Tuesday, 30 July 2013


ATOS PROTEST BY ECAP (Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty)

All to often we are reading or hearing of  cases  where seriously ill people are being told that they are fit to work when it is obvious to even common laymen like us, that these people have chronic illnesses with no hope of being capable of coping with any workplace, or working conditions.
Another thing that is not being taken into consideration is the fact that no employer would want to hire someone who would not be able to guarantee job satisfaction, nor, in most cases would the person who is too ill to work, want to burden an employer.
Most of these people would only be too glad to be able to work and, if healthy, would need no enforcement from despicable government hatchet men who have nothing else on their mind but to accuse them of being skivers in an attempt to gain the support of taxpayers, while trying, in the process to do away with the benefit system altogether.
A system we all paid or pay into with the promise of financial help should our health fail us and prevent our ability to work.
The contemptable Ian Duncan Smith would rather throw millions more pounds to a large company like ATOS than give money to the genuinely ill who contributed to a national insurance system that HE has destroyed.
Even the taxpayers do not want genuine people to be punished through these appalling methods, and have the sense to know when rotten government ministers like him are trying to con them.
ATOS is a big company hired by the hatchet men, but it is individuals at ATOS who have the gall to ignore the advice of these genuinely ill people's general practitioners and overrule that professional judgement, all for the sake of thirty pieces of silver.
If these deplorable so called doctors, and nurses in some cases, at ATOS, were to be publicly named and shamed, then perhaps they would not be so keen to put genuinely ill people through even more agony than they are already suffering.
The doctors concerned have taken a Hippocratic oath (swearing to practise medicine honestly) and in partaking of these despicable actions, there are breaking the very oath they swore they would keep.
It is time to bring them out in the open and have them face the consequences of their actions, after all it is THEY who are coming up with the disgraceful decisions for ATOS even though they are being instructed and bribed to do so.
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

In this together?

10 Downing Street
10 Downing Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Osborne is still spouting drivel, using the phrase "In this together."
Proof of the pudding will be when THEY the politicians give up their benefits provided by the taxpayers.
They too get housing benefits when they scrounge money from the taxpayers to purchase houses in London.
Other perks like cheap meals and booze in the Houses of Parliament, over inflated salaries, gas guzzling expensive cars to run around in and over the top heating bills for government buildings like Downing street and other departments, to name but a few, should  be reduced and some done away with permanently.
What makes them bigger scroungers than the actual needy is the fact that, individually, their withdrawals from the taxpayers are enormous in comparison.
No matter what  they would like to call their perks, they are still every bit as much WELFARE benefits as the poor and needy receive although they may come from a different purse.
The point is the money from all these purses come from the taxpayer, and until politicians also adhere to the severe cuts the general public have been burdened with, then and only then will they be entitled to use the phrase "We are all in this together."

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

The government insurance scam.

£17.5m Provided Assistance to Pensioners
£17.5m Provided Assistance to Pensioners (Photo credit: DUP Photos)
Speaking on behalf of, and in defence of the so called "baby boomers,"I would like to now expose the successive governments of Britain who exploited them during their working lives.

The majority of us worked hard all our lives paying taxes which was supposed to go into the government coffers which is the purse on which the country lives by.

We, also along with our employers made contributions in the form of insurance stamps which was supposed to go into a fund and guarantee us payment should we fall ill either temporary or permanently and also provide us with a deserved livable pension at the end of our working lives.
We did not contribute into any of these systems so unscrupulous governments could use our money to squander on bailing out incompetent bankers, gift other prosperous countries such as India with hundreds of million pounds, or throw money hand over fist to terrorist who wish nothing but harm on the very people who they are scrounging off.
The baby boomers contributions far outweighed the money being paid out to the pensioners and people of ill health in our day and the fund we were supposed to be contributing to should have grown.
Instead the surplus was squandered by successive governments on other ventures with no regard to the future when we ourselves would become dependant on the fund we had invested in.
Now the war cry is that the pensioners are a burden to the country and the younger generation who are feeling the pinch thanks to government policies feel we should pay along with the rest of the country.
Well all I can say is, we have paid dearly for the pittance most of the pensioners of today receive, and are now being punished all because governments used our funds for other purposes.
If an insurance company had pulled off a stunt like that it would find itself in the courts facing charges of fraud.
So when you are berating or hear someone berating a pensioner, think again because someday that pensioner will be you.

