Tuesday, 3 February 2009

religion and world unrest

Religion over the years has caused plenty of wars and unrest in the world with the different translations being at the root of it all. Catholic against protestant was and still is the root of troubles in some countries but if the people in the front line who are battling and using violence, AND committing murder would only stop to think that, these deeds are totally against the teachings of their said religion.
The cause Osama Bin Laden and his terrorists are fighting for in the name of Islam is a total farce and only an excuse to brainwash young and gullible up and coming Muslims to fight for HIS cause against the west who HE hates. Nowhere in the religion of Islam does it say they have to wage war against the western world, but as, in all other religions they preach that killing is evil and in doing so they are BREAKING the wishes of their religious leaders and will not enter into the kingdom of heaven or whatever equivalent resting place their religion dictates. Hiding behind genuine faiths of true believers is a cowards way of acting as is the terrorists called Hamas who hide behind innocent children and the civilians in Gaza. If these cowards think that the evil deeds they have committed in the guise of religion will give them a peaceful life in the hereafter with rewards thrown in they are sadly mistaken because if they read the book that their faith is dictated by they will discover that the opposite is the case and they will rot in hell or once again suffer in the equivalent place their religion dictates. Whether they believe it or not they will be punished one day, be it on this earth or in the hereafter.

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