Monday, 18 May 2009

The speculation of a fast buck. - A Mobile Phone CasinoImage by Podknox via Flickr

I must say that I have no sympathy for the householders who are having their homes repossessed simply because they were trying to work the markets for quick profit.
They knew how the system works and gambled with their homes,and lost, now they expect to get bailed out by the taxpayer. It is no different from any other form of gambling and you are not entitled to refunds from the bookies so they should not expect or get any help whatsoever from the government.
There are some geuine cases out there whose circumstances are different and might be worthy of some assistance but they are few and far between. In most cases it was greed and the speculation of a fast buck that got them into their mess so now they can speculate on how they are going to get out of it. We ALL could have got in over our heads if we thought we were going to get bailed out when it went wrong so let it be a lesson to them for the future and given the chance again they might proceed with more caution.

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