Tuesday, 12 May 2009

We thought we elected them to represent us in Parliament.

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When MPs first started out in politics it was to fight for the causes they believed in and not for money, this way they picked up a following from the electorate who thought by electing them they would have a voice to represent them in Parliament. It is plain for all to see now, that when greed creeps in the causes that took them into politics to begin with take second place. The fact that these rip off merchants decide how much wages and expenses they are entitled too is one of the main reasons that this farce has gone on for so long. I have said before that an independent source should decide these things while no second home should be allowed and as mentioned on the TV program "THE WRIGHT STUFF" rented accommodation in London would be suffice to house them while they are in the city on business. The home of their choice and any other items needed for it should be purchased out of their wages as we in the real world have to do.
Anyone whom they employ should be vetoed and paid through the same source that sets their wages and expenses which would cut out the tricksters hiring family members who are not capable of doing the job they were supposed to be hired for.
This independent source can be paid out of our taxes which would be well worth the money as it would save the taxpayers a fortune, then maybe the MPs could begin to concentrate on the job they were first elected to do.

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