Sunday, 31 May 2009

Susan Boyle had to make do with second.

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How much more proof do the phone voters need before they realise that their votes count for nothing on TV. All the hype about Susan Boyle during the supposed contest certainly gave her publicity but she had no chance of winning because Paul Potts (an operatic singer of sorts) won a couple of years ago. The wee boy who was the lone break dancer had no chance because the Queen had a taste of that last year so to vary her entertainment for this year the dancing group Diversity were certainties.
Susan Boyle had to make do with second because of all the hype firstly, for her to win then all the negative nonsense about her to try to prepare the audience for her not winning.
Most of the competitors will get work out of the program and Susan Boyle has already found fame, with the fortune just around the corner, so who wins is really irrelevant, its the con of pretending the votes by phone counts instead of admitting the only purpose of them is to make money for the already rich.
I told my partner the result and the reason for my forecast long before they were picked, adding that if I was correct it would prove to me at least that my suspicions were justified. I only wish the suckers who fall for this con every time one of these programs come on would wake up and smell the coffee then maybe we would get a deserved winner instead of the normal fix that they are, while they would save money and deprive the beneficiaries of more ill-gotten gains. I am not saying that Diversity did not deserve a chance to shine before the Queen but trying to kid us on that they got the most votes, NAH! I don't think so.
It will be a different type of act next year so stick in all you ventriloquists and doggy acts your time will come.
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  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo, todo está pensado para ganar dinero.

  2. hahah, you're a skeptic I see. I never subscribed to all the hype about Susan Boyle, but I wasn't a Diversity fan either. I liked "Flawless" more...oh well.

    The same thing happened with American Idol this year - Adam Lambert was the praised/inspiringly talented contestant who ultimately finished in 2nd place.

    Do I believe producers are fiddling with vote counts? -They may have in the past, but my gut tells me the problem with these outcomes lies with the dumb masses who blindly & unconsciously are swayed by any dissenting opinion or trivial objection.

    Hmm, I guess I'm a skeptic too...I'm just focusing on the "silly public" while you protest the system itself.


    p.s. Hi!