Monday, 25 May 2009

The Archbishop has a habit of poking his nose in.

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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has decided to allow a homosexual minister to have his own parish which will allow him to preach the scriptures, but the very book he is preaching from, unconditionally denounces homosexuality therefore in my opinion they are bending the messages in the scriptures to suit themselves. If you are going to live by the scriptures you can't just discard the bits you do not like. The churches have passed comment on the continuing debacle about the politicians expenses and them bending the rules to suit themselves but they should look in, before they look out before they interfere in the politics of the country.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has a habit of poking his nose into the political field too and with his recent blabbing on about who we should vote for, he too should concentrate on matters concerning the church instead of trying to get his face on the news through politics.
The British public are clever enough to vote for a party that will benefit the country and have brains enough to suss out the damage the B.N.P. could do so there is no need for him or the Archbishop of York to interfere in such matters. If their faith is as strong as they profess it to be then they should trust in their God to see their wishes are carried out which will leave them free to do the job they are supposed to be doing and that is preaching the word of God, NOT interfering in politics.
I am puzzled as to where all the pomp and ceremony comes from with all the fancy robes and accoutrements that the churches flaunt during their ceremonies and parades because there is nothing in the bible to suggest that they wear these robes or flaunt the wealth they have.
Jesus spread the word of his father in a pair of sandals and swaddling clothes, with no need for the exhibitions the churches put on now, and HE never interfered in politics.
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