Thursday, 23 August 2012

Power companies usual Autumn price hikes.

Transmission lines in Romania Of which the nea...
Transmission lines in Romania Of which the nearest is a Phase Transposition Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Autumn is not yet on us and already we have a power company informing us of well above inflation price rises, coming once again in time for the high winter usage when they make their annual killing.

Killing being the obvious choice of word because not only do they make a killing with their profits but they also are responsible for the deaths of many a poor pensioner who just cannot afford their unnecessary extortionate rip-off prices that are as predictable as leaves falling from the trees at this time of year.

It is high time this extortion was put at an end, and one way to do it these days is for PEOPLE POWER to get together, start a facebook page and boycott the first company to introduce this years hike of 9%.

If everyone left that company and spread their business between the other companies perhaps they would think twice before following suit.
If they all announced it together, then we could vote online, the company to target first.
Any company who thought they were going to lose all their customers, therefore putting them out of business would soon realise that PEOPLE POWER has far more strength than the power they are selling.

Year after year they always come up with some feeble excuse to introduce these rises, even when they have announced huge profits for the year.

Its time for the PEOPLE to make a stand against them, as ofgem who are supposed to do it on our behalf, are as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Let us start this year and show them what power really is.
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