Sunday, 1 February 2009

failings of united countries

When the British public voted on the E.U. it was for what was then called the common market. This was only supposed to aid each country in their produce to gain better prices and to see that the markets were not overflowing with too much of the same things and was NOT supposed to involve the matters it now takes to do with. This did end up with mountains of food being stored to meet these requirements and plenty of food was wasted thanks to that system. Since then the European Union has been formed on which the British public never got the chance to vote and with the ridiculous rules and regulations that are coming from this set up it is about time we were allowed to voice our opinions on the matter by having the vote we should have had in the first place when the system changed. New countries with little contributions are now being allowed to join, making the union weaker from my point of view. Britain would be far better off without the other countries as some of the policies are very much against the interest of the industries in Britain, like the fishing for instance for if the E.U. gets its way there will be no fishing industry left in Britain but the other countries who abuse their own grounds will have a free range in our waters. This is just the thin edge of the wedge other industries will follow. Other supposedly strong unions have fallen apart before because of unrest or one part becoming stronger than others and trying to take charge. The collapse of the U.S.S.R. and Yugoslavia are examples of this and I can see in the future the same thing happening to the E.U. because the way things are going some countries are going to benefit more than others with the stupid decisions being made by some nonentities who know nothing about the subjects they are dealing with.
Give the British public the vote they are entitled to or is the government too afraid to do that as they already know what the outcome would be.

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