Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Council tax promises.

With the coming elections in Scotland all the parties involved are fighting the battle with
promises of Council Tax cuts, freezing the payments again, or stopping payments
altogether for pensioners earning £10,000 or under.

Between all these promises we have to remember that when the financial crisis
became apparent it was revealed that most Councils had money stashed in foreign
banks. (For a rainy day was the excuse)

Thanks to the financial crisis we became aware that councils had millions stashed away in banks like Iceland after pleading poverty to us for years and the money was being withheld by the Icelandic government.

As far as I know the money was released eventually, but we would never had know about these extra coffers if it had been left to our councillors.

All these revelations and promises just goes to show what we suspected all along.

We have been getting ripped off and have been paying through the nose for our council taxes in the years before the freeze on this tax ever took place.
It makes you wonder how many other tricks or illusions they will use to pull the wool over our eyes before we go to the polls, and how many lies and broken promises will be revealed after the elected party has been sworn in, and their true policies come to light.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

financial manipulation.

TOKYO - OCTOBER 24:  The exchange rate, Japane...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAfter the recent tragedies to hit Japan, to avoid an imminent credit crunch they have sold off the Yen to drop it's value from a fifteen year high against the dollar.

It is not unusual for Japan to manipulate their currency to suit the currency markets, but it has been more prominent in dispatches this time due to the fact that they are at the forefront where news is concerned with all the troubles the country has been going through.

China, Venezuela and Brazil have all recently benefited from financial manipulation of currency to bolster their own ecomomies, we on the other hand manipulated ours to scam the taxpayers.

The fact that they can manipulate their currency to suit is proof that any country can do likewise.

We the taxpayers are now paying through the nose because the money men in the main financial countries of the world decided that they would manipulate our currency and financial markets to suit them.

The bank deficit was nothing more than a scam to suit the financial wizards of the world so that they could make more cash and keep the fortunes they had already gathered, and the enormous pensions they have in waiting, safe.

We the muppets of the world were conned into believing that the banks had got it all wrong and lost all their money in an instant, hence we the taxpayers would have to bail them out.

If that was not financial manipulation I don't know what is.

Japan has shown this is what happens when "the powers that be" want to alter means to meet their ends and we are just supposed to fall into line with what they want.

All the promises of getting the construed deficit down quickly so we will be able to get back to the financial security we were at before this scam is all hogwash. It is known from past experience, once the markets are suited to the money men the cost of living wont change nor will any of the tax rises forced on us come down.

The only thing I will say has changed is the fact that we are no longer the muppets we were once taken for and we will now only stand for so much before we fight back.

After the budget this week, if all the drastic cuts are going to hit us as hard as they predict, we will see a fightback by all the taxpayers as we are no longer fooled by the tricks of the elected politicians or financial wizards of the world.

People power will not only be prominent in the so called third world countries but uprisings will take place in the western countries that are responsible for this scam, Britain being one, so the Chancellor had better beware on Wednesday.

Protests, strikes and riots will escalate as we the people let them know that we have had enough of their scams and that it is us who are the backbone of these countries not them.

Without the people whom they are scamming there would be nothing to trade, no source of riches for them to languish in and we would become part of the third world countries we watch strive for survival every day.
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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Insurance injustice.

The recent ruling by the judges at the European Court of Justice is totally out of order as the insurance companies do not assess policies by sexism, but by facts on driving gained by years of experience and dealing with accident statistics.

This is just another case of these idiots having to be seen justifying their jobs by changing acts that they should have no jurisdiction over.

What were they thinking when they passed this law? Did they never stop to consider where it might lead?
This idiotic decision could result in the older, more responsible drivers having to pay a substantial amount more on their policies if the next law they decide to change is, that the insurance companies are being ageist.

The way things stood was the more sensible option with accident facts being taken into consideration, and if that means that younger girls,and the older, more experienced drivers pay less than the young boys who, on the whole want to speed and test their cars to the limit, then so be it.

The judges have not looked at the facts and the real reason for the differences in policies and instead of investigating and changing laws they constantly make a hash of, they should be looking at how incompetent they are at doing their job and RESIGN!
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