Monday, 23 February 2009

The E.U. wobbles

France takes on the EU presidencyImage by looking4poetry via Flickr

My predictions of divisions in the E.U. are nearer to coming true than even I expected with France announcing that the money invested by them in the motor trade is to protect French jobs only. It is not so long ago that I wrote about the British wanting jobs in Britain to go to British workers so we cannot condemn France for looking out for their own but this is the thin edge of the wedge and as soon as the credit crunch bites harder we will see each country looking out for itself.
It was fine when they were decimated our fishing industry while allowing their boats to ruin fishing grounds all over the place, as this was to their benefit, one of many regulations that suited them within the union, but as soon as a crisis arises and their economy is put in jeopardy they want to go solo.
The first major crisis to hit the European Union and the cracks begin to show, as it seems it is going to be every man for himself. So much for the union that was going to make Europe great, powerful and self-sufficient. A great amount of people voted against the Common Market but not enough to stop us entering it but at least we had a vote. We were denied a vote to join the E.U. when the rules and regulations changed because politicians wanted in but did not trust the British public to let them get their way, as our way does not count as far as they are concerned. Now lets see the shenanigans as the buck is passed around when they try to blame everyone but themselves when things start to crumble.
The Common Market was a risk, but the European Union was a step too far as we are about to witness much to our folly.
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