off being allowed to happen?
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Friday, 14 August 2009

Why was the Gaddafi regime not brought to justice?

Pan Am Flight 103Image via Wikipedia

Staying on the subject of my last post, I have to wonder what kind of deal was made with Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, when we only accepted one person in the shady deal that was made, as it was obvious to the rest of the world, THEN and NOW that more than one person was involved.
More should have been done at the time to root out the perpetrators who carried out this vile attack on innocent people, and by handing over one person Gaddafi was admitting his part in the bombing, therefore more action should have been taken against HIM and his regime, instead of settling for this one feeble gesture.

It is like everything else in this world nowadays, be seen to be doing something to appease the victim's nearest and dearest, while all the time thinking of the easiest solution to the problem.
Lets not fill our jails to over capacity, lets not pursue the matter any further, lets go easy on the criminals, they will learn from their mistakes.

A laugh for the criminals, as all these solutions cause is mayhem, when time, and taxpayers money are used to listen to their appeals and gripes, as they take us to the cleaners, backed up by a stupid "law of human rights" thought up by some bunch of fools who never went far enough into the pitfalls this law would create.

The law is so much on the side of the criminals now, that all the authorities can do is, pretend to be seen carrying out justice, when all the time its just a stab at appeasing the public.

The public are no fools, and people power is coming more to the fore every day, so the idiots whose voices are being heard now will soon be shot down in flames as sanity will be restored before this sad world becomes any worse.

The world knows the Libyan regime was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing, not just one man, but as that one man was sacrificed as a feeble appeasement, the politicians who agreed to the shady deal, and the politicians of the future, should learn from these mistakes, and realise the easy way out they think they are taking only leads to bigger problems in the future.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Kenny McCaskill, Injustice Minister.

Lockerbie war memorial, "Tower" chip...Image via Wikipedia

It is time the courts stopped using the term "life sentence" as it no longer has any meaning in this country, because no one serves a life sentence nowadays no matter how many murders they commit, or how horrific they are.

Take the Lockerbie bomber for instance......270 lives.......A 27 YEAR LIFE SENTENCE he was handed out, that works out at 1 year for every ten victims.
Now they expect us to have some compassion because he is supposed to be dieing of cancer. SO WHAT! A life sentence WAS supposed to mean the convict died in jail, not serve so many years, then get released with the chance to commit more murders, and even if they are dieing, what gives them the right to go home to die.


If ever a job had the wrong title it is Kenny McCaskill's. JUSTICE MINISTER? WHAT JUSTICE?

Where is the justice in British courts nowadays?
Even if AL-Megrehi is only a fall guy to cover for the other people involved, he still played his part in the bombing, he knew he was to be tried for the murders, and allowed himself to become the fall guy, so he deserves to die in jail.

What it all boils down to is, that they want us to feel sorry for a mass murderer, and let the poor wee soul home to die.

Why don't we just release all the prisoners from jail and send them home. THEIR families will be missing them too, and after all its only costing the taxpayer money keeping them locked up for the little time they will be serving anyway.

The justice minister, and the European law on human rights was originally set up to help the victims, now they actually fight for the criminals rights, so I think its time for a change of title for them both.


Think on that, Kenny McCaskill, and all the other idiots that feel sorry for criminals.

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ann Ogg, the sex offenders friend.

Poor pay sees lawyers stop legal aid workImage by publik16 via Flickr

Once again we have the shameless lawyer Ann Ogg aiding and abetting the pervert John Bermingham, gaining legal aid to fight an interim sexual offences prevention order, banning him from buses during school travel times. He has already broken this order which should have put him right back in jail where he belongs, but no, at the taxpayers expense he has two police officers guarding him because he cannot travel alone for his own safety, while his lawyer shows no remorse when plundering funds designated for the needy and the worthy both of which Bermingham is not.

The two officers must have great restraint, having to guard this scum, (who committed two vile attacks on young girls in the same day,) without wanting to take some kind of revenge their selves.

He has been freed three years earlier than he was supposed to be, AGAINST CROWN OPPOSITION, and now he, and his accomplice Ann Ogg are using the "European law of human rights" claiming the order is against HIS human rights.

