Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ben Chapman seems to think he is in the clear.

Canadian House of Commons in sessionImage via Wikipedia

So they are calling for the head of the speaker, and quite rightly so, but it is not only HIM that has to go. All the guilty parties should be kicked out of politics altogether, never being allowed to return to them in any form whatsoever and have their fraudulent deeds recorded against them when they apply for any future jobs like all criminals do. Ben Chapman seems to think he is in the clear because the fees office approved of his application for money towards a mortgage that was already, paid but if he had not applied for it in the first place knowing, it was a fraudulent claim they, would not have been able to aid and abet him.
Its a case of Fagan and his theives; a right bunch of crooks that parliament needs rid of before the public can trust any politician again. They were all in it together from the speaker to the guilty MPs and if Fagan and his boys were caught THEY would have gone to jail and this bunch of crooks are no different.

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