Saturday, 20 August 2011

Scottish justice.

Its two years now since Abdelbaset al-Megraghi was released from a Scottish prison, using the excuse of only having around three months to live.
If it is not bad enough that he is still surviving, we have to have our noses rubbed in it by hearing that it is due to a drug that cancer sufferers in this country cannot obtain.
Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond still maintains he is not embarrassed at the decision to release him, but he is not speaking for the majority of the Scottish nation who are.

Another slur on the Scottish Justice system this week has been reported in the media and although it is more to do with the much abused Human Rights Laws it still is making a mockery of the so called justice here.

"Limbs in the Loch" murderer William Beggs has won another day in court as he bids to have his name put on the voters roll of his home town Kilmarnock, which is the same town his victim came from and was murdered in.

Since his imprisonment ten years ago he has been allowed to abuse the Human Rights Law at every cut and turn, amassing costs to the taxpayer through legal aid to the tune of over one million pounds.

Altering the Human Rights Laws is overdue and bringing cases like this to the attention of the idiots who sit and make laws that can only benefit criminals should be made a priority before they are allowed to ridicule the system any more.

Scum like Beggs brings out so much hatred in decent honorable people that they begin to think about bringing back hanging.

This scum should have been hanged then we would not have to see his face smirking at us from a newspaper every time he finds another way to ridicule these stupid laws.

If not hanging, then thrown in a dark corner and forgotten about with a bit of bread and water to satisfy his hunger. That way he would have no time to rummage through the law books provided by the taxpayers for the luxury hotel they call a prison.

Megrahi and Beggs are just two who have made a fool of Scottish justice albeit aided and abetted by others and even though it is too late to save face over these atrocious misuses of our justice system, it is not too late to alter the laws to accommodate the downtrodden that they were originally intended for.

Its time to wipe the smirk off Beggs face, and all the other scum criminals who are making a mockery of our courts and our Politicians.
Withdraw Their Human Rights as they do not deserve any protection through them, and do not allow them the benefit of legal aid.
If they want to pursue any appeals or prisoners rights let them fight it with their own money.

Common sense in our legal system is long over due and while Alex Salmond might not be embarrassed about it, the majority of his electors are, so its time they were adhered to as it is their money that is being abused and their way of life that is being affected by all this disgrace.

It beats me why the Human Rights Activist have any sympathy for these scum, but it is partly their fault that the justice systems of the world are being made a mockery in this way, and if it is allowed to continue all of mankind will suffer, directly or indirectly.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Human Rights Brigade.

human rightsImage by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Once again when justice is seen to be served in our courts the famous war cry from the Human rights brigade rears its ugly head.
They are now claiming that the sentences being handed out in court to the looters and rioters from last weeks disgrace are too severe.
It is obvious that none of them suffered the loss of their business stock or were burned out of house and home by these criminals, nor would any of them have been terrorized by these thugs when being involuntary caught up in the riots.
Do they not realize that it is thanks to them that discipline has been taken from the home and justice taken from our courts.
The Human Rights Laws have been taken to the extreme by this minority and it is mainly because of this that these riots took place.
Thanks to them, parents are afraid to chastise their children, and our police forces are afraid to do their job in case of reprisals from the abused Human Rights laws.
The only way to prevent more of these riots taking place is to dish out severe sentences to these lawless mobs or it will become more common place.
Discipline begins in the home from where respect arises and these two important factors are what is sadly missing in today's society.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Englands riots.

The main reason for the rioting in England is the lack of discipline in the past and the misuse of the Human Rights laws coming home to roost.

The police had to stand and watch the thugs run riot because thanks to the goody goodies, the police were too afraid of repercussion to their actions thanks to the misuse of the Human Rights rulings.
The police are not living in fear of the thugs and criminals, they are living in fear of the very people they are trying to protect, who jump at every chance they get to find fault in everything they do.
What good is a police force when it has come to this?
It is time that offenders such as these and all convicted criminals were refused Human Rights, then maybe our police forces could go in with some confidence when having to deal with these situations.

These disgusting scenes will become more common place in our streets if sense is not allowed to prevail and punishment is brought back to all levels of our society.

There is never any justice dished out in our courts to appease the victims of crime and in recent years all criminals are able to seek refuge or compensation by using a law that was introduced to protect the downtrodden of this world, not to be abused by anyone who discovers a loophole.

Its time to wake up to this ridiculous abuse of the Human Rights law, use it for the purpose and people it was meant to protect or the consequences will become even more dire.

These recent events prove that you cannot fight violence with a softly softly approach when all you succeed in doing is be laughed at by criminals.
Its time to take a stand and bring discipline back into our society, starting with the home, our schools and the courts.

The fools who think we should have sympathy for these thugs should be sent to the front line to face the thugs and see then if their tactics work.
They wouldn't be so quick to shout about Human Rights for everyone when they were being attacked.

Use the law in a sensible way and maybe then we will all sleep easier at night.
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