Saturday, 23 May 2009

F1 is being stifled.

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As an avid viewer of F1 I think it is time Max Mosley left his ego trip behind and stopped stifling the sport by introducing negative rules that only succeed in making Formula 1 less interesting for the viewers. The excitement in the sport is diminishing year after year as his prevention of freedom of expression for the engineers has been curtailed to the rules he makes supposedly for safety and now for the expenses of the teams. The safety in the sport has now come to a point where even in the worst smashes the drivers come out without a scratch which is a great achievement as was long overdue, but instead of letting the progress of the cars continue along with the safety measures it is now going backwards. That is the last thing you want in a sport that is supposed to focus on speed, and when the drivers AND the team managers begin to protest its time they were listened to. Max Mosley needs the racing teams, but the racing teams do not need Max Mosley. He should have been booted out of the governing body of the sport with the last fiasco in his private life and because he was given a second chance he seems to think he is invincible hence bringing out these restricting rules to prove a point.
The teams should be allowed to spend as they please to develop the cars as they please because it not only helps them to succeed but their improvements can be very beneficial to ordinary road cars too and new technical advances can be tried and tested under the extreme conditions of the race track saving manufacturers more expense. The teams with the biggest budgets might come out on top but the lesser teams have managed to accept it and compete in the past as they know what to expect when they enter the sport.
Get rid of the egotistical Max Mosley and let the sport breathe again even if it means breaking away from him and his sidekick Bernie Ecclestone .

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