Tuesday, 29 November 2011

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The country strikes.
Democracy or dictatorship.

We have an unelected government trying to run the country with an iron rod by threatening to alter the laws to make it harder for unions to strike, a feat already carried out by a Tory government under Thatcher. They have punished genuine disabled people by depriving them of mobility money that they desperately need and have come to depend on, and in the process it has cost the taxpayers more than it will save.
All they have done since they took over office is come up with various methods of fleecing every last penny out of the general public and attempting to trample the most needy under foot to keep them at rock bottom where our non-elected government appear to think they should stay.
Always in time of recession its the poorer who have to work and make sacrifices while the rich just keep on getting richer.
The strike, and the fact that other strikes are planned is one way that the underdogs can show unity in a peaceful way against the dictatorship that is now running the country.
The way things have been going recently, Britain can no longer call herself a democracy as the unelected government takes no heed of the people they are supposed to represent.
They should think themselves lucky that its only strikes they have to contend with for now.
We have seen what has happened to dictatorships recently, and if they continue on the course of action they are on, they might well see uprisings here, as the general public are not willing to be taken for fools any longer.
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