Monday, 18 May 2009

TV quiz's getting on our wicks.

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These easy answered competitions on TV are getting on most peoples wick as everyone knows the answer making it a lottery rather than a quiz, also between the adverts and the ranting on about the rules and regulations plus the actual question of the said quiz makes their programs run two to three minutes late. If they come in the middle of a program, by the time they finally get back to it the viewer has forgotten what they were watching or turned over to another channel. This does the station no good as they lose vauble viewers and although the quiz's might supplement their income, the loss of any viewers should concern them so why do they not just have the adverts and stupid quiz's (lotteries)between programs and anyone who is interested can participate and those that do not can watch their programs in peace, without interruption. I am aware that there are broadcasting guidelines but surely they can be negotiated to suit everyone.

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