Wednesday, 4 January 2012


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We have been led to believe that next year the Nation of Scotland will finally be given the chance to vote for or against independence in the promised referendum.
While I think we could go it alone if all the revenue from our oil and our other assets like whiskey were added fully to the Scottish coffers, I still fear for our future if Alex Salmond has the stupid notion of continuing to be a member of the European Union as it now stands.
By all means go back to the original "Common Market" under which we still made our own rules, but the new Union is a step too far.
Whispers of Salmond considering joining the failing Euro currency in the future is another reason that I will be going against the chance of an independent Scotland this time around.
Alex Salmond has always had the war cry of "Home Rule For Scotland" but if he thinks that having the strings pulled by the same puppeteer in Brussels that pulls the strings for Britain is home rule, then he is sadly mistaken.
The Scottish people who want "Home Rule" do not want to have our laws laid down, or our prosperous industries like the fishing ruined any more by foreigners who's goal seems to be to weaken our resources rather that strengthen them.
Unless Salmond is prepared to have a fully independent Scotland, then he is wasting all our time and money with a referendum.
Take note Mr Salmond!
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