Thursday, 10 June 2010

The absense of justice in Scotland.

I have written many times about my disapproval of so called Scottish Justice, and if anyone had any doubt whether my disgust was justified or not here is a prime example of how ridiculous it is.

My local paper, "The Ayrshire Post" brought this story to my notice of an incident such as I have spoken about where scum has been released by do-gooders only to commit a worse crime than the ones he had been caged up for, but released long before his time was served.

A cross dressing serial pervert murdered a young woman after being released from prison THIRTEEN YEARS early.

Gavin Boyd was let out of prison just seven years into a twenty years sentence- to kill 20 year old Vikki McGrand, and to make matters worse minimum supervision was given to the highly dangerous sex offender in the weeks leading up to the murder.
He had been in Peterhead Prison (a high security prison for the most dangerous criminals) from 1999 after a terrifying sex attack on a teenager which left her scarred for life.
He had TWICE been released from a state mental hospital before he committed THAT assault, but despite his shocking record he was set FREE in 2006.
His crimes consisted from first convicted in 1977 aged 18 of theft and willful fire raising (admitted to Carstairs Mental Hospital) released nine years later and quickly committed crimes he was convicted of, for indecent assault, theft, housebreaking, breach of the peace, and breach of bail.
He was recalled to the mental hospital but the authorities released him AGAIN in 1992.
THEN in 1999 while on licence he tried to rape a 19 year old girl in her home, repeatedly hitting her with a knife.
The young woman was left disfigured as a result of the attack.

All these sick crimes committed, but he was STILL released to KILL Vikki McGrand!

When are the idiots who release these scum back into society going to learn that their way only leads to more crime with needless loss of innocent lives, and that these people need to be locked up away from decent human beings.

I have said it before, that if it were some of their family who were murdered by scum,THEY had released then they would see the error of their ways, and keep evil behind bars.
Personally if one of mine came to harm from scum that had been in prison and had been released by some idiot in power, I would want the person responsible for the scum walking the streets to serve a prison sentence too as THEY are as much to blame as the criminal.

As I say, this is a prime example of the lack of justice in Scotland, and until it is rectified we will never be safe walking our streets, or in this case even our homes.
What a sad picture of Scotland the rest of the world gets from these cases, and if the Scottish National Party had the nations interests at heart the way it professes to have then THEY should be prioritizing it as one of their main concerns instead of contributing to it by releasing convicted murderers like Megrahi when they have never proved their innocence.

It is little wonder the public have no faith in our courts when we constantly read of cases like this.

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Israel, an aggressive state.

Israel Defense Forces armored Caterpillar D9R ...Image via Wikipedia

The latest aggression by Israel against the people of Gaza and the aid helpers on the ships that were trying to help them has no justification, not only because the act of piracy happened in international waters but also because Israel has no right to occupy land that was designated to the people of Palestine or blockade the waters around Gaza.

The people aboard the vessels, attacked by Israeli troops had every right to used weapons to defend themselves, as the Israeli army had no right to be aboard the ships, let alone carry firearms, so they have absolutely no cause for complaint, unlike the poor victims of this horrific unnecessary aggressive act by Israel, with it's excuse of protecting a blockade that should never have been enforced in the first place.

For too long now, Israel's aggression has been ignored by the countries who made up the "league of nations" and agreed the mandate of 1922 based on a draft by the Allied and associated powers after the first world war.

The move by Israel to declare itself an independent state on the 14Th of May 1948, the day before this mandate expired was the beginning of more unrest in the middle east, manly due to Israel crossing designated borders to gain land they were never entitled to.

Since then they have gradually encroached on land that does not belong to them, so it was little wonder that the Palestine Liberation army arose against them to fight for what was rightfully theirs.

There would be no need for Hamass or any other organization, to rise up against Israel, if Israel withdrew from the land they have infiltrated since their declaration of Independence.
They are the aggressors, and it is they who are causing the unrest in the middle east, not the people who only want what is rightfully theirs.

Countries like America and Britain who stand by and allow Israel to intimidate its surrounding countries and occupy land that does not belong to them are being hypocritical, as it was under the same conditions that they intervened when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

After chasing Saddam out of Kuwait they stopped at the border and made a pact with him, and it was his disobeying the rules of that pact that was the main reason for the invasion of Iraq, plus the threat of weapons of mass destruction.

There is little difference between Israel and Iraq in the sense that both countries took over land that they have no right to, the only difference is that it suits America and Britain to allow this, stay friends with Israel and let them get away with ignoring the agreement laid out to them, but in doing this they are assisting in the unrest caused by Israel, and by supporting Israel they are giving opportunities to countries like Iran to intervene and take sides with Hamass which could lead to another world war with more catastrophic results than any war before.

I name America and Britain, as they are the two main players who should be stepping in, with backing from the other United Nation countries, but most of the other countries would rather stand back and ignore what is going on, not wanting to get involved, BUT NOW THEY ARE, whether they like it or not so it's time to stand up and be counted, or they are as guilty as the Israelis.

This latest act by Israel that has enraged the world, should be their last, it's time America and Britain, along with the countries who formed the "United Nations" from the ashes of the "League of Nations" stood up for the justice they were formed for, and put an end to the aggression coming from Israel, force them to retreat to the land allotted to them and allow the Palestinians and the people of Gaza to retain the land, rights and peace they have deservedly been striving for all these years.

If Israel is not subdued, the world could witness the holocaust that has been feared by all, since the invention of nuclear weapons.

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