Friday, 8 May 2009

Grovelling time is upon us once again.

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The next general election has to be held within the next year, and with the main parties running scared (Labour and Tory)due to the instability in both parties over the blunders they have both been guilty of, grovelling time is upon us once again.
Politicians seem to think that they can do as they wish in-between elections and only show concern for the voters wishes when an election looms. They have got it very wrong this time, what with the expenses row, billions of money disappearing into thin air leading to the financial disaster we now all find ourself in,the backtracking on some of the stupid decisions taken during their time in office, the Gurkha situation to name but a few, is proof enough that this government only listens to the voters when they are forced into a corner.
Gordon Brown will be forced to call an election within the year otherwise he would still cling on by his fingernails to the post even his colleagues want to see him removed from. All the disasters and shambolic events that have occurred during his term in office as both Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer can be laid at his door because as the saying goes "The buck stops here" and no matter how much grovelling his ministers do in their attempt to gain votes leading up to the election the voters will not forgive OR forget when they are standing in front of the ballot box. James Keir Hardie would turn in his grave now, if he knew the party he founded had turned against the very people and policies he formed it for in the first place.
We should not forget the Tory misdemeanour's on the expense front either as it has been proven by the recent disclosures that they too have only their own interests at heart and are in politics to line their own pockets first at the expense of the tax payers and their policies and our wishes come second.
Labour are a disaster and the Tories do not deserve to get in simply because of this as they will do no better than Labour. It is only to be hoped that the British public realise this come election time and kick both parties out to the sidelines where they can lick their wounds, come back down to earth and remember the real meaning of democracy and carry out the wishes of the electorate if they are ever allowed back in.
The British public are no fools and certainly not as stupid as politicians think they are, so lets not be taken in by the grovelling this time and really prove it to them by voting them out.

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