Thursday, 14 May 2009

We are not fooled by feeble gestures.

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The bunch of free loading politicians who are wriggling and squirming to try and appease the taxpayers by paying back the money they have extorted out of us are only kidding their self if they think that will work. We are not fooled by their feeble gestures and know they would still be robbing us if this story had not come to light through the press.
These gestures are not only to try and appease us, but also to try and keep the police from their door, knowing that many of their actions ARE criminal.
When the general public pulls stunts of a similar nature they are brought to book and these crooks are no different so no matter how they try to buy their way out of it with their ill-gotten gains, if found guilty, they should be made to suffer the consequences.
Also, in future, when a house is funded by the taxpayer ALL of the money should be returned to the treasury NOT just the profit made on the sale because if it was purchased by US it was only to use when there on business, not to give them the decision to sell or do with as they please.
The first house bought by our money for them to be near London should be kept until they no longer need a residence in the city, then handed back to the treasury, this would eliminate the need for them to be playing the property market at our expense for THEIR gain.

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