Friday, 1 May 2009

Its time to give fresh blood a chance

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Wouldn't it be great if we could all dictate how much wages and expenses we think we are entitled to? Well it might be great for us, but think how much harm it would do our already crumbled economy so is it not time that our MP's thought the same way and stopped fleecing us of money donated in taxes to help the economy and NOT to line their pockets.
Gordon Brown is rapidly running out of straws to grasp as he struggles to recover from the abundant errors of judgement he has committed since taking over as Prime Minister.
This desperate move to change the MP's perks and wage system would never have arisen had the guilty parties who took advantage of their position to fleece us never come to light.
Long gone is the time when these crooks decide their wages and perks and the time has come to take it right out of their hands and pass it over to an independent source that the government have no hold over and will assess the situation honestly.
As long as these unashamed, so called politicians have anything to do with any set up concerning THEM they will always take advantage of the situation by putting themselves first and their country and voters last. The exact opposite of what they were elected for in the first place.
Labour are desperately trying to dig themselves out of a hole in time for the looming elections but as far as I am concerned they do not have enough shovels nor do I think that the Tories should take it for granted that they are next in line, due to Gordon Browns failures as they are no better. Its time to give fresh blood a chance as in this time of political disasters they can do no worse.

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  1. Sounds like our politicians over here in Canada. They are always giving themselves big fat undeserved pay raises while raising taxes and cutting services.