Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Scotlands shame

It makes me cringe every time I see the the caption "Justice Minister for Scotland" under the name of Kenny MacAskill when he appears on our TV screens, with a smug look on his face to blatantly defend his decision to free al-Megrahi.
His sense of justice, along with Alex Salmond's is sadly lacking when they decided to release the murderer of 270 people on the grounds of compassion, claiming this was their only reason for the release, giving all sorts of excuses and quoting Scottish law in their defence, also trying to make out it was the wishes of the majority of the Scottish people.
They never once thought to explain why they have compassion for a mass murderer, a man who slaughtered 270 people over the skies of Lockerbie, and was the cause of so much trauma for the hundreds of people, made up of police, army and other rescue services involved in the recovery of limbs, and other body parts that were strewn around the hillsides.
They stand there, no shame, no remorse, and no thought for the victims or their families, almost proud that they were part of this despicable deed, despised by the Americans, and also despised by the majority of the Scottish people who they foolishly believe agreed with their outrageous decision.
The revulsion of the Scottish people will be shown in the coming election, when the Scottish National Party will be relegated to the shadows of the political back benches, their rise halted by one decision that shamed a nation.
Megrahi might have gotten away with his crime but the S.N.P. will not.
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Monday, 19 July 2010

The British justice system needs a boot up the backside.

So the High Court in London has ruled at the cost of £200,000 of taxpayers money that the Yorkshire Ripper must spend a "whole life tariff" for the murders of thirteen women and the attempted murders of seven more, which was music to the ears of the people closely involved with his horrific crimes, and to anyone else who wants to see justice being done.

The stupid thing is, that even after all that expense to reach a sensible, and positive judgement, thanks to the idiotic legal system we have here, this vile man will be allowed to appeal again.

The first appeal should never have been allowed, never mind anymore.
This waste of space should have died the way his victims died, or at the very least, been locked away and forgotten about until he died, with no mention of his name ever coming to light again to rekindle the life long trauma his survivors, and victim's relatives go through every day.

As for the weak justice system in Scotland that I am always bring to the attention of my readers, another case of murder has appeared in our courts by a convicted murderer, given the joke, "life sentence" and released out into our streets to kill again, only two years after his release.

The term, "life sentence" was really made a mockery of by a TV reporter who stated when commenting on Scotland's latest disgrace, "this man had already served a life sentence."

Now what happened here I ask?

How could he possibly have served a "LIFE SENTENCE?"

Did this man die in jail and come back to life to kill again?

NO! This man was released by our justice system after serving just over ten years.

Why call it a LIFE SENTENCE?

Is ten years the expected life span of a man who is only forty?

That is the age "Philip Fraser" was when convicted of his first vicious murder, released to kill another victim in the same fashion as his first, two years later.

Another innocent life taken through the stupidity of idiots who think violent murderers should be given another chance to prove their worth to society, when at one time they would have been rightly executed, giving some satisfaction to the relatives of the victims and some sense of justice and relief to terrorized members of the public who are afraid to walk our streets.

This case brought the newspaper I read "The Scottish Daily Record" to mention four other such cases of "life sentenced" murderers who went on to kill again soon after they were released, a subject I am forever mentioning in this blog, plus the other violent criminals who rape or violently assault soon after being released from the ridiculously short sentences they have been given.

Have the people who reach these ludicrous decisions no sense of shame or guilt when they find out that their compassion for a killer or rapist has led to the death or brutal rape of another innocent?

I have said it before, and I will say it again.
These people are as guilty and should serve a prison sentence to.

It also brought the reporter on TV to say that the recent events might kick start the shakeup, our justice system needs.


Then of course we have the Megrahi scandal, the most prominent released murderer, with the politicians involved in his release still denying anything but compassion, was the reason for it, and quite proud of the fact that they set another convicted murderer free.

He might not kill again, but think what it is doing to the people who suffered through his crime, when they see him survive another day to relish the luxuries plied on him by his hero worshipers.

The politicians will never admit to any shady deals, but the majority of American and British people will never be happy with the disgraceful decision they took, for whatever reason, and always look on them with contempt.

They have no shame, but they have landed a nation with shame, through a deed that will not go away no matter how much they would like it to

Lets hope the American government's enquiry, brings out the truth, and the politicians get their comeuppance they so richly deserve.

Let justice reign in this country again, where it has almost all but disappeared.

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Megrahi for oil drilling rights. The Yorkshire ripper.

Peter SutcliffeImage via Wikipedia

In the long discussion I had with the Megrahi sympathizers in a recent post, they were denying without any doubt that oil had nothing to do with the disgusting decision to release Megrahi, also that the American people and some families of the relatives killed in the atrocity, doubted Megrahi's guilt.

It seems I was nearer to the the truth than the sympathizers who were fool enough to be conned by the unscrupulous, excuses for politicians who make the decisions in this country.