Also any private pensions or work pensions some of us were lucky enough to contribute to was supposed to be for our benefit not to benefit governments who have plundered these funds too and hold them against us by means testing to save them money.
It is time politicians wages and expenses were means tested too, then we would really be able to stop scroungers exploiting the system.
After all according to them they are only in politics to fight for the rights of the people and to better the country.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Scottish Independence.

Location map of Scotland, United Kingdom Equir...
Location map of Scotland, United Kingdom Equirectangular projection, N/S stretching 170 %. Geographic limits of the map: * N: 61.0° N * S: 54.5° N * W: 8.8° W * E: 0.4° W (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every argument I hear from the "better together" brigade has the phrase "How will Scotland survive independently outside the security of the UK"?

The question I would like those in favour of Independence to ask is.
How is the rest of the UK going to survive without the security of all revenues from Scotland?
We do not only have oil, we also have an ever growing revenue from whiskey, and if we played our cards right in or out of the European Union, we have one of the greatest fishing stocks within that union which is being ruined by unnecessary quotas from Brussels.
If we got Independence we should, and could protect our fishing stocks from the European fishermen who are just waiting to plunder and destroy our stocks just as they did their own.

Another benefit to an in dependant Scotland would be, not to have the burden of London consuming our welfare budget, what with the highest rental market for the unemployed and the dearest house prices for MPs who scrounge money from the taxpayers to pay for their homes and sell them for their own gain.

Scotland contributes billions more to the UK coffers than they get in return, and where is the money spent other than London?
On the road and rail network throughout England, stopping at the Scottish border, the proposed high speed track being one example.
So if you are a Tory MP, or spend lots of time travelling in England, or think you might benefit from the extravagance of London, be it welfare or property dealing, then "better together" could be for you.

If on the other hand you are a TRUE Scot and grudge every penny that crosses the border to boost the UK coffers that fall into the hands of rich Tories who have not one clue on how to put it to good use, or help Scotland, then you should seriously be thinking of voting for Independence.

We are more than capable of standing alone, which is more than the scaremongers from England can do, that is why they are so against an independent Scotland.
Without our money they will have a bigger struggle on their hands to sort out their deficit than they have now.
As for Scotland. We can rise above it all, we have the wealth to do so.
I do feel sorry for the proud Scots who, through no choice of their own, who have to work and live in England, or elsewhere, even if they are likely return someday, still do not get the chance to vote and express their feelings on how the country of their birth should be governed.

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Friday, 22 March 2013


George Osborne at Conservative Spring Forum 20...
George Osborne at Conservative Spring Forum 2006 in Manchester. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How generous of George Osborne in his attempt to make things easier for the people of Britain to purchase their own homes.
Its a pity we could not all go down the same route as him and use taxpayers money to buy, then sell with a £500,000 profit to pocket, with no repayments whatsoever to the coffers.
How he has the nerve, and arrogance to stand up in front of Parliament and come out with statements such as he did, after ripping us off, beggars belief.
Then again what else should we expect from a Tory led government, whose most important goal is to, get richer, look after the rich, and trample on the poor and disabled.
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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The great Cypriot bank robbery.

Location map: Cyprus (dark green) / European U...
Location map: Cyprus (dark green) / European Union (light green) / Europe (dark grey); inspired by and consistent with general country locator maps by User:Vardion, et al (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The action of plundering Cypriot bank savings goes to prove two points.

(1) The banks cannot be trusted with our money anymore.
(2) It is proof positive that, as this was a motion put forward from Brussles through the European Union, that the EU is nothing short of being a dictatorship.

How do the banks expect us to trust them with our money when this Cypriot bank raid is an example of what to expect when our governments squander our tax and national insurance contributions.

If this robbery goes ahead it will have more severe repercussions than the option of allowing Cyprus to be declared bankrupt.

