Tuesday, 30 July 2013


ATOS PROTEST BY ECAP (Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty)

All to often we are reading or hearing of  cases  where seriously ill people are being told that they are fit to work when it is obvious to even common laymen like us, that these people have chronic illnesses with no hope of being capable of coping with any workplace, or working conditions.
Another thing that is not being taken into consideration is the fact that no employer would want to hire someone who would not be able to guarantee job satisfaction, nor, in most cases would the person who is too ill to work, want to burden an employer.
Most of these people would only be too glad to be able to work and, if healthy, would need no enforcement from despicable government hatchet men who have nothing else on their mind but to accuse them of being skivers in an attempt to gain the support of taxpayers, while trying, in the process to do away with the benefit system altogether.
A system we all paid or pay into with the promise of financial help should our health fail us and prevent our ability to work.
The contemptable Ian Duncan Smith would rather throw millions more pounds to a large company like ATOS than give money to the genuinely ill who contributed to a national insurance system that HE has destroyed.
Even the taxpayers do not want genuine people to be punished through these appalling methods, and have the sense to know when rotten government ministers like him are trying to con them.
ATOS is a big company hired by the hatchet men, but it is individuals at ATOS who have the gall to ignore the advice of these genuinely ill people's general practitioners and overrule that professional judgement, all for the sake of thirty pieces of silver.
If these deplorable so called doctors, and nurses in some cases, at ATOS, were to be publicly named and shamed, then perhaps they would not be so keen to put genuinely ill people through even more agony than they are already suffering.
The doctors concerned have taken a Hippocratic oath (swearing to practise medicine honestly) and in partaking of these despicable actions, there are breaking the very oath they swore they would keep.
It is time to bring them out in the open and have them face the consequences of their actions, after all it is THEY who are coming up with the disgraceful decisions for ATOS even though they are being instructed and bribed to do so.
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