Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The most useless bunch of MP'S.

The time is fast approaching for the MOST useless bunch of MP's, who are expecting us to vote for them in the oncoming European elections (or jokers wild) and who do nothing but grant other countries THEIR wishes while ignoring the wishes of the people they expect to put them in this cushy job they desire, with its outrageous pay and expenses system.
These are the people who bring our fishing industry to its knees every year when quotas and conservation matters are brought up while allowing other countries to plunder our stocks and extend their fishing fleets while ours are being forcibly decommissioned by this useless European Union.
Everywhere you go in the Mediterranean coast there is an abundance of small fishing boats that go out and catch very little now because they have overfished their grounds long ago but nothing is done to cut that fleet down or anything done about building up stocks there again. Our fishermen are the targets every time and are sold down the river every year by these clowns that are about to canvas for your votes. Not only the fishing suffers but many other British industries are suffering because Britain has NO voice in this useless union that was supposed to help all members to prosper but has turned into a farce with only the bullying countries gaining from it.
So beware when "Jokers Wild" suggests they are the person for the job and check up on what they really do to earn their ridiculous wages because it certainly is NOT to the benefit of this country so why vote for them at all as its the other nations they help that they should be looking for votes.
If you think the idiots that are running the country are bad you should check out this lot.
idiots that are running the country you should chech out this lot.

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