We have little trust in the banks as it is, what with the over inflated wages and bonuses of the top brass even when they are showing losses.
That along with the bail out that has led to the shambolic state of the world economy, I think it would be very foolish of any bank, or EU proposal to go ahead with this theft of honest hard working peoples money.

It is totally ludicrous to think that when a government squanders its own coffers, accumulated by their taxpayers, that they can plunder the same taxpayers savings, all of whom knew how to budget and save for a rainy day, unlike the elected idiots that we get lumbered with nowadays.
It is a sad day when the banks that we thought were keeping our money safe can not only close to prevent any withdrawals, but can steal from us too.

If this raid is successful in Cyprus, then it can happen to savers anywhere in the world, and it will probably be only a matter of time before it is enforced somewhere else.
European leaders had better beware, because people do not stand for these disgraceful actions anymore and it will lead to mass riots, brought on by the incompetence of government and banking policies.
The next thing you will hear on the news will be them wondering why it is happening, decrying the riots and coming out with some pathetic reason as to why the ministers who are the cause of them in the first place, should be listened to.
Europe had better watch out, or it won't just be Arab uprisings that will be grabbing the headlines.
There is already RIOT in the spelling of Cypriot, soon it will be on the streets, and rightly so.
As for the dictatorship of Europe, it will eventually crumble just like all the other attempts of country unification.
The USSR and Yugoslavia to name but two.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

EU referendum.

Mobbing the Tories by American Patriots in 177...
Mobbing the Tories by American Patriots in 1775-76; the Tory is about to be tarred and feathered (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another idle promise of an in out referendum on the European Union by a government in a desperate attempt to get votes.
Gordon Brown's government promised us a referendum on Europe but it was refused, so why should we believe the Tories?
The very fact that government leaders are using a referendum on Europe as a pawn to gain votes, means that they are sure the general public wants the chance to vote on this important matter, and the very fact that they keep refusing us this vote is proof positive that they know the majority in Britain will vote to leave this shambles that has been stretched too far from the original Common Market without our consent.
These government ministers forget that they are elected and paid by us to look out for our interests, and by refusing us this vote they are not doing the job they are paid for, as it is going against the majorities wishes.
The very pawn the Tories are using might be their downfall, as it has echos of a past fallen government.
The Tories also seemed to have forgotten that the disabled people they are endlessly harassing, and the other middle classes, using needed welfare are voters too, and when it comes to the next election they will need more than the promise of a referendum to see them into another term.
With their genocidal acts towards the genuine disabled they should be hanging their heads in shame, but scroungers like them who take our money in wages and expenses with little in return have no shame when they try to make out that it is the public who are to blame for the world financial crisis.
Bring on the election NOW before this rich bunch of toffs do any more damage to the country.

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Government scams.

English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking ...
English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking on the launch of the Conservative Party manifesto for the 2009 European Parliament elections, at Keele University. (805x1207 px, 283,711 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Ian Duncan Smith, David Cameron and George Osborne, are the ring leaders in trying to smear the recipients of welfare payments by distorting the true figures of how much the individual gets, and of how many are not genuine.
George Osborne recently sold his house, paid for by the tax payers and made a profit of around £5000,000.
Should this profit not be returned to the tax payers along with the tax payers money that was originally invested in the house.
Abusing this scheme is worse than the 0.7% of people who are fraudulently abusing the welfare system, as they do not skim £5000,000
a time off the tax payers.
 NOTE  0.7% fraudsters and not the 27% we have been led to believe.
All politicians should be made to pay back all of the money, and profits used to buy houses paid for by the tax payers when they have no more use for them.
They are right enough in this respect when they quote, "we are all in this together."
They too are guilty of ripping off the tax payers at every chance they get, and should hang their heads in shame when they deprive genuine disabled, and needy people of money that they are entitled to.
The people who decry the unfortunates on benefits should be careful not to be taken in by the government smear campaign as they never know when it might be their turn to claim welfare should they find themselves out of work through no fault of their own.
The only thing that these rich posh boys are in together is feathering their own nests at our expense.
It is high time that their perks were ended which would add millions to the coffers.
Then they would be entitled to claim that we are all in this together.

Read the articles below to help understand where I am coming from.
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