He has been dished out money to fight an order rightly placed on him to protect the innocent humans of this world, using a law earmarked to protect the innocent humans of this world, and if he is successful and strikes again (which he will, if the public don't get to him first) every one who aided him should spend time in jail.
Perhaps if this was the case Ann Ogg and her like would not be so keen to fight for scum like this, with the fear of a prison sentence hanging over them should he commit these revolting offences again. Also his abettors should be made to meet the poor victims he violated to see the ruination it has brought to their lives, maybe then we would get lawyers fighting for justice in this world, and not go chasing vermin, and live off the blood money stolen from the innocent.

If the scum that Ann Ogg is aiding and abetting attacks any member of my family, not only will Bermingham need police protection, she will too, and I am sure there are plenty more like minded people out there who feel the same way.
The general public are sick to the teeth with the lack of justice in this country, and will only take so much before there is an uprising against it, which could take many forms.
The same unrest is happening in other countries to, so beware!

Friday, 7 August 2009

The law is an ass.

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.Image via Wikipedia

Was the European law on human rights brought out for criminals only, because all we hear about is criminals, and perverts abusing a law that was made to protect the innocent, not allow vermin to exploit it.I never hear of victims benefiting from it, but then again that would not sell newspapers, and the very fact that the media publicise when criminals benefit is because they know it will outrage the public, BECAUSE ITS WRONG! That sells newspapers!
I do not understand why criminals who have sentences passed on them can be allowed to take up busy courtrooms and use, never mind abuse this law.
Sentences have been overturned with no thought to the victims, while the lawbreakers walk away having made fools out of a so called justice system. This has cost the taxpayers a substantial amount of money so far, not to mention the stress it causes the victims and their families, and it will only escalate if this law is not changed. How long is it going to take, how much more humiliation has the justice system got to go through, and how much pain has the innocent got to suffer before this law is changed.
I have said it before, and I will keep on saying it until the idiots who made this stupid law alter it in a way that criminals cannot benefit from it.
The law is truly an ass in this country.
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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Things that make me happy.

Map of Ayrshire, ScotlandImage via Wikipedia

Sashindoubutsu has asked me to name six things that make me happy and tag six others to carry it on, so here goes.

1) receiving the great reviews from the people who take time to read and comment on my blogs.

2) Walking along any Ayrshire beach on a nice clear sunny day, admiring the views across to Arran.

3) Watching the flora bloom from buds to flower between spring and summer.

4) Driving my SAAB.

5) Waking up each morning to the changing views out of my window of the hills and forest beyond through the four seasons.

6) The most important one of all. Being reunited with my first and only love after a period of 38 years apart, where life put 6,500 miles between us but could not quell the burning love we had for each other.

I am going to tag the few people who I think will not mind joining in.

1) Ann Brien. (2) The fortunes (3) AJJohnson (4) ghunibee (5) papercages (6) HeatherD.
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Monday, 3 August 2009

Over paid bankers rear their ugly heads again.

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 03:  HSBC and Barclay...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

It had been announced today that the banks HSBC, and Barclays have made profits of around three billion each, and already there is talk of outrageous bonus payouts.
These banks were bailed out by the taxpayer, putting the economy in the disastrous state it is now in, leading to years of recession before it recovers, leaving each and every one of us much poorer, thanks to the bankers irresponsibility.
The billions borrowed is "DEBT" owed to the taxpayer, and until it is paid, the banks HAVE no profit, as debts should be paid off before their bankruptcy is lifted,and they become a solvent business in their own right again.
Bankruptcy being the correct word, the word, the same banks use against members of the public who go out of business by loosing their assets.
Before any bonuses should be considered, the bankers should have to prove that there is a steady enough growth to warrant them, but most importantly pay off all debts first.
Why should the very people who put us into this mess in the first place, reap any benefits before we do?
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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sir Bobby Robson.

Wise Counsel. A Man of real Talent, Class and ...Image via Wikipedia

I don't normally do obituaries but I am going to make an exception today.
I never met Sir Bobby Robson, and can only go by the way he came across on TV, but even so the personality of the man shone through.
You could feel the passion he had for the game of football, and was always humble, both in victory and defeat, taking nothing for granted,learning to accept whatever life threw at him without complaint. Even when cancer struck, he battled that also with the same courage and humility that he lived his life by.
Fitting words like, true gentleman, and legend have been mentioned in most of the obituaries written about him,and if they had never got round to knighting him, he would have commanded enough respect to be addressed as Sir by those who were lucky enough to come in contact with him.
"SIR BOBBY ROBSON" one of the few men in this modern era who REALLY deserved his knighthood.

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