If the American people had any compassion for Megrahi, the four U.S. Senators who are calling for an investigation into B.P. and who used the term "MASS MURDERER" when referring to Megrahi (as I did in my post and was cautioned for it by the sympathizers) would not be going to the lengths they are, or have the backing of their government, to prove their case.

Kenny MacAskill had the brass neck to stand in front of a camera and state that he did no wrong and feels justified in his part in the release of Megrahi, referring to the Scottish people and their approval of this disgusting deed.

It is quite obvious that he has buried his head in the sand if he thinks he has the support of the Scottish people, as the majority of us would rather Megrahi had been imprisoned until dead, the sentence pronounced on him at his trial.

We want no association with the decision of MacAskill and would rather he stepped out of politics altogether before he embarrasses us any more.

As to the Scottish government denying excavating for oil off shore in Lybian waters had anything to do with their decision on Megrahi's release, then what else did we expect from them?
None of us thought for one instant that they would be honest enough to admit it, after all the farce that has gone before.

It has yet to be proved, but if the U.S. Senators think they will get any help or truth from our lot, they are sadly mistaken.
I among many, hope that if there is any truth in the matter, that it all finally comes out in the wash, whether his release be for oil rights or otherwise.
Its high time the truth came out about the Lockerbie bombing, and the abhorrent release of Megrahi, who WAS convicted of "MASS MURDER" and never proved to be anything but GUILTY.

On the same subject of justice, or lack of it, that sadly crops up all to often in this country, I have to portray my disgust at the investigation into whether the Yorkshire ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, should be released from prison after being given thirteen life sentences.

Are his crimes any less horrific than at the time of his conviction?

Do the living victims of his crimes feel that he has suffered enough and its time he was walking our streets again?

Does thirteen life sentences mean you can get parole whenever the do-gooders in this country see fit to release you?

It certainly seems that way to the general public who think it is an outrage that he is even being considered for such a thing.

Once again, no thought given to the surviving victims, the relatives of the murdered, or the people in Yorkshire who were terrorized so much at the time that their whole way of living had to change.

To sum up the lack of justice in this country, I will draw your attention to a remark made by a woman politician on BBC's "Question Time" last night, in reference to our overcrowded prisons.

We don't want to treat our prisoners the way the readers of "The Daily Mail" would, by putting them in jail and throwing away the key.

This ignorant woman does not realise that the readers of the Daily Mail make up the majority of the British public, and it is these readers who want justice seen to be done, not readers of "The Financial Times like her, who are hidden away from the everyday crimes that goes on in the world, and only read about them in some small corner of their chosen newspaper, unlike the readers of the Mail who witness it almost every day.

Throwing criminals into the hotels they call prisons, then releasing them when some pathetic board, made up of people who live in a fantasy world of their own feels sorry for them, is no way to stomp out crime.

Severe punishment, punishment that fits the crime needs to be brought back, hang the murderers, castrate the rapists, decent sentences served to the full in a jail cell with NO privileges or human rights to fall back on, punishment that criminals fear, is the only answer to create space in our overcrowded prisons, not supposedly rehabilitating them in the same society that they were brought up in.

If the do-gooders want to rehabilitate them, then let the criminals walk among their society, and we will see then, if they still think the same way.

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Friday, 9 July 2010

The Megrahi atrocity.

Lockerbie disaster memorial (Lockerbie cemetery)Image via Wikipedia

If anyone was ever in any doubt about the disgust of the Americans over Megrahi being released on farcical, compassionate grounds, then these doubters should now think again.

The senators in America are asking for an enquiry into why he was released, supposedly having only three months to live, and now, after almost a year, we are being told he could live for anything from ten to twenty years yet.

If the American people were not bothered any more about this farce then they would not want to spend time and money on a case they couldn't care less about.

The whole thing was a farce right from the beginning, as it took more than one man to carry out the Lockerbie bombing, which means there are plenty others who got off scot-free, with Megrahi being made the fall guy for them.

This should never have meant that he got released without proving his innocence,as a life sentence should mean life, and he was found guilty of 270 murders thanks to his part in bringing down the Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie with a bomb.

He refused his chance to prove if he was innocent or not, and in the eyes of the law he is guilty, and should have ended his life in prison, not that his prison cell was any hardship.

270 lives taken and not one bit of consideration for the victims or their families, no one ever paying the price for these deaths, other than the loved ones left behind who had to try and pick up the pieces of their ruined lives, ruined by the unscrupulous politics of a minority of people who, rather than live in peace, would rather terrorize the worlds peace loving population for their own greedy gain, or revenge.

Politics was at the root of it all, and anyone involved in this atrocity should hang their heads in shame,be it for their part in the bombing, or their part of the farcical justice, but instead we have hypocritical visits by politicians to the memorials erected to the dead, where they pretend to care.

This is the world we live in now, and these are the disgusting people who have infiltrated our governments, with no shame or conviction of what real justice should be.
Never before has the phrase "THE LAW IS AN ASS" been so appropriate.

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